My mother was saying the other day that she's fine with my "fashion blog," but wishes I would write a little bit more about my life. I guess she underestimates how much of my life is spent thinking about fashion, i.e. everything in this editorial:

1) Sweatshirt dressing. The bastard cousin of the more refined sweater dressing, sweatshirts are so hot right now and I'm on the hunt for the perfect one. Or six.
2) Intarsia cardigans. I don't actually know if that's the correct term for these knits, but I sound like I do and I want one.
3) The blanket cape. This (ubiquitous) one from Louis Vuitton is great, though I could never afford it. Instead, I'm checking out my favorite vintage haunts to see if a few crop up over the course of the season...
4) Hats! I recently realized that basically all of mine are too snug on my head and now I need better ones, so that I can look like this.

Check out my Tumblr for more current inspirations, if ur in2 it. Photos Kurt Markus for Vogue Hommes International; scans via The Fashion Spot

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