It's been so warm lately I feel the need to post some of my favorite snaps of men in shorts. I love the looser leg and rolled cuff of the styles seen here. (Wait, is the bottom hem of a short called a "cuff"? Or is it just a "leg opening"? "Thigh hole"?) Also on my radar: good sandals and white sneaks.
images via The Sartorialist, here and here.

These woven slip-ons are soooo cute! #perfectsummershoe

This bookcase, in Claire Thomson-Jonville's apartment, is the greatest bookcase ever. Super super cool, but still functional!

Sous Style is an awesome new site and I feel a bit like Magellan for discovering it. Except that Magellan didn't find shit by following links on Twitter, but details, details...One of their regular features is hot guys cooking - brilliant! Here we see one of the hottest guys aka Future Husband #3, who again is probably unaware that we're meant to be, but just you wait for that surprise pregnancy! I still am...

And last, but not least...I've been listening to Grimes' new album, Visions, pretty much nonstop for the past two weeks. This video of her performing Genesis live is sort of fascinating, plus she looks like the lovechild of Arwen and Legolas who decided to leave Middle Earth and pursue a love affair with her keyboard, which couldn't be a bad thing.

Happy weekend!

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