Internet Killed The Blogger


So, after a long silence, I am here to do the inevitable.

I think it's time I stopped blogging.

Cakeboy is my thing now, the project I'd like to be devoting my time to, the project that feels relevant and worthwhile and important. I will be sharing new content there weekly that supplements the editorial features in the magazine. Issue two will launch this fall. You can buy the current issue here.

I had written a whole rant about the Internet and blogging etc., but I don't want to sound like a broken record. I admit I am a bit sorry to leave you, if only because it's very flattering to think that anyone is still reading at all. I might start a Tumblr or something, or more regularly update one of the eight I already have, but I can't say for sure. I don't have a lot of free time.

Here's a video I made for Cakeboy.

I really like it. Hopefully you do, too.

On Sunday all traffic to this site will redirect to Cakeboy, and I'll start posting features there.

It's been fun! Feel free to reach out if you're deeply shaken ;p




Tomorrow morning I pick up my zine, Cakeboy. I'm pretty nervous as I've no idea how it'll turn out. (These are some extras from the so-called cutting room floor...) I didn't realize how complicated it is to go to print, but of course it is. Wish me luck?

And if you're in NYC, you can buy a copy of the zine at the Brooklyn Zine Fest this Saturday, where I'll be tabling from 11am-6pm. I should also mention, for posterity's sake, that on the zine website you can "pre-order" a copy for a REDUCED PRICE of $10, as opposed to $12, because I set the price on the site before realizing how dick-curdlingly expensive printing this thing would be.

You can also just email me if you want to buy a copy via PayPal or something, we can work out shipping to anywhere, I'm sure!

Outtakes From FVF


I had the total honor/privilege of shooting for Freunde Von Freunden a month or so ago and the shoot is finally live! Here's a jumble of outtakes.

Eric Trine


Eric Trine. Currently lusting after one of his powder-coated pedestals, which sounds like a euphemism if ever there was one.

Toogood 2 Betrue


I've been meaning to share all of this for about...oh, forever. Suffice it to say I got behind.

Faye Toogood: she's amazing. Former editor at The World of Interiors. Set designer. Fashion designer. Fucking awesome woman, except fuck gender she's just amazing. You can read more about her here, here, and here, and then read about her "agender" campaign with Selfridges and then follow her on Instagram.

Playlist 010


I vaguely recall being dragged to early morning mass at some point in my personal Easter history, but my most salient memory around this holiday has to do with a gift, of course, because my family used to do Easter gifts.

I think it was Easter 1999 that I asked for and received (the magic of Jesus!) Madonna's Ray Of Light. The album art was kind of pastel blue and she's wearing this matching, satin-looking jacket. Plus there's sort of Christ-y connotations to "Ray Of Light", potentially, so it was an on-theme gift. This is all to say that I'm posting a playlist today, in honor of that special memory. Hopefully I will also blog some more this week? She gets her hopes up.

Anatomy of An Outfit


Schott leather jacket + vintage scarf + duck lips.

Mom's old Ann Taylor sweater.

$20 Italian cotton shirt from the flea market; Stetson boots and vintage jewelry.

Spring layering, here I come.

The Hansen Family


Interiors and furniture design by Gesa Hansen; click through for source. If you don't know, now you know.

Statement Cuffing Is A Thing


And I love it, duh.

The men's fashion issue of T is out now, or soon? I'm not sure which. I'll be on the lookout. I always love Jason Rider's work, but this season I fell hardest for this denim story styled by Carlos Nazario.

Photos © Oliver Hadlee Pearch / T magazine

Also can't wait to read this incredible looking profile of Pablo Bronstein. Swoon!

Turn Up For Turtlenecks


This is the "really cute sweater" I mentioned the other week. It's a ladies' drop shoulder, asymmetrical side-split seam turtleneck from Sincerely, Tommy. Serving hella WASP mom vibes in it with my white jeans.

Photos © Sean Santiago

P.S. You can see me some other turtlenecks here, if you go in for that sort of thing.

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