Did you know I self-published a book? Sometimes I See the Sky: Scenes From a Year in China is a pictorial essay I concocted two months ago that'll be available exclusively at Artifacts here in Cville. Next Friday (a week from tomorrow >_<;) I'll be having a lil' book party, signing copies and being fabulous from 6-8pm. Mark your calendars and stop by! (Full details below). Accompanying the book release will be an exhibit of select photos, sort of like the above selections for this post except fancier. I've had my outfit planned out for about three weeks so even if you could care less about China you should stop by to revel in my gayness. It should also be noted that every copy will be custom autographed by moi, so each customer gets a personalized love note - even people I don't know! Por ejemplo:

"Dear Kevin,
It means so much to me that you bought my book. I'm totally crying on the inside. No! Don't be upset for making me cry, it's ok. It's just I've been really emotional lately, what with the new baby and everything. Oh, wait, I don't have a baby. I guess it must be menopause. Thanks again, let's be best friends. I'll find you on Facebook. You can't stop me. Hugs!"

See! I'm going to be really successful. P.S. Want a free copy? Find out how, next week!

111 4th St. NE
(off the downtown mall)



My salon got in a new hair product: “wipe in, wash out” hair dye. I saw the packaging and was like, “Waaah?!” but then five seconds later I was like, “No - this is a good idea!” I’m not sure what convinced me, but while flipping through October’s Elle I came across a photo of Chris Benz (not the one above, but that’s him) and remembered that he’s had pink hair for a while now. I won’t go that route lest I be mistaken for having found hairspiration in Perez Hilton, but I am inclined towards purple, a shade that’s been uber-popular with the ombré-dyed crowd. Considering my hair is an inch long I won't be doing the dip-dye, but really I don't even know how well this stuff'll show up in my almost-black hair. I'll have to just sort of encrust it all and see what happens. Wish me luck!

photo via douglas friedman



from top to bottom, left to right...
1) My new favorite color combo: black & blue. I fell in love with this street style snap of Emmanuelle Alt and then this shot of Ashley Olsen and decided it's the best way to wear denim, maybe ever. I don't want to be dramatic, though. Paired with a skinnny belt and my skinny bracelet that looks like Philip Crangi.
2) I stopped into Ike's Underground the other weekend and made off with quite a haul. Here I am modeling a shirt/vest thing that looks like it came from a wardrobe auction for the now defunct My Name is Earl. I picked up some better things, I swear, but when my friend saw this pop up in her Instagram feed she said it looked like I'd been kidnapped. I think it looks like I might be trying to sell myself on the internet from prison ("And this is my gas station attendant outfit.") It's like a real-life choose your own adventure novel!
3) My dizzesk got some new flowers again. These are Lisianthus. I LOVE them. I want to strew them about my bed and lay there writing poetry.
4) The statement nail is back, and it's ready for fall. This time around I chose to keep it traditional with a classic houndstooth. The big debate between me myself and I was whether or not this should become an all-fingers affair, but it was (rightly) decided that just the one nail is a fun touch and the whole shebang would be a touch tacky.
5) Rainy day boots!
6) Laura Marling's new cd is out! I won't make a judgment call yet, but the cover art is "pretty sweet, dude."



I decided to start numbering these to make discussing them in large groups easier, obviously...

1) Unisexy goodness at Paul Smith via Smith's shows often have a lot of cross-gender inspiration, but I particularly love this color combo - and if the shoes come in a ladies size 10, I'm set.
2) The styling at Robert Geller - c'est parfait! (Does that mean "it's perfect!" or did I just yell "it's yogurt!"? I should probably learn French at some point...)
3) Anne-Catherine Frey's desk. Just. so. pretty.
4) Dear America, by Zara, via All The Mountains. I guess Zara started doing this because e-commerce became available in the U.S.? It's pretty! Go to there!
5) Yacht - Paradise Engineering. An ode to the Grease-inflected Prada SS12 collection, because if you aren't dancing to this in flame-heeled stilettos, you're not dancing at all.



How people find blogs and get information on the internet is beyond me. I usually just click through the links on someone's blogroll and bookmark whatever strikes my fancy. Twitter helps, but apparently there are whole new web technologies out there to make the process less work. Alas, I am set in my ways, which is why it took me so long to find Pelayo Diaz (actually found from a BoF instagram that mentioned Pelayo's Twitter handle. Sleuthing!)

Pelayo's blog, Kate Loves Me, is totally awesome. I love that he's le total babe, but dresses like the boy Susie Bubble, i.e. not in a conventionally sexy way. Here I've honed in on his predilection for statement necklaces bcuz I love me some statement jewelry(z) and I think he always makes the eccentric pieces work (you'll notice in four out of six pictures he's wearing a simple white button-down: note to self). Aside from jewelry we also have the Spanish thing going, except that Pelayo is actually Spanish and I'm what I like to call a, "Cameron Diaz Latina" - so pretty much not at all. But people get confused sometimes, so I roll with it. Puerto Rican? Sure! Cuban? Why not!?

Keep your eyes out next month for my Pelayo-inspired outfit (Yes, it's planned that far out in advance. That's totally normal, don't question me.)



Weee! Fruitpunch is having a contest! Just a little something something to get the word out about a groovy new shop that just opened. Sweethaus bakery is located over on West Main Street, next to Random Row books. Owner Tara wanted to establish a fun and fruitful business that her children would be interested in taking over one day and I'm pretty sure she succeeded. The space itself is charming, with old doors converted into antiqued benches and a custom-made candy chandelier, not to mention the nostalgia-inducing (le sigh, childhood memories!) Kitchen-Aid appliances churning out cupcake batter before customer's eyes. In addition to sweet eats, Tara will eventually be pushing further in the vain of the chandelier, bringing in and fixing up old furniture and other antiques to have for sale in the shop - such a great idea! I've always wanted to have my cake and eat it too, preferably while sitting on my reupholstered barn-salvaged dining furniture.

Here's how the good old-fashioned contest works: You see that jar of jelly beans? Guess how many are in there! It's as easy as cupcake pie. Leave your guess (only one will be counted) in the comments section and whoever's guess is closest, wins! Ta-da. Now, check out the promo video below and revel in the sweetness. Adieu, and bon chance!~


Some love for boys in black & white...

images via Hedi Slimane, Tumblr &



Friday evening I stopped by Vintage Vixen’s opening party and played paparazzo for a few hours – by the end of the night I’d been asked if I was covering the event for a magazine, so apparently I seemed pretty into it! But as we know, I was just out shopping and casually/maniacally snapping away for The Charlotte (check 'em out later this week for my shots of gorgeous Nour, with whom I quickly bonded over a mutual appreciation of vintage capes.)

Sportcoat – A.P.C.
Scarf – Zara
Shirt – Uniqlo
Pants – Opening Ceremony

This is what I wore, an outfit that – oops! – includes almost nothing vintage. And I even “got the memo” :/ But what did I buy? The wool felt wide brim Stetson-esque hat seen in the first picture and a wonderfully unique Southwest-inspired belt that I can’t properly describe (pictures will be provided later to do it justice.) And the experience? The men’s section is tucked away in a corner, which could give a young man the impression that he’s wandered into Oprah’s closet and found, in the back, the space left over for Stedman. But don’t be fooled by the intimate quarters - you’re not in the Keebler Elf tree anymore! They've got plenty of man-sized suiting, ties and even some cowboy boots for good measure, although  I personally prefer all my vintage mixed together on the floor so that interesting and alterable “opposite-sexed” pieces are more readily apparent when shopping. Any other man shoppers have thoughts to share?

Thanks must be said to owner Carole and her family for putting on such a show – be sure to stop in as it really looks great in there!



Enjoy this vintage photo of my grandfather relaxing, which is supposed to be how I segue into talking about Vintage Vixen's grand opening tomorrow. Did it work? Well, they're having a circus-themed block party and asking you, the public, to celebrate with them in your vintage finest. Check it out - I'll be there (and so will champagne!)

I am a bit burnt out today, but look for some special things from me next week, including street style from Vixen's party over at The Charlotte and, drumroll please, Fruitpunch's first contest/giveaway! Until then, mes amis~



So yesterday on my lunch break I threw my hands up to my head and sighed, "Agh, what are these pants?" and grabbed a pair of scissors. No, it wasn't that dramatic, but I did decide that my black jeans needed a change I'd been contemplating for awhile - the anti-cuff! I can't quite remember where I first saw this, but The Sartorialist shot a young guy with hacked-off hems as part of his fall shopping series and I was re-inspired. Et Voila! That guy was wearing the look with crepe-soled black leather boots, but I decided to pair my newly altered jeans with dress oxfords for a look I like to imagine was very "French." C'est possible?

Have you been following Le Sartorialiste's fall shopping series? Or where else are you getting your inspiration? I like that Scott Schuman's giving us lots of ideas and no judgment, good combo. Now get out your scissors!



I stopped by Low this past Saturday to pick up some of the many things I have on hold there...a big hurrah for wonderfully indulgent small business owners :)

from left to right...
1) This is an old paisley dressing robe that I'm having tailored into a sort of leisure jacket/sweater robe thing to wear to my book party. Which I haven't blogged about yet. But I'm having a book party! Details on that soon - and of course, a big reveal of the finished product.
2) Handwoven Peruvian sack bag. I usually think these are too "hippie" for me, but this one has a few things going for it - it's authentic, it's eccentric but the colors are subdued so it's wearable and if Olivia Kim's new Argentinian purse is any indication, South American craftsmanship is like, so hot right now.
3) This hat! It's a ladies fedora, but I was discussing what that really means with shop owner Nora and it just means the hat is less structured (unlined, etc.) and it looks good on me so I should go for it. This image from T Magazine is my hatspiration...anyone know any good local people who could add a banding to it? And also where I could find a maroon/deep purple ribbon banding?
4) Just for fun, a giant Greek scarf. So colorful!
5) A little peek at my desktop's new style...I found this little vase in my courtyard (I 'spose a previous tenant discarded it there) and picked up a perfectly complementary orange mum at last weekend's farmers market for it.
6) And this is the hat that I bought this time around - you can't see it in particular detail here, so I'll have to include it in some upcoming photo shoot or other!

Has anyone else stopped into Low lately? Found anything you love? Lemme know in the comments~!

Brass Knuckles

I think jewelry, for me, is like any layer of clothing - like a cardigan or overcoat. When the temperature is right...I bust out my gems. That's why I didn't wear much jewelry this summer, because the "tank top" layer is below the "aggressive knuckle duster" layer. But finally fall is here and with leather jackets come big baubles!

Top ring (my 'Daphne Guinness' ring): Banana Republic



Today's outfit is another example of "unisex dressing," which I'm always championing. The pants are pleated-front ladies' trousers from Zara (a women's extra small that I bought in an Asian country, let's not dissect that), the belt is from the ladies' department of Uniqlo (although, really, why?) and the shirt is an XXS from American Apparel that honestly just doesn't fit - it's waaay to short and the entire day I was contemplating how ridiculous it would be to have an elastic undergarment sewn into the bottom so I could reach for things without my shirt coming up out of my waistband. Probably very ridiculous. I didn't do it! And the scarf is vintage silk - I love silk scarves and have quite a few, but almost never wear them. I think that must be because I'm pretty hard on my clothes. But yes, my ladies' pants, they hold up ok - just not my men's scarves.

Pants - Zara
Shirt - American Apparel
Belt - Uniqlo
Shoes - Rachel Comey



An xxtra large Dear Internet...

1) This IS my fall/winter. Cape? Check. Hat? Check. Red as my accent color? Sure thing. This image brought to you by my new "pin board," over at Pinterest, which I dedicated to girls who dress like boys who dress like how I wanna dress. It's funny how all of these social media platforms are breeding weird combinations of each other - Pinterest is sort of like Tumblr meets Twitter meets a traditional pin board. A little confusing at first, but I've come around to it and now sort of want to get rid of my Tumblrs. Yikes, the internet!
2) Tom Ford's apartment in Paris.
3) Art by Landon Metz.
4) Pajama dressing: the next frontier? If socks are my new hot accessory and hats are my new wardrobe staple, then yes, pajama dressing is my next frontier. Stay tuned.
5) Smack my ass and call me Minkoff - this weekender from Rebecca Minkoff's Ben Minkoff line is everything.
6) Shoe porn. Through and through.
7-10) Some choice tracks from Au Revoir Simone, because I like them.
Happy Friday!



All of a sudden it got so cold I had to dig out this sweater! Still with the shorts, though – can’t give it up all at once. The fun new special thing that I want to talk about here – are you ready for it? My hair looks cute instead of like it'd rather be on Steve Buscemi's head. I just got BB brown hair powder and while I can’t say I love it (the color transfers really easily so you can’t touch your head against anything white – I know, there go all your hobbies) it has a deep, natural-looking color and it texturizes really well. It’s probably best for people who shower at night, since it acts like a dry shampoo in the morning and then won’t get all over your pillowcases when you hit the sack. Of course, I shower in the morning so my sheets look like they have soot all over them.

Sweater – Urban Outfitters
Shirt – stylist’s own (as in I don’t know who made it)
Shorts – ex-Boy Scouts uniform from Ike’s Underground
Bag – vintage L.L. Bean
Desert Boots – J.Crew (paint splatters my own)

P.S. Thank you Darryl for taking my photoOo!



A special poster just because. Maybe chock it up to labor day - a commemorative collectable poster in honor of the last day to wear white. Print it out and tape it to your refrigerator, locker, or cell wall.

And I promise this illustrated gimmick isn't becoming a crutch - my Photoshop trial has expired anyway, so affronting you with rejected children's book illustrations of moi must come to an end. Enjoy! XOXO Fruitpunch~



I was looking over my stats the other day and realized that my personal style posts do by far the best, because apparently you're all as obsessed with me as I am. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get much done recently in the way of outfit posts, so I culled these Instagram shots offline and am posting them to temporarily appease you. (Yes, you wanted thisss.)

Clockwise from top-left:
1) I trimmed my beard finally! I think I let it go for...about a month? I was getting woolly. Speaking of, Bergdorfs published two essays yesterday comparing the relative benefits of maintaining a beard versus shaving. I quite like mine, though the pro-beard essay cites a lot of very manly reasons to grow one and mine's really just there to hide my chin acne.
2) I wore this shirt, which is obscured by my Frostee, to the C-ville 'Best Of' party. It's chambray with bandana-esque detailing on the shoulders. I'm 90% sure people thought I was a rodeo hand hired as part of a theme package. I wasn't, though if you're looking for one please keep me in mind, because I could use some extra money.
3) A shot of my impostor Tod's loafers that came out really well - don't they look scrumptious?
4) It's September! The season of bare legs is almost officially over, so say goodbye to these babies. My shorts have been getting tinier and tinier all summer, because I've taken almost every pair I own to be hemmed. I'm like, "no..I could be showing more leg." (Chloe Sevigny's legs are her best feature so it only makes sense that my quest to be Boy Chloe Sevigny should lead me to flaunting these stunners)

I shall try to get in more stylin' shots of moi next week, te promiso!~

UPDATE: Yeah, so I had these out of order yesterday because apparently I can't compute "clockwise from top left." Marry me!

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