Better In Bed


I've been wearing the same thing for the past three days, FYI, as I sit here writing this post about a line called In Bed. Yeah, that's where my life is right now. Which isn't to say that In Bed isn't awesome! They're a new line of bedding out of Australia that I discovered while trolling BP&O for business card inspiration. I'm really excited to be working with them to dress my bed for an upcoming makeover feature on Lonny, about which I'll share more details later. Happy Labor Day!

Top photo © Yasmine Ganley / In Bed; bottom photos via BP&O

Sweater Dressing with Miranda July


Ok, this isn't much of a post, I'm just feeling hot for sweater dressing right now and found this little video of Miranda July dancing around to be a good thing for Friday. It's part of Objects Without Meaning's new campaign. You can read a bit more about the brand on Steven Alan's blog. Have a great weekend—look out for more posts next week! Honest!

Photo © Stella Berkofsky / Objects Without Meaning

6 Degrees of Outdoor Entertaining


Alessandra Facchinetti's home | Ph. © François Halard / W magazine

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I moved into a new place at the beginning of this month. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts to share about that, just like I did last time I moved, but am wary of posting them for fear of, you know, never actually doing them. I've had a painter come in for a consultation, though! I always get so many grand plans—thanks, internet—and then following through is such an ordeal. Keep your eyes on Instagram and whatnot to keep tabs on this. In the meantime, feast your eyes on Alessandra Facchinetti's terrace, above, where I'm fantasy-hosting the shit out of a Bloomsbury Group type dinner party, except none of us are romantics and all of us are climate change activists.

Speaking of home life, I made some potatoes last night:

There was no one to share them with so I ended up binge eating all of them, which is sort of like going HAM on french fries, but since these were organic and from the farmer's market...healthy? I ate them with eggs, though mine were scrambled, not fried—a choice I'm reconsidering in light of this recipe. One day!

Photos: François Halard for W magazine; Williams-Sonoma; Katie Quinn Davis

Doug Bihlmaier & the Cult of Living with Less


Oh, man—it's been a full week since my last post. Am I turning into that guy? I'm turning into that guy.

There are a handful of reasons why blogging has fallen by the wayside in terms of my priorities. I finally got around to building a portfolio and am focusing on updating that and making it as robust as possible. On top of that, I sold off about half of my closet the other weekend and am not really feeling very "fashion bloggery" at the moment (though I have shamelessly GPOY-ed away on Instagram.)

I needed to have a fire lit under my clothes-hoarding ass, anyway. After moving at the beginning of the month it dawned on me that I have way. too. much. stuff. I have way too many pieces that I keep telling myself I'll wear eventually or maybe for an occasion. Truth be told, I don't have too many occasions to dress up for. I kind of avoid occasions, preferring instead occasion's awkward cousin, non-event. I've been spending more money on getting film processed than fashion sweatshirts or whatever the kids are into these days (though I kind of do want a fashion sweatshirt.)

Doug Bihlmaier | Ph. © Scott Schuman
The point is that I needed to get real and get rid of some stuff. Hopefully it all has a nice second life. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to get more out of less. More looks, yes, but also more inspiration, more flexibility, more adaptability. I've loved traveling a good bit in recent months and it hasn't escaped my attention that I'm perfectly content jetting around with just a pair of black jeans and a striped shirt. (And always a hat. A hat elevates everything.)

Doug Bihlmaier | Ph. © Mister Mort

This brings me to magpie mix master Doug Bihlmaier, who came onto my radar a few weeks ago after I interviewed John Devitt, VP of Advertising and Set Design at Ralph Lauren. Devitt was listing off the shops and people who've influenced him over the years and Bihlmaier's name came up, for obvious reasons. His look feels relevant to what I'm finding myself most passionate about now, even though I think his look is also very trendy at this point. It doesn't seem very "fruity" (my preferred looks have ben getting less and less so as of late, tempting me to change the name of the blog...but it's kind of a thing now, huh?) but I'll elaborate more on this point later—in the meantime I'm back to the grind.

Doug Bihlmaier | Ph. © Youngjun Koo

Photos, top to bottom: The Sartorialist, Mister Mort, I'm Koo

Would You Wear Agyness Deyn's Clothing Line?


Because she has one, and it's sort of unisex. Dubbed Title A, Deyn told The Cut that the line is inspired by, "Katharine Hepburn and Patti Smith [ed. note: you can see this one in the AW14 campaign images, above] and how guys used to dress in the '90s; the list is endless. Annie Hall. Even in the 1900s, how women used to wear big overcoats over their dresses and things. It kind of comes from everywhere, really."

Karina Bania & the Creative Process


Artwork by Karina Bania

Karina Bania is an artist whose work I've pinned without realizing it—which I feel bad about, but I haven't yet figured out a workaround for other people's sloppy pinning habits. Source things properly, people! Luckily I stumbled upon her work (again) and did a little reading up on her background—turns out she's a self-taught painter with a degree in business. Her work, to me, is very visceral. It's about color and composition and abstraction. I like that. I like it for the same reasons I was drawn to the Jack Ramsey piece I have, 'Sunslide'.

Artwork by Karina Bania

And while I'm usually not one for inspirational quotes, something Bania had to say in one of her recent blog posts really resonated with me: "I make mistakes constantly. My mistakes are what generally lead me to some of the best places my work has gone and definitely some of the most enjoyable moments of working. But many pieces go nowhere. Many times I leave the studio with nothing to show for it but the act of creating. And that is enough. Everything doesn’t always have to be 'something.'"

I think I take that for granted constantly in the city, and more generally on the internet and social media. Things don't have to be "something." Things don't have to be finished. Despite the fact that never before in my life have I felt like so many eyes are watching me. There's always this potential for that one thing you tweet or share or even simply 'like' to somehow come to define you in one way or another. And it's so easy for people to engage with one itty bitty facet of yourself that you've put out there and get the wrong impression. It feels like every part of yourself that you make available online (and what isn't online?) needs to be polished. And finished. And the best.

Artwork by Karina Bania

But that's—hopefully—not true.

Hopefully we can still be three-dimensional and still be creative while making mistakes and tweeting the wrong things and Instagramming less than perfect pictures and realize that we're not declaring Who We Are, realize that we're not done, even though it can seem that way. So maybe it's archived for all eternity (unless the Internet breaks?), but we have to have the opportunity to learn from those moments we share that are less than perfect, and have the freedom to go nowhere but not be defined by dead ends.

Why I'm Newly Obsessed with OLO


I feel like I've been searching for my "signature scent" for, oh, I don't know...26 years? The first frag purchase I remember—vividly—was Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue. I asked for it for Christmas one year and doused myself in it, assured by the model's harmless, inert gaze that I was destined to become a 'new classic', long before Iggy Azalea would co-opt the term to describe a middling R&B record. I think I even had the body wash at one point, though even reflecting on that olfactory overload makes me gag a little.

OLO Fragrances

More recently I've scoured many a niche fragrance purveyor in the hopes that I would find something that speaks to who I am now. Something complex, moody, and a little bit spicy. Something...from Portland. Yes, Portland is where I found my new fragrance obsession, albeit by way of the Erica Weiner boutique in SoHo. OLO's Dark Wave is a blend of cardamom, Indonesian vetivert and wood. It was created, "to kick off the dreary rains [that] inundate Portland for nine envelop you and protect you from the downpour." If that description isn't sufficiently angsty for you, watch this music video.

OLO Fragrances

OLO founder Heather Sielaff (above left, kissing her cat) is a self-taught perfumer with a background in aromatherapy, i.e. she spent ten years working with essential oils before getting into the perfume business, i.e. I'm sporting a major granola-boner for her right now. All of OLO's scents are hand-blended and come with a handy-dandy roller ball applicator. Sielaff even once made a custom scent for YACHT, and YACHT is awesome, so...bow down, bitches. Or, like, go shopping.

Image (top) via The Line; images (bottom) via Portland Supply Co.

P.S. Some other contenders to the stank throne have included D.S. & Durga's Poppy Rouge (the last frag I went through—still love this one, actually), Comme des Garçons Black, and Etat Libre d'Orange's Like This.

Farm to Table Baby


I royally suck at cooking. I do. But I'm stubborn and I like the idea of cooking and being self-sufficient in that neo-homesteader, Pinteresty sort of way. And I enjoy cooking, whether or not I'm good at it.

Most of what I eat at home is vegetarian, honestly out of personal preference (the best meal I've had all season was a salad from Romans, though it should be noted that burrata was involved.) And I feel like I've eaten my body weight in kale over the last few months. I rely pretty heavily on eggs (and occasionally peanut butter) for protein, and can now incorporate them into almost any meal—as long as it involves carbs. (Is butter a carb?) Two particular favorites: roasted asparagus with an egg on top and a rice bowl with fried egg and avocado, which is sort of a whitewashed version of bibimbap. (I also really love this cheap and easy recipe for a poor man's spaghetti carbonara.) You can see more of what I'm eating on Pinterest, duh.

Original photography © Dabito / This Fruit Blogs. Recipe photos via How Sweet Eats and Bon Appétit.

Tokyobike Lovefest


Have you guys heard of Tokyobike? They have an outpost in NYC for the summer (it closes August 30) and I am incredibly tempted to run down there and buy a bike. Every day after work the thought crosses my mind. Mostly because they're really cute, but also because...they're really cute. Is $700 a lot for a bike? I feel like it isn't, but I haven't ridden one since college and am pretty well in the dark on these matters. Do we think it'd get stolen? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself...

The model I most like is the Bisou, which I would get in navy, because navy is the best. NYC has this summer streets thing where they shut down all of the traffic and encourage people to bike, jog, etc., so I it just feels like now is the time to go bike shopping. Thoughts?

Back to Basics / Down to Business


Matt Lenz design

You guys haven't heard from me in over a month, isn't that crazy? I had my/am having a quarter-life crisis, the result of which is that I've moved this blog back to the Blogger platform so that I can host my photography portfolio on the insanely expensive and disappointing-for-blogging Squarespace site I purchased. I bought this lovely, simple theme from Ana and am excited to just have an outlet again for sharing what's on my mind.

There will be a few tweaks from here on out, for sure. I'm not going to have this focus on personal style, for one. I just don't have the time and it isn't a priority. It's not on my mind, but so much else is. And I felt that blogging was kind of holding me back from pursuing other creative interests, but after some time away I feel like I know how to better balance my interests and work towards some real career goals. I'm having my friend Ben help me whip up some business cards, so you may have seen me pinning some of those lately. I've rounded up a few of my favorite finds here, from Matt Lenz (above) and designer Tim George for Nick Leith-Smith (below). I'm sure that once those are done (once my portfolio is a real thing) I'll share them on Instagram, so be on the lookout.

Tim George design

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