Today I’ve recreated the outfit I wore to the opening party of What Goes Around Comes Around’s Astor Place pop-up shop AND THEN taken it from soirée to street. BAM, #fashionwriting. For this outfit I really wanted to play with suiting proportions. I picked up the sportcoat from boutique-cum-homegoods-shop-cum-atelier DEAR:Rivington+ for half off over the summer. Owner Moon Rhee told me the cut was really successful in Japan, so I couldn’t resist. The length makes it easy to dress up and dress down, plus it pairs perfectly with the one cool pair of black pants that I own. On the night of the party I was torn between a statement necklace and a bolo tie (I’m sure your husband can relate…) but found myself swayed by the understated sophistication of the bolo. I feel it should be noted, before I move on to the specs of Look No. 2, that I do not own an iron. Wrinkles #FTW.

To make the outfit more casual, I got rid of the shirt/tie combo and popped on a DEAR:Rivington+ embroidered short-sleeved sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are sooo hot this season, but I couldn’t afford one of the many designer ones (Balenciaga/Kenzo, what have you) if I sold my liver on eBay. Or could I? This baby is my alternative. I love that it’s so sporty…but has a giant doily on the front. The patent Stacy Adams brogues I replaced with my combination sex worker/combat boots (more on these later), et voilà! I can comfortably stalk the streets of lower Manhattan…
Soundtrack: The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party // photos Pete Olivëra

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