photos Pete Oliviëra // glasses Warby Parker // shirt custom-made // tie Zara // pants American Apparel (seen here) // shoes What Goes Around Comes Around

I know the trend right now is print-on-pattern-on-print, but you know what? I’m poor, and when I needed to invest in some suiting separates this summer, I invested in basic (and versatile) black. Well, actually, the only thing I bought over the summer was the tie – I left all of mine in Virginia, forgetting I would need them for interviews. The problem with so much simplicity is what to do with the look outside of a corporate setting to make it personal. Instead of switching up the black tie for a pink one and the black sportcoat for a lime green one, I budget-mindedly opted to change up only one item: the white shirt for the neon, psychedelic-print one. I figure, if there were ever a shirt to make black anything but basic, it’s this bad boy. (Readers will recognize it from this post as the shirt I had custom-made from artist Patrick Costello’s ‘Eat Yer Greens’ fabric over the summer – this nana is exclusive, baby!) I “grounded the look” with these goooorgeous deadstock vintage brogues from the new What Goes Around Comes Around boutique at Astor Place – where I happen to work! Drop by and see me! These shoes pretty much literally cripple me when I walk, but they are SO CUTE. I feel like the color and contrast seam detail on the sole is very contemporary – I could see these from Mark McNairy. Like this look? Check out last year’s autumnal take on personalizing suiting separates here!P.S. I love to tuck my ties into my waistband!

P.P.S. Yes, I advocate going beltless when keeping it casual.

View my inspiration for this look, after the jump!

Italian editor Simone Marchetti is the ultimate master at taking basic to bold. He’s often seen strutting around Milan and wherever else in the world sexy editor types strut, mixing bright colors and loud prints into his ostensibly trad wardrobe. He is always polished, but sincerely playful!

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