Maximum-ly minimal by Craig McDean. Track pants? Luggage tags? Neo-jelly jelly shoes? Yes, please.



Recently picked up these vintage Ferragamo cap-toe oxfords from Vintage Vixen. *Swoon*



You would never believe it, but I'm wearing ladypants today, not to mention a lady teesh! I've simply outdone myself. On top of that I've actually synergized my layering inspiration with my letterman's jacket inspiration! Slowly but surely I'm connecting the dots, see? It's all good.

This is my vintage letterman's jacket I bought at Ike's. It's a little Louis Vuitton SS12, no? I wore it over the thrifted vest-thing I bought that I really think is just an old gas-station attendant's shirt with the sleeves cut off (seen here and here). It's so sexy. But I do love it layered! The pants, from Banana Republic, are my slim-cut cargos. Apparently the style was seen recently on one famous street style blog or another? It's a great look, but I probably couldn't afford the ones made for menfolk and so I keep wearing these. And my shoes, oh my shoes! I love these babies. They're made by Goodyear, which I thought was just a tire company, but the more you know...I've been wearing them cuffed down like this since summer and now I think it's so great I can't stop. Instead of just uncuffing them for winter, I wear them with chunky socks, most often chunky tube socks. Mm, chunky tube, say it again. You can see the back of the letterman's jacket below; apparently Jericho is on Long Island, according to a total stranger that asked me if I went there. No, I did not, I just love that it's also Biblical. The Bible is so hot right now, you know?

And I almost forgot about my mini backpack! Yes, I have a mini backpack. Obviously my stern expression in these photos is thanks to it's insufficient capacity to hold my angst and/or spite for The Man.

Hat - H&M
Vest - Ike's
Teesh - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - Ike's
Cargo Pants - Banana Republic
Shoes - Low Vintage

photos by the lovely Chelsea



I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I spent a few days with extended family in Pennsylvania, eating, cooking and eating. We also looked over a few old family photos, of course, and decided that I look a lot like my paternal grandfather.

The above photo was included in a batch given to me by one of my aunts. It's she and my grandfather; I'm not sure of the date. It's one of my favorite vintage photos I've received over the last year, which, as some of you may know, is saying a lotFinding captured moments like this and being able, at this point in my life, to appreciate the depth that they add to my relationships with those in my family is something I am truly grateful for...all the best, Sean.



Doing this a little differently, but more on that in a tick...this week I loved model Anouck Lepère's home on NOWNESS... 
...and David Mallett's Paris salon on Into The Gloss...
...and I'm officially into Byredo Parfums candles, the Peyote Poem in particular (how great are these names? Wasn't Candy Darling a character in that Robert Rodriguez zombie movie? Righteous.)

...also, Solange Knowles is just the bee's knees. Her hair! She told Lucky Magazine it's inspired by Janet Jackson circa Poetic Justice, aka Janet Jackson circa AWESOME.
And I haven't really listened to Beyoncé in years (she lost me after radio overload of that "to the left" song), but my Solange craze led me to take a look at all of B's recent videos, leading to my current ObSessIOn with this song:

The video is a bit OOC, but I have to say she's kind of totally charming, and I love the Maybelline outfit and now want to be a ballet dancer in Queens.

So, my new goal is to condense a lot of the blog's "outside content" into these Dear Internet posts (really my original intent), since people seem to respond most to my stuff (understandable). I'll still upload the occasional editorial, as long as it meets my Standards Of Cool, and bits and bobs here and there as I see fit. Sound good? Ok, endless bisous. Bon weekend!



From a brief portrait session with Chelsea.



My friend Audrey recently launched her own cosmetics line and asked me if I might have any interest in trying it out. I don’t know about y'all, but a friend of mine launching a beauty line they want me to test is an ultimate fantasy, right up there with guest designing a shoe for Opening Ceremony and Hugh Jackman.

The line, Cosmeos Herbal, is entirely handmade by Audrey here in Charlottesville. Born of Audrey’s studies of herbology and traditional medicines, the product range currently includes herbal facial grains, an organic herbal pillow and lip balm. I’ve been looking for a no-frills facial mask and the herbal facial grains, which can be used as a spot treatment, wash, or mask proved just the ticket. The grains come in two variations, stored in cute little apothecary jars – I got the green clay-based version for normal to oily skin, considering my pores are currently under congressional review as America’s next best oil reserve.

I applied the mask the other night, something that I'm sure will get easier with time as this was my first attempt at using a mask of any sort. I went to mix a teaspoon of the grains with water, per the label’s instructions, but did so in the palm of my hand. Rookie mistake – grains poofed everywhere before I could get them to form anything resembling a paste. I tried again, this time mixing them with water in a little bowl – evolution! The clay and oats formed a satisfyingly green mask that diminished redness – we’ll see after a few uses how effective it is against my T-zone troubles, but I’m guessing the mix of organic calendula, raw almonds and peppermint essential oil will be a welcome ally in the fight against unnecessary shine.

In addition to the grains I’ve been wearing the peppermint lip balm (luscious) and trying to find sweet dreams with the organic herbal pillow, which I pop in the freezer before use - it's wonderful!

Interested? Visit Cosmeos Herbal’s Etsy shop
or stop by Boutique Boutique on the downtown mall to see the products in person!

Herbal Facial Grains $8
Organic Herbal Pillow $12
Lip Balm $3



Remember a few months ago when I found that vintage dressing gown at Low and blogged all about how I’d be wearing it at my book party? And then didn’t because I thought I looked like Count Chocula? Well, I finally found a way to incorporate it into an ensemble without bringing to mind vampires that sell cereal! Layered underneath my tweedy sportcoat it looks like just a scarf, no? Which I suppose detracts a bit from the unbridled Hefner-esque awesomeness that is a vintage dressing gown you’ve had cut into a lightweight belted sweater-jacket, but such is life. It still adds enough drama (look at that collar!) to sustain the additional intensity of my jangly jungle-pirate necklace.
Then, of course, we have some feisty below the wrist action going on. Not only am I wearing my new House of Harlow art-deco tire print knuckle-duster AND my butter London blagger nail polish, I’ve bedecked my thumbnail with an iPod bling cross. Which is sort of gross, considering I put that bling on my iPod over a year ago, but each bead had just enough sticky residue left over that I could stabilize it on my nail and lay some topcoat down for the win. It wasn’t the world’s most artful process, nor its prettiest, but it worked! And the effect is just so budget Lacroix it works.
My beloved photographer Fareine is unable to contribute to *fruitpunch for the next couple of weeks thanks to school, of all things, so let's send her endless kisses and hope she does exceedingly well so she can get back to the things in life that really matter.

Sportcoat – from China (just says, “St. Lauren”)
Dressing Gown – Garfinckle’s from Low Vintage
Necklace – Beijing 3.1 Shopping Mall
Shirt – American Apparel
Bag – Croquis



Feelin' kinda blue (in a good way) with my link loves this week...

1) I recently picked up a letterman's jacket that's a bit oversized and much sportier than anything else I own. I'm working on ways to incorporate it into my day-to-day...we all have our struggles. Dude on bike in Paris, by Maya.
2) I'm dreaming of a sun-drenched Christmas. Now that, as of last night, temperatures have officially dropped (it's like puberty for the weather!){think about it} I'm feeling a deep (and rather immediate, huh?) yearning to be wherever this is. Photo by Monica Sanchez, found by Miss Moss - who, for the record, is just about the best Flickr user maybe ever. I have no idea how she searches around that site so productively, but I can't - so here's a link to some of her other awesome finds.
3) I've honestly no idea where I found this, but not only is the bag cute, the typeface is super-cute, too!
4) This house has been spread around the web like a bad case of the sniffles at your local Montessori school (what did you think I was going to say?) However, I think it's awesome, so I'm including just a taste of it here. The artwork is great and I love that chair.
5) This song is pretty.
Happy weekend!



For menswear traditionalists pursuing the modern dandy vibe, these are the details that really cinch it – the tartan tie contrasting the mini-check shirt against the neutral sweater under the cord blazer with, bon appétit, a paisley pocket square for the K.O.

Another great detail I just thought of that you could try? Line your jacket with a crazy/fancy fabric. I did this with just the sleeves of a Zara blazer last year; here are the steps: find a fabric you like (I used a ladies’ American Indian-esque print teesh, also from Zara), then take it to your tailor and say, “Please do this for me, thank you.” Voila! Or if you're feeling non-traditional and you want a special hidden detail all to yourself, you could...paint your toenails! (Make little faces on the big toes; really indulge, like you’ve taken yourself to a spa for fifth graders) (Oh man, that could be a weird thing, no? Don’t take yourself to spas for fifth graders, what are you doing there!? Get out!) We'll stick to the traditional details for now.

Shirt – American Apparel
Tie – Uniqlo
Sweater – Ralph Lauren
Sportcoat – A.P.C.
Pocket Square – Vintage


Former Number (N)ine designer Takahiro Miyashita's new collection for his line, The Soloist.

I have to admit, part of what I like about the styling here (and I’m sure the designer and all the cool boys would kill me for saying this), but it reminds me a little bit of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the peak of their boho/grunge phase. There’s an artful piecey-ness to the looks here, right? It's a master-class in layering! Well, I've done it, I've said my crazy bit so throw me to the ultra-hip Japanese menswear wolves. They have wolves, right? I bet they do.

You can see more of the lookbook here.



What's funny is that when I met Claibourne she really did have in weave! And I had on my blonde wig - it was Halloween. There's nothing more rewarding than a relationship founded on fake hair, so of course I have quite the post to bring you from my visit to Claibourne's apartment. Located in an old factory building, the space has high ceilings, a Jetsons-esque kitchen and a skylight over the shower. I stopped by to have my real hair did and to take some pictures. I was going to try to make this more about my hairstyling session, but the best pics are of the apartment so I'll let that be the focus (probably for the better considering the narrative potential of a men's haircut: it was short! and now it's shorter!)

This is Clovis the cat, right before he bites me. Joke! Clovis didn't bite me, although he was a bit ornery (if you couldn't tell).

The place had a very retro-bunker vibe that I just loved, not to mention how much I relished the lack of standard salonage - peeping through back issues of People Style Watch next to someone's 11-year-old and making small talk about shampoo. Stay tuned to the blog this week to check out the cut in action and I'll be sure to let you in on any particularly intriguing future hairvelopments - there was talk of dramatic color! (Speaking of which, no, I have not tried the dip-dye color I blogged about last month, je suis too poulet.)



Artifacts is carrying the most amazing jewel-toned glass boxes right now. Handcrafted in France, they’re absolutely perfect for storing jewelry, as I’ve done here, or anything you own that’s pretty and deserves to be looked at through a box. And they’re not just for the ladies! (And me.) Your manfriends can enjoy these too – suggest them for:

1) Storing baseball cards
2) Saving prize badges from hotdog eating contests
3) Collecting nickels every time he farts and calls it a “joke”

See! Dudes can totally use pretty glass boxes, too.

Decorative glass box at Artifacts
$40, in turquoise and violet
Phone orders welcome!


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