Any Given (Super Bowl) Sunday


Oh, man, can you guys believe the Super Bowl last night? When that one guy did that thing with the stuff and then everybody was like, “Wah?” and then those unicorns came out of nowhere...ok, so I didn’t watch the big game last night, not even for Madonna since I'm pretty sure her new song was written for Selena Gomez. But hey, harken to my vintage teesh action – do you see what I see? It’s a Super Bowl t-shirt from the 80’s! Plus, I'm wearing my rosary - so Like A Prayer - so I pretty much totally embody the spirit of the event, if I do say so myself.

On top of the teesh I’ve layered some cute but not nearly warm enough flannel and on top of that is my beloved leather jacket. I have no idea why my cowboy boots look like they’re patent leather; I didn’t even do anything weird to them in Photoshop! That first picture is my attempt to pay homage to the spirit of this Herb Ritts photograph of Richard Gere, but mostly I look angry - the donut shop where we shot this was closed! Balls. Need more layering inspiration? Revisit High School Boyfriend or check out my post on Takahiro Miyashita's line The Soloist.

Photos Celeste Wright // boots Justins's // shirt Uniqlo // jacket N/A // scarf H&M // jeans Acne // t-shirt WGACA // beanie American Apparel

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