Sunnei Spring/Summer '15


I first discovered Sunnei on Instagram, and remember being so surprised to realize they're based in Milan. I suppose I've just come to associate Italy with a very specific kind of man, and an accordingly specific kind of men's wear. Sunnei, the brainchild of designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, feels much less structured, more youthful and irreverent—kind of like a boy's version of Jacquemus, though that might just be because of their analog SS15 campaign. I tried to set up a visit to their showroom while I was in Italy, but ended up in Florence instead of Milan. C'est la vie!

You can read more about the brand here.

Let's Talk About Sacks, Baby


I came across the new French brand L/Uniform in this month's Monocle and was immediately smitten. I mean, look at how cute the brand's creator, Jeanne Signoles, looks when she's holding one of the bags. Are you not sold? The line is only available online for now, and their site is only in French for now, but I have a feeling that'll change soon. I hope? (On that note, their site is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and worth checking out for the art direction alone.)

My favorite style is the Sac de Marin, available in four base colors and a range of trim options so you can mix and match (and monogram!). (Speaking of monograms, it should be noted here that Signoles married into the family that owns Goyard, so...there's that.)

Here's a taste of the aforementioned branding goodness, which isn't limited to L/Uniform's digital presence. Graphic designer Cléo Charuet created a pretty sweet identity suite (hardy har har) for the brand that makes me hope Ms. Signole has good reason to correspond almost exclusively by post.

Then there's KikaNY. The Brooklyn-based brand lacks the je ne sais quois of L/Uniform, but cute logos aren't everything, amiright? LOL who am I kidding, cute logos are the only thing. Regardless, I'm particularly fond of their Canvas Harvest Backpack in Rust. It's waxed, just like my Joshu + Vela bag, and it looks like it'll age really well. And can we talk about how I'm such a sucker for leather straps?

The bag retails online for $345, but if you're local I believe they sell them for less if you buy from their stall at the Brooklyn Flea.

The Venice Biennale


Ok, I've had a crazy busy week, so much going on, and I was really hoping to have a somewhat-if-not-totally comprehensible post written up about Venice like yesterday—no such luck. My day trip up to the city of floating dreams (or whatever its official nickname is) was very spur of the moment and I'm really glad it happened, and even more glad it happened right before the Clooney wedding. Everyone knows celebrity water traffic is just absolutely tiresome.

These were taken on the grounds of the Venice Biennale, which is actually sort of like a World's Fair, but with art? Or, as is the case this year, architecture. The different country exhibits were nice and curated by Rem Koolhaas, so that's cute, but at the end of the day the sun came out and I stumbled upon this enchanted garden situation around the corner from the Arsenale and pretty well forgot about whatever else I saw that day.

I mean, damn, right?

More to come next week! Maybe even over the weekend? She dreams big...

Lunch Date Got Me Feelin' Cute


No, it wasn't a literal date, mom. To celebrate not wearing Birkenstocks, black jeans and an old Hanes sweatshirt for the fifth day in a row I met up with a friend for lunch at Bluestone Lane in the West Village, which used to be my old barbershop, Moustache. The shirt is Our Legacy, though that exact style is basically sold out. They have a similar one that looks a bit heavier? The pants are Carven—I wear them almost exclusively with this shirt because I love the blues together, though over the summer I wore them a lot with my favorite vintage Hawaiian shirt. The sportcoat is A.P.C., the belt is ladies' Uniqlo, and the bag is my ever-trusty Filson.

The café is perfectly cute, I guess, but also sort of highway robbery? Oh my god, you guys, I just Googled this place and found out that they officially call themselves "The BSL Collective Café." I can't, I give up. And I ate avocado toast there! I feel so guilty. I'm gonna go watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix and dream of simpler times.

P.S. Speaking of avocado toast, did you guys know grain bowls are a big thing? It's sort of like grain bowls are the new avocado toast (and I can't even fux with açai bowls). I have to admit that ever since I had the sorrel pesto brown rice at Sqrl I've been a total convert to that bowl life. Nothing in NYC compares, as far as my tastebuds are concerned, but the going rate for this hippie shit is taking a massive toll on my wallet anyway, so I Pinterested some hearty grain-centric recipes to try at home.

Left: photo © Ryan Liebe / Martha Stewart; right: photo © Jeanine Donofrio / Love & Lemons

One involves lentils and butternut squash and the other involves the combo that won't quit, avocado and poached egg. Sidenote: I am so ready for lentil season.

Industrial Italia


Something I've failed to mention thus far is exactly how I came to be in Italy the other week. If you follow Lonny's Instagram you may have witnessed a whole lot of tile going on, because I was trekking around Cersaie, a ceramics trade show. It was fun to pretend like I had a home I could return to and start implementing some of these new technologies and ideas. Instead, the best of the show is filed away in my dream home spank bank—though I'll try to mention here when I start posting about trends and takeaways over on Lonny. This is a roundabout way of saying that the show was held in an industrial exhibition space called Bologna Fiere that was dauntingly, inhumanly huge, but also really intriguing in a Baushaus way.

My group also got to tour a tile factory out near Modena (all of the employees rode these little bikes around the grounds!) and was allowed just enough time to wander Bologna and see some of the more Soviet-y residential buildings.

I would love to make this a project and go back sometime to shoot more buildings and spaces like this. It was something I hadn't really been aware of—or looking out for—on my last trip to Italy. Below are some snaps from an industrial park in Florence that caught my eye.

I'll share more travel snaps next week, along with our regularly scheduled programming!

35mm Around Bologna


Ph. © Sean Santiago /

So the majority of my Italy trip was spent in Bologna, which has a youth-in-revolt college town vibe. (Graffiti! White people with dreadlocks!) As I mentioned yesterday, I got in pretty late on Saturday and didn't have time to explore, but over the next three or four days I made it around to a host of museums and local sights. I quickly learned that if I said I was press (I am press!) I could get in to a lot of museums for free or at a discount, which was the best discovery ever. (Shout out to the bilingual docent who let me scope out the Artelibro festival.) Typing is hard, so here are a bunch of pictures:

Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /

Below are some shots I took in a museum I found while out walking. I can't remember the name, but if I think of it—or find my ticket stub—I'll update!

Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /
Ph. © Sean Santiago /

More to come soon. And it goes without saying, but just in case: all photos © Sean Santiago

How to Travel in Style (When You're a Mess)


I become that which I most dread when I travel: a Facebook user. I insist on uploading even the most mundane pictures, geo-tagging every step of the way as if the validity of my social sharing directly corresponds to my distance from home. Exhibit A: the crappy photo below, for which I didn't even clean off my mirror. You're welcome!

This is everything I packed for the trip. (AND: I made my bed! Quilt from Coming Soon, African throw from Home of the Brave, pillows from Hammer & Spear.) I bought "luggage" for this trip because I wanted to be cute, duh, although I couldn't necessarily hold so much? The backpack is from Joshu & Vela and the tote is Billykirk. Since my bandwidth for fashunz was so limited, I only packed one other pair of jeans. Then I boarded my flight, ordered red wine, and promptly spilled it all over my ass.*

*UPDATE: Many people (two people) have now asked me how I managed to get the wine directly onto my ass cheek, albeit not in so many words. You see, the wine cup slid off of the tray table and fell to the side of my ass and I sat in it. Science!

As you can see, it looks like some super angry ass bruise. Needless to say, my white jeans were out of commission for the duration of the trip, and yes, I had to walk around in my stained pants through two more airports. Cool. (Though, FYI, a hot and heavy bathroom interlude with some club soda helped to mitigate the worst effects of the wine; an intense therapy session with Simply Spotless once I got back home—yes, a full week later—pretty much completely removed the stain. Bless!)

Also, here is my backpack in Rome's Fiumicino airport. I ate cookies for lunch that day because I wasn't sure I could use my Visa card abroad. But the backpack looks cute, roight? Once I finally landed in Bologna I checked into my AirBNB, which was insanely gorgeous and I died.

No joke, right? So that was my travel day. I was totally exhausted by the end of it. I managed to navigate to a restaurant that came recommended in some 36 Hours in Bologna guide, stuffed my face with Bolognese and tiramisu, then crashed. I haven't really edited my film photos from the trip yet, but I'm going to start that soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thunderwing // New Video Work


Ok, so I owe the internet an apology for being a terrible blogger. Or, maybe the internet is thinking to itself, "One fatuous, self-absorbed homo down, two million more where that came from." Who can say? (And hey, as long as Apple insists on autocorrecting 'internet' to 'Internet' I'm going to personify it, all right?) Regardless, I have a bunch of stories and pictures from Italy AND Colombia now, the latter trip having happened so many moons ago that I can't even remember if I mentioned it here on the blog. I'll get to all that later. Right now, it's time to promote myself!

My latest story for work came out last week, and there's a video. If you haven't seen it, head over to Lonny and read up on Thunderwing, this incredible creative studio in Garrison, New York. I've embedded the video below so you might revel in my creative (teamwork-aided) glory with greater ease.

You can see all of my video work (including the Chanel video we made in Nice last spring, which is why I was poolside in a mankini last May, in case you were wondering) in my portfolio. More to come soon! All the thoughts and feelings!

Life Update // Ciao For Now


So I'm headed to Italy today. Which is crazy, and totally hasn't sunk in yet. Sort of for fun, sort of for work. I'm getting really good at mixing the two, for better or for worse. I wanted to share some snippets from the last week or so so that my mother knows what I've been up to (not dating anyone, for the record.) This is something I wore to a party last week:

Photo © Martin Tadashi Reyes

A friend of mine said I looked like Diane Keaton, and I died. But also, can we put that to a vote? What say you, reader? I was wearing loafers at the time, so that might be the Keaton tipping point. Also, why am I staring SO forlornly at those liquor bottles? #BrokebackVibes. More importantly, I have a new DIY project! First things first: the moodboard.

Clockwise from top-left: François Halard / Men's Vogue; François Halard / Vogue; Simon Upton / World of Interiors; via La Maison Bohème.

Can you guess what the project is? I'm reupholstering a chair! With an antique textile! (And my use of the contraction "I'm" is obviously standing in here for "they're" as in "someone else is going to do this for me, if I can afford it.")

Isn't she beautiful?? Well, she's kind of totally disgusting, but for—wait for it—eight friggin' dollars, you can't really do much better. I found this on top of a literal pile of crap in a garage in my neighborhood. It's a salvage shop of sorts, and I knew I'd have luck there. I wanted something more classic and French-ish to redo in this fabric:

Isn't that amazing? It's not actually a fabric fabric, it's an antique saddle bag. More on that later. I'm pulling the color palette for my room from this textile, and it's going to be amazing. Barring a complete meltdown on my part because painting/doing things is hard. This is where things stand right now:

Ok, I'm off to Tuscany (not literally as I write this, but I just wanted to say it that way, so sue me) and will be back with more updates later! Follow me on Instagram if you're into it. Ciao!

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