Y'all know how down I can get with a pair of bell bottoms (proof) and there are probably no words in the English language sexier than "Lanvin flares," except for maybe, "Daniel Craig's ass" (timely Bond reference! Also, no, seriously.) Not only is the leg to die for, but that waist! So perfect I'm throwing up all over myself. Of course, I couldn't afford these pants if I proffered myself outside of less reputable men's clubs (or could I?) so I'll be looking for that shape in some vintage man jeans, as I imagine finding it in secondhand ladypants would be part and parcel with some crotchal issues. There's some denim at work that just might do the trick...

It's always fun to see how these styles translate beyond editorial, so be sure to read my thoughts on the look as seen on the runway and on the floor at Barneys, after the jump.

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First thoughts: holy flapjacks, batman, that is one fine ass mannequin. It's like if Tilda Swinton were a man, she would dress like that. Well, she'd dress like that anyway, but you get my point. I'm glad I came across this look at Barneys because the runway styling just doesn't do it for me - it doesn't pop the same way, no? Louche sophistication is the name of this game, and BNY did it up right.

In this post: illustrations by moi, images via Fucking Young, my iPhone and Style.com

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