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So I'm headed to Italy today. Which is crazy, and totally hasn't sunk in yet. Sort of for fun, sort of for work. I'm getting really good at mixing the two, for better or for worse. I wanted to share some snippets from the last week or so so that my mother knows what I've been up to (not dating anyone, for the record.) This is something I wore to a party last week:

Photo © Martin Tadashi Reyes

A friend of mine said I looked like Diane Keaton, and I died. But also, can we put that to a vote? What say you, reader? I was wearing loafers at the time, so that might be the Keaton tipping point. Also, why am I staring SO forlornly at those liquor bottles? #BrokebackVibes. More importantly, I have a new DIY project! First things first: the moodboard.

Clockwise from top-left: François Halard / Men's Vogue; François Halard / Vogue; Simon Upton / World of Interiors; via La Maison Bohème.

Can you guess what the project is? I'm reupholstering a chair! With an antique textile! (And my use of the contraction "I'm" is obviously standing in here for "they're" as in "someone else is going to do this for me, if I can afford it.")

Isn't she beautiful?? Well, she's kind of totally disgusting, but for—wait for it—eight friggin' dollars, you can't really do much better. I found this on top of a literal pile of crap in a garage in my neighborhood. It's a salvage shop of sorts, and I knew I'd have luck there. I wanted something more classic and French-ish to redo in this fabric:

Isn't that amazing? It's not actually a fabric fabric, it's an antique saddle bag. More on that later. I'm pulling the color palette for my room from this textile, and it's going to be amazing. Barring a complete meltdown on my part because painting/doing things is hard. This is where things stand right now:

Ok, I'm off to Tuscany (not literally as I write this, but I just wanted to say it that way, so sue me) and will be back with more updates later! Follow me on Instagram if you're into it. Ciao!

Inspired by Trademark


Ph. © Natalie Joos / Tales of Endearment

This past weekend I made it into the new Trademark boutique in SoHo and just loved it. The space itself is incredible, designed as it is by Swedish firm Bozarthfornell (they do all of the Acne stores and, according to their site, are working on stores for Kenzo and Gaia Repossi) and featuring "deep-blue polished concrete floors embedded with brass accents", bird's eye maple paneling and a svelte white sheet-metal staircase. (Click through to read the Arch Digest write-up; the iPhone pictures I took don't do it justice, sorry.) My favorite thing might've been the stairs, which seemed to be stained blue—so pretty! I also loved this sweatshirt-esque sweater, and tried on one of the label's skirts just for shits, giggles, and to tear gently at the fragile fabric of society. This is all to say that I have lady dressing on my mind and a whole lot of pictures to share with you, dear reader, to convince you that we should all be wearing loafers, wide-legged pants and oversize chunky knits.

Photo (above) © Chama Photography / Tales of Endearment

1205 AW14

Exhibit A (first photo in the post) comes from an awesome editorial Natalie Joos shot for her blog, Tales of Endearment. If you haven't seen it before, be sure to click through. Joos was asked to style a bunch of thrifted items and—ah!—the results are just so amazing and inspiring, and this look is my particular favorite. Exhibit B (two pics above) is from 1205, a unisexy brand I wrote up a little while ago, though I accidentally deleted that post when I switched back to Blogger last month. Sorry. Anyway, if you haven't checked out designer Paula Gerbase's line yet, now is the time to do so.

The Row Pre-Fall 2014
The Row Resort 2015

We now turn our attention to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's The Row, whose Resort 2015 collection (on Jamie Bochert, below) delivered 70's minimalism via "Sea Island cotton, natural linen, double-face wool, and a supple suede." Diane Keaton would be proud, which is all that matters. Also, that Pre-Fall 2014 skirtfit (skirt oufit, obviously) on the model above is so amazing. "Granny chic" is totally the new normcore. I'm even seeing a ton of older women, women maybe in their 60s, whose outfits are kind of brilliantly unisex—or kind of sexless, or maybe sex-adjacent? It's such an obvious demographic to turn to for inspiration if you want to look like a cross between Katharine Hepburn and a preppy nurse.

Studio Nicholson AW14

Studio Nicholson I don't know much about, aside from the fact that I love their AW14 collection. Designer Nick Wakeman (a lady, for the record) looks pretty awesome; the brand retails at Net-A-Porter. And for the record, are Birkenstocks the new Birkenstocks? You heard it here first, ladies and gents.

Trademark AW14

And this all brings us back to Trademark. The coat! The sweater! The beanie! So, so good. How do we feel, non-binary constituents of the universe? Are you as amped up for fall dressing as I am?

Backstage at Duckie Brown #SS15


Ph. © Sean Santiago |
Ph. © Sean Santiago |
Ph. © Sean Santiago |
Ph. © Sean Santiago |
Ph. © Sean Santiago |
Ph. © Sean Santiago |

Longtime readers of this blog will know that my favorite part of fashion week is the backstage photography. This year I had an all access pass backstage at Duckie Brown, which was really such a dream—I realized after the fact that I was shooting alongside Kevin Tachman! I interviewed the key makeup artist for the show for and took some digital snaps as well, which you can see in my portfolio. These were shot on my Nikon f90x with some black and white Kodak film a friend gave me. Hope you like! And be sure to check out my backstage coverage from last season. All photos © Sean Santiago.

New Bedroom Inspiration


I'm taking my bedroom in a new direction—and where my bedroom goes, so goes my whole aesthetic. Throughout three years of blogging and all of the Instagrams of leaves against white walls I've had this binder of tear sheets of interiors and everything is so formal and grand. Who knows, maybe it really helps to start with that really dramatic gesture in mind and then see where you end up—shoot for the moon and you'll land amongst the stars, amiright?

The goal is to meld Ilse Crawford and Albert Hadley. One apartment I really love in this vein comes from an unexpected source—Veranda. Not typically something I turn to, but the above vignette (left) in designer Brian McCarthy's NYC apartment has some very textural/multiculti layers that feel really inspiring right now. Michelle Smith's Sag Harbor guest bedroom is another touchstone for me right now (right); I'm just so sick of...a certain kind of decorating an editor at a shelter mag...I am going to refrain from calling out explicitly, in the heat of the moment, so as not to irk anyone. (That's kind of the dream, though, right? As if I'll pen some diatribe on here and the next day your Twitter feed will blow up like, 'Design Editor Says Your Taste Sucks, Hates You Personally' and I'll have the Huffington Post reaching out for a comment, except I never answer the office phones so...)

Photos © Max Kim-Bee / Veranda; Genevieve Garruppo / Lonny

The same mix of formal and traditional with unexpected and worldly comes through in this bedroom by designer Patrick Mele. Particularly love the way he dressed the beds.

And don't even get me started on decorator Luke Edward Hall. I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of his pillows, but until then, I turn to his Instagram feed for lots of inspiration.

Last but not least in this roundup of rooms (and young gay designers, natch) is Adam Charlap Hyman's Brooklyn apartment. It's so incredible—so much food for thought! I just want pleated table skirts and decorative urns and chinoiserie screens. Bah! While I try to get myself ready for a grand reveal come mid to late October, feast on these snaps of my old apartment and LSD's Pinterest.

Photos © André Hererro / Adam Charlap Hyman

Vintage Inspirations for Fall


So I sold off even more stuff over the weekend and opened up an Etsy shop. I'm so serious about paring down! My first sale was my Calvin Klein cocoon coat. I also have some great shoes up for sale on eBay. Change is afoot. Above is some stuff I've kept around, including my beloved Steven Alan wool blazer, a vintage white tee from Quality Mending Co. and my khakis. Below are some pics of David Hockney and James Dean that are on my seasonal moodboard, if you will. Really busy today but more thoughts on fall dressing to come soon. Thanks to Mac for snapping my pic!

Photos © Peter Schlesinger / Lost to the internet

Just Punch Play Vol. 7


Ok, so the first two tracks on here are on Soundcloud, so click on those and it'll take you over there. The rest are on Spotify!

01 Love All Night Markai ft. Jeremih
02 If (Kaytranda Remix) Janet Jackson
03 Warm Water Banks
04 Wax Kilo Kish
05 Pools Glass Animals
06 The Wheel Sohn
07 I Can't Keep Up (Dub Remix) Tourist ft. Will Heard
08 1998 Chet Faker

Monocle's Midori House


I'm a huge fan of Monocle magazine for the false sense of security reading its pages imparts, as if humanity is going to get its act together and solve some of the most pressing issues facing society today through well designed supermarkets and high-speed trains. I mean, it could happen, right? Anyway, it's a tightly edited vision I do truly want to believe in, so I was happy to stumble upon this tour of the brand's HQ in London, Midori House.

"There are about 100 people who are full-time Monocle staff, divided between the editorial and commercial teams," editor Andrew Tuck told YCN. "We have staff from Hong Kong, South Korea, Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, and the US amongst various other places. It means that you have a huge amount of diverse talent and knowledge to tap into every day."

"[Our office] is simple, well put together and quietly designed. We have great outdoor spaces where you can work or hold meetings in the summer and we have a communal kitchen and dining room that everyone uses. These things make the building very social. The office is just comfortable and that makes you very happy to linger when projects call for a few late-night sessions."

I love that Monocle is such a diversified brand, dipping into all sorts of content production. So inspiring! You can read the rest of Tuck's interview over at YCN.

So You Wanna Be a Japanese Hipster


Well, I do, so I assume we all do? But is this look really "hipster" in Japan? I have no idea, but I love it. It's urban mountaineer mixed with schoolboy workwear dad chic. (Ah, so, hipster.) Get the look with my picks, below. Photos (above) via STRATO Bee.

Shirt Save Khaki | Sweatshirt Carven | Glasses Warby Parker | Pants (similar) A.P.C. | Shoes Ami | Backpack Master-Piece

Better In Bed


I've been wearing the same thing for the past three days, FYI, as I sit here writing this post about a line called In Bed. Yeah, that's where my life is right now. Which isn't to say that In Bed isn't awesome! They're a new line of bedding out of Australia that I discovered while trolling BP&O for business card inspiration. I'm really excited to be working with them to dress my bed for an upcoming makeover feature on Lonny, about which I'll share more details later. Happy Labor Day!

Top photo © Yasmine Ganley / In Bed; bottom photos via BP&O

Sweater Dressing with Miranda July


Ok, this isn't much of a post, I'm just feeling hot for sweater dressing right now and found this little video of Miranda July dancing around to be a good thing for Friday. It's part of Objects Without Meaning's new campaign. You can read a bit more about the brand on Steven Alan's blog. Have a great weekend—look out for more posts next week! Honest!

Photo © Stella Berkofsky / Objects Without Meaning


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