Statement Cuffing Is A Thing


And I love it, duh.

The men's fashion issue of T is out now, or soon? I'm not sure which. I'll be on the lookout. I always love Jason Rider's work, but this season I fell hardest for this denim story styled by Carlos Nazario.

Photos © Oliver Hadlee Pearch / T magazine

Also can't wait to read this incredible looking profile of Pablo Bronstein. Swoon!

Turn Up For Turtlenecks


This is the "really cute sweater" I mentioned the other week. It's a ladies' drop shoulder, asymmetrical side-split seam turtleneck from Sincerely, Tommy. Serving hella WASP mom vibes in it with my white jeans.

Photos © Sean Santiago

P.S. You can see me some other turtlenecks here, if you go in for that sort of thing.

7 Times Interiors Porn Gave Me All the Feels


Photo link forthcoming. #InternetFail

1) So my bed used to be this situation, tucked under a dormer or however you call it when the wall slants in, as I mentioned last week. It didn't look this good, so that's over now and I feel like a ~new woman~.

Photos © Bodie and Fou (left); Double G. by Nicolas Mathéus / Elle Decoration France (right).

2) The bed setup now looks eerily similar to the above-left photo. Like, my bed is literally that close to my bedroom door, and I have a stool instead of a conventional "bedside table." And my sheets are rumply linen!
3) I just love this desk area so much. Kill me now.
Photo © Dean Kaufman / T Magazine.

4) These chairs! I want so many chairs. (Also: new issue of T Magazine w00t.)
Photos © Derek Swalwell.

5) Oversized lamp on a pedestal table. Currently debating spending some $$$ on this really awesome lamp I've had my eye on to make this situation happen. Already have the pedestal table. Is it worth it?
6) Just books, on the floor, with art. Still trying to get this right.
Photo © Simon Upton / World of Interiors.

7) But, really, I just want my bedroom to look like this.

Sincerely, Tommy


My friend and I were out on the town the other night being young and just generally awesome so of course I pulled out my phone and was like, "Have you seen this girl on Instagram?" Which is actually, I feel, a step up from my usual, "Have you seen this baby on Instagram?" Growth, people.

Anyway, that girl is Kai Avent-deLeon, and she makes me question why I bother getting dressed every morning and presenting myself to other human beings because it's just like, not really worth the effort. But then for some people it is, apparently? Here's Kai wearing incredible wide-legged pants with mustard socks and oxblood loafers: 

While hanging out with Celia Smith and Pop Africana's Oroma Elewa, who once took this fitting room selfie:


Anyway, Avent-deLeon runs Bed Stuy boutique Sincerely, Tommy and I bought a really cute sweater there the other week. Kai has amaaazing taste but prices are still really reasonable and most everything is made in Japan, w00t. Here's the store interior, it's gorgeous:

And be sure to check out their Instagram and ~very cool~ Tumblr.

Lightening Up


BREAKING: So I've decided I'm kind of over my bedroom. Ok, not really, but I'm ready to make some cosmetic changes.

I switched the "floor plan" around last weekend because I decided that the bed position was obstructing the flow of my chi, obviously. It's now up against the one wall that hasn't been shot, where I was initially thinking of putting a mid-century console.

The console hasn't materialized yet and, thanks to budgetary restraints, won't any time soon. So instead of fighting that or trying to put something makeshift in its place, I moved my bed and just got rid of a bunch of stuff.

Above, the offices of Studioilse; below, window frames, shutters and cabinetry painted in Farrow & Ball's Buff. Photos © Martyn Thompson / WSJ Magazine & Björn Wallander / Elle Decor.

It's opened up that whole area where the bed was and now I'm unsure what to do with that space. Mostly because I have $0 to spend and very little furniture to work with. I have a chair. And a side table. I might try moving my desk? But there's no outlet in that corner of the room...and now I'm boring the shit out of you, so let's move on. PAINTING. As in, I'm thinking of switching up the look of the room with the leftover paint that I have. (Free! Resourceful!)

The white "accent wall" isn't really working the way I had envisioned. It gets very little light, so I can't use it for Instagram (literally part of my thought process, kill me) and because the paint job is uneven around the edges and the wall itself is kind of lumpy when you get up close to it my intended "accent" looks kind of unintentional.

So I want to paint that wall blue, and then paint the ceiling the light grey color that's currently on just the doors and trim.

A bare bulb in Frank Muytjen's apartment; photo © Patrick Cline / Lonny magazine

The grey ceiling will, I hope, help brighten the room up a bit, though deliciously moody is still the M.O. The grey paint I used has a slight sheen to it, unlike the fully matte blue, so it should fix everything for at least a few weeks until chronic singledom eats further into my brain and I decide to obsess over something else tirelessly, late into the night.

LIGHTING! So I ripped out the standard bulbous glass thing that came with my place, that comes with every rental ever, and have been on the hunt for the right fixture since then. The Tom Dixon pendant I had I actually took down. It's too nice for this room, plus I would have to cut the cord to make it the right length...which would mean cutting off like, all of the cord, because my ceiling is so low. So I'm not doing that. I then ordered this pendant from West Elm. Once I finally saw it in my room, I decided the scale was all off.

So now I've been stalking the guys at Schoolhouse Electric for a few weeks as it looks like their Satellite flush mount fixture might be my best bet. I won't have to modify it in any way, so I can reuse it in another space later on, and it's not too expensive.

Ok, that's all for now. So many feels! All the thoughts!

Adidas Are Fully Quiche Right Now


Adidas are THE shoe for spring, take my word for it. (Scroll to the bottom of this post for further evidence.) If you don't have a pair of shell toes or Stan Smiths come March, a million tiny angels will crap all over you.

If I can find the perfect vintage pair I'll wear them with my YSL pants and this will be my life. Shop them here or here and thank me later.

Photos: Simon Porte Jacquemus by Nico / Candy magazine; Christine Pascal; Raf Simons by Stefan Ruiz / T Magazine.

Moodboard 0215


Sources, left to right, top to bottom: Jinyong Kim, Max Lamb, Andy Liffner, lost to Tumblr, Jamie Hawkesworth / T Magazine, also lost to Tumblr.

6 Times Online Art Shopping Had Me Like Whoa


You may have seen me post this snap over the weekend. L.A.-based artist and MVP Super Nice Person Anna Ullman, whom I discovered on Instagram in an incestuous, design-y way (the best way) via Eddie Ross's feed, sent me this beautiful painting. It looks great against my wall color (Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue) and has this luscious, frenetic energy going on. I'm pretty excited about it.

I feel like it kind of reflects this sea change in the way I'm discovering original art online. Ever since I jumped the hurdle known as the Quarter Life Crisis I have this urge to assert my adulthood in an old-school, Wolf of Wall Street, blue chip Lean-In #GirlBoss kind of way. Art seems like a good way to do that. And it's nice to find that the marketplace seems to be there, waiting for me and all six of my big boy dollars.

There's of course Instagram, where I've seen the work of friends like Cate evolve and where behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative processes of some really cool people are par for the course. There are new(ish) sites like Lofty and Chairish that allow sellers to upload their unwanted collectibles—including fine art—effectively crowdsourcing great vintage finds. Art seems to be a growing category (or maybe it's fully grown and I'm just now paying attention) for sites like One King's Lane and Serena & Lily, both of which sell new and vintage pieces.

I was inspired to do some hunting around on Serena & Lily the other day and thought I'd share my spoils here. I was happy to find a nice chunk of their inventory selected from Lost Art Salon, a great online resource that sells Saul Lishinsky, one of the artists I talked about in my bedroom makeover. I also mixed in two graphic vintage finds from Chairish and One Kings Lane. And this is so just the tippity tip of the art iceberg! Click any image for more info and let me know in the comments if you have a great site you go to for original art—I want to know your secrets!

A Brief Interlude On Table Linens


Because I can. And also because I want! Telar by Nido recently sent me their new lookbook for a collection of cotton placemats they did and it got me thinking about table linens. Which gets me thinking about a recent episode of Parks and Recreation where April freaks out about becoming boring and old and here I am, single and writing about placemats. It's ok, I still feel young! (Read: old. So old.)

Anyway, my point is that I recently bought this Charvet Editions linen tea towel (above) at Home Of The Brave. I use it for my face because it's lightly exfoliating and just generally luxe without being precious. I like to know that if one day I'm over it I can use it in the kitchen. And right after I bought this some friends of mine were looking for tea towels (we're gay, you know?) and I wanted to be like, "Linen, ladies! It's just the ticket!" but I held back. I have restraint.

But then I started writing this post. So restraint has its limits. If you're a South Brooklyn-er like me and you aren't planning to trek to Greenpoint any time soon (yes, I deem it a trek, so sue me), you should stop into Home Stories in Brooklyn Heights (first photo). They have the most otherworldly selection of all things linen. Like, sexy linen. Fifty Shades of Grey linen. In all shapes and sizes. Ok, thus ends my interlude.

P.S. Oh, but also: I don't feel like bath linens warrant their own interlude, so I'll just tack onto the end here—I upgraded to Coyuchi bath towels after Christmas and they're so money. In charcoal, so they go with my bed linens, duh. They're basically straight out of a goop newsletter. Oh, and speaking of a goop newsletter, if you'd like to buy these towels locally (you do) and ogle some midcentury dressers while you're at it (but of course) you can pick them up at Greenhouse & Co. on Atlantic Avenue.

I Dreamed A Dream Tho


Designers Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. Portrait via Remodelista.

And in it, Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran are dressing me up in their love, aka Lemaire Autumn/Winter '15. (The brand is now known simply by Christophe's surname to better reflect the collaborative nature of the design process, natch.) There's a cape AND a poncho involved, because we don't fxck around.

And then we play records and practice ikebana and Christophe and I rub essential oils through each other's beards while Sarah-Linh burns sage. Duh. More to come later this week or month or year or whenever about all of the ~fashion~. Also, I might literally buy a poncho. Thoughts?

All photos via

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