Just something pretty to share as I've had spring on my mind this week, thanks to a side project that's been in the works for months. Hopefully I'll be able to share that soon and make up for how much my bloggage has suffered. Expect me back in the swing of things next week! Blog you in the new year~



And from "super-synthy post-gothic electro dance-rock with hints of metal," to decorating with cabbage varietals! What do you think I'm listening to while arranging my kale just so?

This is a relatively appropriate post-Christmas post, considering it involves the color green. My aunt told me kale is a great indoor plant for winter, since apparently it's in season. I still managed to kill mine in about three days. But I got this picture first! I went with one stalk since the mouth of this vase is so narrow, but I think kale looks quite nice (and quite floral, actually) when arranged in a bouquet of sorts. Still, I'm already back to my hurricane glass tableau - what's decorating your table?



I discovered Light Asylum in an Oyster Magazine profile and I'm hooked on their sound, a super-synthy post-gothic electro dance-rock with hints of metal and the best vocals maybe ever. I picked out the least aggressive and most pop-y tracks because I'm a gay (offensive!) and present them hear for your listening pleasure. Seriously, lead singer Shannon Funchess has an incredible voice, a tour-de-force fusion of basically every male singer from the eighties I've ever loved. I know I read that they've been touring in Berlin, but I think I read that they have their first album coming out in 2012. Visit their site here for like, real information.

End of Days by LIGHT ASYLUM
"A Certain Person" by LIGHT ASYLUM
Dark Allies by LIGHT ASYLUM



As we wind down this last week before Christmas I've been tempted into writing up my first real foodie post. Of a sort. You see, I had a dinner party last week and while the main course was a tad, erm, not cooked...the dessert was a huge success!

These little chocolate pots from Nigella Lawson are a particular favorite because half the fun is in the presentation. I suppose a ramekin might do these babies justice, but I serve mine in Fiestware teacups handed down from my parents. Jamie Oliver also has a chocolate pots recipe in his book, The Naked Chef Takes Off, but his calls for brandy and baby boy just ain't that flossy. I was going to type up Nigella's recipe and present it to you here, but that was too hard so I thought maybe I'd just write up the ingredients list. That also proved challenging. Instead, I found the recipe online! Click here to check that out.

I will say that I used Green & Black's organic dark chocolate and it was absolutely decadent. Although, that may have been due to the fact that I doubled the suggested serving sizes. Who can say? I also need to note that I hand whipped that whipped cream with a fork. (If you want pillowy whipped cream, you wash my whisk! That isht is complicated!)



This post is all about the glam/luxe combo of a touch of fur and a big pair of sunglasses, aka "sunnies". You'll be so fancy people will mistake you for that backup dancer JLo married for a month back in 2002. The look is a wonderful quick fix any day you're feeling a bit under the weather and you'd like to make a statement without trying. For instance, I wore this to the farmer's market and even though I could barely speak for lack of coffee/food/sleep, I felt so put together compared to all those people in running pants. The irony being that those people are actually so together that they woke up three hours before me and went for a jog before going shopping. Maybe they even ate before they got there. But hey, do you think you recognize me from the Love Don't Cost A Thing video? I get that a lot...

Sunglasses - AJ Morgan
Coat - Vintage



1) New scarf from Anthropologie. The unique, inky print reminds me of one of designer Barbara Barry's Indochine collection fabrics for Kravet. w00t textile nerds!
2) Beads are my new thing. Or am I just having a bead moment right now? They go with everything and nothing, especially crafty colored ones as seen here on this vintage handmade bracelet I picked up at Low, so I'm embracing them.
3) I love this book. It's gorgeous. That is all.
4) My new ring from Bygones vintage in Richmond. I've been wanting something snaky for awhile now and at $24 with an adjustable band, this baby was almost too good to be true.
5) I bought an ivy plant for my mini planter. It's so cute! The perfect way to bring green indoors during winter.
6) Also picked up this plaster bust/mask thing while thrifting in Richmond. Rearranged my bathroom for it. Love it! Show me a man who doesn't want the facsimile of an older, bearded gentleman watching him pee and I'll show you a man who doesn't get HBO.



Without makeup, her hair air-dried after a shower. She's doing some modeling for me; I'm excited. Hiiiii Chan!



Sunday mornings are my favorite time to catch up on all the reading I never get to during the week. An indulgently large chunk of my Christmas bonus went to a smattering of my favorite magazines this year - the local Barnes & Noble is now carrying titles as varied as Rankin's Hunger, Russh and even Ponystep - quelle surprise! I settled in with Arena Homme +, Meryl's Vogue (with one of the most candid profiles on Marc Jacobs I've ever read) and Monocle.

London-based Monocle provides beaucoup inspiration beyond the mood board variety with reportage on basically the coolest things happening everywhere in the world. Honestly, it used to depress me because my life seemed trés underwhelming by comparison, but now I find it a bit galvanizing to read up on innovative designs and the entrepreneurial spirit the world over. What are your favorite magazines?



Recently found favorites...

This seventies-inflected editorial is just, like, the ultimate. In everything. Ever. By Christophe Kutner.

A selection of art from my Tumblr...Rothko, Sorolla and the entire blog from which I pulled that last one is now deleted, so...idk.

I know I said that editorial was the ultimate in everything, ever, but actually this is. From the Chanel Paris-Bombay collection. He's wearing a bejeweled sash and twin diamond bracelets. Enough. Said.

Garance Doré shared the Paris jewelry studio of Lara Melchior, c'est bon!

And this is one of those videos that isn't a video, sorry, but I feel the need to follow up my previous post's Jamie-xx-remix-via-Florence-Welch with this track. The vocals aren't my favorite, but the steel's love! Consider it the musical equivalent of whatever the reverse of Christmas in July would be. The best part starts at 2:12 or so.

Happy weekend!



I really wanted to title this post something to do with ShamWow...but I'm afeared of copyright issues. C'est la vie. The other week I shared with y'all a glimpse of my new shams (wow!) - now here they are in all their glory. Also, my heretofore unseen "bedroom." As I mentioned, the fabric is a silk I picked up on sale at JohnSarahJohn, corded with dark chocolate velvet and backed with milk chocolate velvet. (Better than "dark brown and light brown," no?) You can see I love mixing patterns in the home as much as in an outfit!

Contrary to what my gift guide asserted, books are very much one of my favorite things. I just finished up local author Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding, one I definitely recommend. What are you reading? The Art of Fielding is available at New Dominion(434) 295-2552.



Idea 01 Christmas sweaters are a seasonal essential; people without them are routinely cast out by their families this time of year. My sweater is red, one of the two Christ-approved birthday celebration colors as noted in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 11, “Are you there God? It’s me, your Son, and I’m trying to coordinate for the surprise party.” My sweater also has a dancing naked baby wearing a fedora on it, so I put it on to celebrate Ally McBeal reruns and Michael Jackson court date anniversaries.

Idea 02 Books are a great gift for anyone you don’t like, since no one reads anymore. Give one to someone you particularly hate and tell them if they want to read it on their iPad they can scan it in themselves.

Idea 03 Everyone knows that women love jewelry and shoes, and spend their time collecting these things in between pregnancies. If your woman rejects the jewelry you buy her because she realizes it’s fake (I knew it!), call it bling and give it to your son along with Yeezus Tour tickets.

Idea 04 Fancy candles are the perfect gift for people whose homes smell shitty (or whose homes you've just farted in), especially if you lack the social graces to explain this to them face-to-face.

Idea 05 An empty box. Kids are overstimulated nowadays, anyway. (What, did you think I was going to suggest you gift Hermès? What are you, high?)

In all seriousness, there are seriously too many gift guides out there at this time of year, so I figured no one needed another one. If for some reason you feel an ungainly urge to know what I like, follow me on Pinterest. Kisses~

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Sometimes I get out and about in the world. Occasionally. When I can carpool...

I picked up some disposable cameras for a dollar each a few months ago and took one with me on trips to NOVA and RVA back in October. (Getting these processed cost me $11, just FYI.) I like that these are the images I got and that's all there is. They might be a bit crap, but they're a special kind of crap. They're my crap, *tear*.



Stella Tennant and David Lasnet's Scotland home by Alexis Armanet for T Magazine ('11), Mark Borthwick for AnOther Magazine ('09) and one from Mario Testino for Vogue ('05).

I've been meaning to put together this post for awhile now, since the most recent feature on Stella Tennant's idyllic homelife was published this past summer by T Magazine. That article paints a particularly enchanting, if almost fantastical portrait of the family's life in the Scottish countryside. And I love the different photographer's approaches to all that domestic bliss, although I could barely find any scans online from Vogue, unfortunately. If you happen to know where the rest of the images from that article reside on the interwebs, holler at me!

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