The other week I went apple picking with some friends in upstate New York. As you may know, apple picking is an outdoor activity, which threw me for a loop. What man purse goes with outdoor activities? Then it dawned on me that an orchard would be a very appropriate place to debut my vintage WWII nurse's bag I picked up from 10 ft. Single. So compact, yet still rugged. Apple picking season is over now, but fret not, dear reader - I've thought up some other low-impact outdoor activities for which this style of man purse is appropriate:

1. Ice skating
2. Drinking a latte/hot chocolate on a park bench
3. Watching guys play basketball. Is there basketball in winter? Is there ice basketball? That sounds dangerous...

Now, I would love to tell you that I ran home from the orchard and whipped up a soup using my freshly picked apples, but #truthbomb: I brought home too many apples and didn't know how to use them all. They got gross and...I chucked 'em. My b! So, a week or two later I Pinterested this recipe for butternut squash and apple soup and grabbed the apples from the local market. It was delicious! It turned out muuuch better than the lentil and apple-brown butter soup I blogged about making here. That one could be kindly described as "mealy;" or I could be up front and say it looked like baby vomit. Happy adventures in cooking, y'all!

Portrait Kelly Kollar; ingredients image by Joseph De Leo, styled by Mariya Yufest

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