I used to wear so much jewelry (three months ago), but this summer that habit came to an untimely end. Maybe because the weather made extra adornment seem superfluously stupid, or maybe because my new job involves working so closely with fabric - fabric that can rip/tear/catch on rings/bracelets/unicorn-shaped pendants. Now that the weather's a'turnin' I've been scouring the interweb for fall-appropriate things I would buy if I had more than $6. That turned into a good deal of time drooling over jewelry and sparked dreams of once again bedecking myself with gorgeous little things. Enter Chris Habana, whose unisex jewelry line has the "organic space-age" aesthetic I prize above all.

The "nailed bomb ring" (picture 2) has my name written all over it, but the "silver finger brace" (last picture) sort of looks like a medieval condom design, no? Oh, God. Don't picture it! Oh, no. Did you picture it? Just forget I mentioned it. Ponies and daffodils!

Portrait via East Village Boys; product shots via OAKNYC.



1) *Le sigh* Kids started school just this week, but sweater dressing is already on my mind. It's been so cool in the mornings lately, which comes as a bit of a shock. April is still so clear in my mind, when I would walk to work anticipating warmer days. But the heat this summer's been the definition of stifling and for once in my life I'm looking forward to cooler temps.
2) Vintage shops have the best blogs. Clever Nettle is based in Portland, Oregon, and their blog makes me want to move to a city I thought was so grungy. (And that was listed recently by GQ as one of the worst-dressed in the States! Maybe only for dudes.) This is an image they found by photographer Mark Peckmezian. Sooo prettty.
3) Korean people not looking at the camera. Just kidding, that's not some new site like Look At This Fucking Hipster or something. I pulled these images from Webstagram, an online source for Instagram where you can find the app user's photos (here are mine). These beauties are by Hyerim Shin. I don't know why I'm so drawn to photographs of people looking away from the camera, I suppose it's the hint of that inner life - heart me some Virginia Woolf!
4) I discovered this bag on, my new obsession. It's basically product porn - tons of stuff you want to buy, with a link to where it's available online. I hate to love the internet.
5) Toro Y Moi - My Touch. I just did not expect this guy to sound like this. This song is my new favorite - the bass is enthralling, but it's still pretty. Turn your speakers up. Happy Friday!



Days before Opening Ceremony introduced their collaboration with Reyn Spooner earlier this summer I’d purchased this Hawaiian print Le Tigre shirt from a secondhand shop. I felt so cool! I felt so hip! And then I put it on and realized I looked like I’d borrowed it from my father’s cousin’s uncle’s friend Ned who likes to keep his unwashed hair in a ponytail and date blind Asian women. So I haven’t really worn it that much. But now summer is coming to an end and I feel compelled to give it a moment in the spotlight. But then I was looking over these pictures and, you know, saw it again. So I added some distracting backgrounds and put on this awesome filter that makes me look like a poorly dressed cartoon character, which is cooler than a poorly dressed person who should know better. Happy final days of summer!

P.S. Socks! I told you!

all background images sourced via a tumblr search for "tropical"



I discovered Louise Benson's blog, Love Visions, the other day and I, fittingly, love it. She hasn't updated it in a few months, but it's still rather enjoyable to scroll through the entire two year's worth of posts if you've got some spare time. Benson shoots with film and the resulting images are fittingly dreamy and nostalgic. It helps that her life seems to involve flitting from one quaint English town to the next (and possibly Narnia, you know that English countryside), using her magic powers to coerce nature and friends into idyllic symmetries. These are just a few of the photos that I found most striking for one reason or another - I suggest a visit to her blog (preferably with Washed Out playing in the background to add a new dimension to the experience.) Enjoy!



Internet obsessions for the week (a day late)...

1) September is fast approaching and I'm trying to work out a budget for the influx of magazines I'm going to be unable to stop myself from buying. Here, a forward-looking Vogue Italia cover from fourteen years ago that I'll try to recall while holding the decidedly anachronistic latest issue of W
2) I saw Beginners this week and all I remember is Mélanie Laurent's hair. I am obsessed with her. A friend of mine declared the French actress my "spirit diva." I'm ok with that.
3) Ann Demeulemeester snooties (sneaker-booties, duh) at Barneys.
4) And speaking of Amy Sedaris, she's apparently now hawking Downy. But I love her.



My new thing this summer has been the backwardz baseball cap (kids write that with a "z" now, right?)

People seem to think it's "cute," which I take as code for, "how sweet that your favorite movie is Transformers, twelve-year-old boy." But, whatever! It's fash...ion? I wear them mostly because I just can't stand to wash my hair as often as is necessary - when I don't wash it I almost always have a tuft that sticks straight up in the back, while the rest of it glues itself to my head at odd angles. So, until fall rolls around and my more polished toppers come back into play, backwardz baseball capz it iz!



New belt from Low Vintage. I love the detailing - I think it's a wonderful, relatively low-key alternative to giant rodeo-themed belt buckles. And it looks très bon with my Daisy Dukes!



I found Buffalo Zine at Bookmarc in NYC. The first issue focuses on cross-dressing and transgendered fashion and has some great lo-fi editorials, this one featuring model Carlos Garrigos and art by Grace Miceli. Let's hope the tummy-knot tee becomes a sexy new trend I can pioneer. I can smell the boyfriends now.

Buffalo hails from Spain, where my current favorite magazine, Apartamento, is also from. I wonder what's in the publishing waters?

P.S. You can visit Buffalo on Tumblr here!


It's a goal of mine to blog more about beauty as I don't think there's enough out there for the dudes, from the dudes. (I use the term dudes loosely.) I also insist on calling it beauty and not "grooming" - grooming is for dogs and maybe horses. Not even fabulous horses like the one who played Seabiscuit, or a Unicorn. Unicorns definitely prefer to be beautified over groomed, so beauty it is.

I really am not some sort of closet makeup hound, despite shooting myself applying concealer (incorrectly). I'll occasionally wear that when I want people to think that I sleep sometimes. It honestly makes a difference, and a mineral sheer isn't noticeable unless you apply a ton and it gets in the creases that I don't have under my eyes. Mostly I want to blog more about skincare and random stuff I decide to put on my face. Such as masks - Eva Chen said making skincare a "ritual" is an "Asian people" thing so I figure I need to turn Sunday into Face Mask & Relaxation Day if I want to become a "Tiger Mother" father and get my kids into Stanford. What, you don't think this way, too?



Things I found around the internet that I liked this week...

1) This image of James Dean was floating around Tumblr last week. I like him in nautical stripes just as much as a leather jacket.
2) New Mania Mania rings as seen on Oracle Fox. Love 'em.
3) I like the contrast between this ugly seventies couch and the gorgeous (I'm assuming Parisian) interior...
4) Check out an interesting post about the language of gender in women's fashion over at The Cutting Class.
5) Charlotte Gainsbourg, Trick Pony. Rejoice! It's Friday.



Coogan finished up his clutches and they look pretty great! The different portions of vintage map used for each handmade clutch means each one has a unique color and pattern. And look at me holding one! I just downloaded the trial version of Photoshop and I am having SO MUCH FUN with it. I made my face glow from within. It's amazing! The clutches are available now at JohnSarahJohn under the uber-cool brand name (x + 1) for JSJ.

photo credits Sarah Owen.



Laura Marling's low-key folksy songs make Vogue one of the last places I'd expect to find her (especially carrying Hermès), but lo and behold. Below, three of my favorites by the brilliant singer/songwriter. (The audio recording of Failure leaves much to be desired, but the black and white video is pretty.)



And their babies...

I discovered The Boychics while trolling around Lookbook. They're a Korean brand (or stylist duo or just e-shop, I'm not 100% sure - the guy here is a model) and I am OBsesSeD with them on every level. That fantastic name! Those man bags! I highly recommend checking out their blog, not just for style inspiration (of which there is plenty, although much of it I culled for this post), but also for their charmingly broken commentary. For example, "This shorts is so CUTE! LOOK the colorful buttons! XD," and, "Everybody loves STRIPE!!!!! Doesn't it? I DO LOVE!! XD." My favorite is the 'special notice for foreigner friends':

"We know that so many foreigner friends visit our web site.
But sorry, we don't have a site in English yet. So that many of you have inconveniences. we know. so really sorry about that.

So...If you guys have any question about our stuffs or something,send us an e-mail. ( follow in Twitter. It's cool too. (@boychics)We're going to answer with all our heart. ♥"

Love. -_-;

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