Chambray Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans


So I'm wearing two remarkably similar outfits here, but on purpose! I'm basically an ambidextrous dresser, aka an ambidresser. What? Let's roll with it. I'm ambidressing here (using the left and right sides of my style personality!) to wow you with the versatility of my diminutive wardrobe, which was recently augmented with this chambray shirt (only my third, FYI) I picked up at American Apparel's new outlet on Lafayette at a lil' pre-opening soirée. I paired the shirt with my "boyfriend jeans," so named because they engulf me, not because I stole them from some dude I made #bonerjamz with, or, for that matter, an actual boyfriend.

But taking a step back, what you probably noticed first is my "Cholo" (lots of quotation marks today, I don't know what's real aNyMOre!) styling twist, the one top button done and everything else left open. I love doing this right now and will continue loving it until I get shot at. To take the look from street to chic—see what I did there?—I put my glasses on (because if movies have taught me anything, it's that glasses make you smarter and also more sexless) (sidenote: oh, that's my problem!) and also my thrifted Prada shoes. I just love the duotoned denim thing, you know? Plus, these are my summer jeans, so I have to create as many looks for them as possible before cold breezes start a'blowing up into my junk zone.

And on another note, the bag! Look at the tote bag. It's so cute you could literally start choking on the wine I'm drinking right now, right? It's oil-coated denim with cork trim/seam detailing, brass hardware and leather handles made from some hide that's particularly thick so you can cut it really thin AND it's locally made here in Brooklyn by Ryan Greer of Flux Productions. It's super lightweight and already starting to age beautifully and I wet myself every time I touch it (awkward!)

I've got some #deepthoughts to share regarding transitional dressing, shopping, not shopping and MORE to come soon, so stay tuned as we head into A/W. And also, check out Greer's Industry of One profile here for more on Flux Productions and a peek into his studio!

Photos Izzy Tuason // shirt American Apparel // beanie H&M (seen here) // belt vintage // jeans 10 ft. Single (seen here) // bag Flux // shoes (top) vintage Kenneth Cole (seen here) // shoes (bottom) thrifted Prada

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