Rick Easton's artisanal supper club, Bread and Salt, held a brunch in collaboration with restaurant The Box yesterday. It was cleverly titled, "The Bread Box" - so cute! There was even a heart in my cappucino and then Chelsea and I instagrammed ourselves holding her espresso cup in a fitting tribute to this Portlandia sketch. I got the French toast and it was c'est fantastique! Yes, that's it in the lower left-hand corner - it's as giant as a steak, no? Incroyable!

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Sharing the love...
The menswear shows have finished up and one of my new favorite things I'm seeing is the giant necklace that's basically a talisman, as seen here at Givenchy pre-fall. Also, men in skirts!

I love love love these desk "tablescapes" by Betsy Burnham (top) and Lizzie Bailey (bottom) for Lonny. I've lately had orange, lacquer, desk chair pillows, trays and decorating with candles on my mind, and if my weekend shooting goes well you'll see the results of all that brain juggling next week!
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Oh, hey there Martin Margiela tote that is perfect. How you doin'?

Milan Vukmirovic is obviously my style soulmate - mondo chest action, check; aviators, check; a thing for pared down sophistication, check (sort of - I have a debatable track record in this department, but big dreams.) Also, I think I'm going to have to make suede happen soon, and buttoning just the top button of my coat is definitely something I did this one time that is now a "thing".
Photos via here and Tommy Ton for

Lana del Rey is so hot right now, but I can't just blog about any old LDR song since that would be so two months ago. Instead, I bring you an awesome remix of her single, Blue Jeans. In my dream life where I'm a DJ/Balenciaga brand ambassador/sexy gardening activist I'm totally killing it on the dancefloor with this number.

Happy weekend!



I've started shooting street style for print again! It's been almost a year and a half since I was last combing the streets, albeit on the other side of the world (see some of my previous work here and here), and this is my very first published print work in the States. Woo!

These are some favorite snaps so far...mmm, texture and contrast. The top lady's bag is Michael Kors and the bag below is Fendi, from an outtake that didn't make it into print. And yes, of course, I now expect you to strike a pose every time you see me. Work it!



This silhouette has been on my mind lately...I particularly love the way these looks play with proportion, pairing the long shirt with cropped trousers. And you know I love me some major tone-on-tone action. Plus, the model wears this so well, no? Check out my Tumblr for more inspiration!

image via


My mom and I went through a bunch of her old jewelry this past weekend and I took the opportunity to stock up on relics of her Catholic upbringing, including a black-beaded rosary and a cameo of St. Christopher. Have I mentioned before that my great-uncle was a priest in Brazil? No? Well, he was! This inimitable cross was part of his vestments, or maybe he just slayed vampires with it or...IDK. Either way, I’m really excited to pair it with a plunging V-neck and lots of black.

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I went out to my parent's house this weekend to sort through the remaining crap in my former bedroom closet - what can go up on eBay, what can go in the bin, which piles can be condensed into larger piles to instill a sense of accomplishment, etc. I found these A.P.C. trousers in there in my "hold onto" pile and commissioned my little brother for a post-snowfall photo shoot.

This coat always gets a ton of compliments, though it's fatally flawed - there's no lining! It's just cotton and just cotton is not warm, but I can luckily layer a good bit under there. The scarf, a cashmere delight from Florence, is another winner. The hat, on the other hand...people only seem to think of Indiana Jones when they see hats like this! It's a shame, as I think it's just wonderful. How did you celebrate the snow? What is it that people who don't take pictures of themselves when the weather's nice do? Ski-tubing? Para-sledding? Reindeer herding? Whatever it was, hope it was wonderful!

coat - Zara
pants - A.P.C.
shoes - Barneys
hat - Vintage Vixen



What the internet hath bequeathed unto me this week...
I love this image from Balenciaga’s pre-fall lineup. It’s like Grease meets Blade Runner meets Xanadu. What could be better?

Some street style shots I love...because the couple with matching-era vintage purses is in it for the long haul (via Calivintage via Drop Tokyo); and I'm digging the pop of pink in this otherwise gorgeously tone-on-tone shot from photographer Kuba Dabrowski, once again shooting for Women's Wear Daily.
This gorgeous Mulberry bag was shot on someone's lucky shoulder this season at Pitti...

I hadn't stopped by The Selby in forever, but thorough perusing this week yielded this intriguingly rustic, spartan residence in the mountains of Kamakura, Japan.

And last, but not least, the best thing on the internet is obviously my Etsy shop. Have you virtually swung by it, yet? Please do! It's travel photography for the worldly home (like the above shot from Paris.)

P.S. A friendly reminder that another awesome thing on the internet is The Low Lookbook. Missed it? Check it out now!



Now, don’t get to thinking I’ve gone completely head over heels for myself – the title is a refrain from a few of rapper A$AP Rocky’s songs (as in, “I be that pretty motherf***er.”) What better way to start off my winter beauty post?

It’s been a little while since I last beauty-blogged and I’m sure you’ve all been wondering how my fight against premature aging and general ugliness has been going. Winter brings with it some specific seasonal challenges, such as a permanently running red nose and beanie hair, but don’t worry – I’m coping. My focus has been mostly on moisturizing, though I think I'm shooting myself in the foot a bit with the high acidity of a lot of the products I use. I try to keep my intensely anti-acne stuff for the evening and mix my sunscreen and foundation 75/25 to get a tinted moisturizer for the morning. I succumbed to the ravages of cost-effectiveness and bought a giant thing of St. Ives daily hydrating body lotion with vitamin E. It’s made without parabens or pthalates, which Allure once told me kill baby dolphins or something. So that’s good. Local line Cosmeos makes a multi-purpose salve that I like to think of as organic Vaseline. It comes in a light peppermint-lavender scent and I use it when my knuckles are particularly dry.

My big new new thing is goat’s milk soap. I picked some up as a gift for a friend over the holidays, but then also bought it for myself. Oasis day spa sells my favorite, a line by Sweet Magnolia Creamery that's handmade locally in Covesville, Virginia. Each bar comes individually wrapped in fancy wax paper and tied with a bow! The range of scents is also a plus – I eschewed my customary favorite, lavender, in favor of experimenting with citrus vetiver. I swear I noticed my skin feeling softer after the first use, but I could just want it to work that bad. My post-shower routine, when I’m feeling indulgent, is a heavy dose of Weleda’s sea buckthorn body oil (available at Whole Foods.) Its vaguely tropical scent is a nice winter reprieve and I think I’ve mentioned before that I prefer body oils to lotions – I don’t know, I just feel like they’re better for your skin. Don’t question me.

And I almost forgot! Mon haircut! As you can see, I did indeed get something akin to the hairspiration photos I posted last week of Philip Crangi and Nickelson Wooster – cropped close on the sides with a pompa-hawk (pompadour/faux-hawk fusion) on top. I’m still using Bb Texture to get that swooping action, though a paste would be better. What do we think? C'est bon or c'est bad? And below, some A$AP tunes for the rap aficionado...

ASAP Rocky - Peso by NUEAgency
Wassup [prod. by Clams Casino] by A$AP ROCKY
Bass [prod. by Clams Casino] by A$AP ROCKY



Isn't this such a cool cut? My new style is nothing at all like this, I just have hair on the brain. Plus, cropped sweaters are so hot right now - I'll have to start cutting all of mine. Anyone can flaunt a chest shag; "belly fur" is the new frontier! (Tune in tomorrow for my winter beauty post, with a focus on only the hair on my head. Unfortunately.)

By Nick Dorey for Russh Magazine



This weekender is a gorgeous new addition to my tiny (but growing!) collection of vintage bags. That shape! The hardware! Those wonderfully worn-in handles! Low co-owner Nora picked this up from the home of a gay couple in Waynesboro, Virginia. Apparently the two of them often indulged in matching items, but there was only one of these babies. It belonged to the half of the couple that was a flight attendant and still had its airport tags inside when I bought it. It's in remarkable condition, though a little scuffed, and is the absolute perfect size for the average man. I, on the other hand, will barely be able to fit mon toilette and a limited selection of jewelry. Such is life!

Draped with my silk Dries Van Noten scarf that I never wear because I'm too afraid I'll get it dirty.



The twist is that my shirt's halfway unbuttoned. That's an Italian thing, right?

These are my new pants from American Apparel that I picked up for half off, thanks to a Groupon tweet from my cuz. I know some bloggers openly boycott AA thanks to all the scandalous reports of company wrongdoings and general CEO skeeziness, but they're the only company I know of that makes pants in my waist size, so...oops. These pants are indeed so snugly high-waisted that I decided to forgo a belt, and I'm wearing sneakers. What derring-do! It should be noted that this was shot pre-haircut and that I'm not wearing a single item of women's clothing here, either - this look is all man, from the Gant for Jeffrey oxford (the only fancy dress shirt I own) to the layers of Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta and YSL L'homme gracing my wrists. Roar!

blazer - Korean
sunnies - faux Wayfarers
sneaks - Seatech

photos Celeste Wright



Found this week...inspiration for my next haircut. (Happening today!)
I'm leaning towards something Crangi/Wooster-esque...

I started getting my subscription to House Beautiful! I managed to find a few images online from their December/January issue, which featured the gorgeous home of decorator Mark D. Sikes. The glamour of high-contrast black and white is a look I strove to achieve in my apartment by painting the French doors a glossy black, but I think the effect is more easily appreciated in Sikes' person-sized home. Want more? Check out his incredible bathroom over at The City Sage.

I bought a new hat the other day from OAK's 304050 sale. It's a green fedora. #jauntygoodness
Something I didn't pick up was this pair of Mark McNairy boots from the Très Bien sale. #dying

Assorted wintry inspirations...thinking of my post from the other week! By Nam & Tommy Ton.

And while this is definite cheesy pre-Valentine's day marketing goop, I thought this picture from Scott & Garance's new Tiffany campaign was rather endearing. I think being able to sit around reading and drinking coffee with someone is the ultimate in intimacy...who knows, these mugs could stand for Sean and Gay Boyfriend? Maybe?  #never

Happy weekend!



This is a woman's cropped trench, available now at Vintage Vixen. Since it's technically for the ladies, it fits my elfin frame really well. I like that it's a twist on the traditional trench - it's more my style, no? *pine*

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Images/women I had in mind (or had at least seen before) while putting together the lookbook...

Kate Lanphear by Citizen Couture, Claire Courtin-Clarins (left) via Google Image, Marina Munoz by Tamu (I think), Moschino via, Eniko Mihalik for Vogue China, Braids by Susie Bubble, Claire Courtin-Clarins (right) via Google Image, Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel for US Vogue, Marina Munoz via StyleLikeU, Caroline Trentini by Patrick Demarchelier for US Vogue, Braids via Fashionista, Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, Christy Turlington-Burns by Patrick Demarchelier for US Vogue, Stella McCartney Resort via, Japanese street style, Givenchy Couture ('08?) via

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