I gave my "home office" a little update this week with a new, custom-designed throw pillow for my desk chair. The fabric is Jane Churchill linen with a contrasting marine blue Ralph Lauren cording. It was made from scraps, so centering the print wasn't an option, but I love the way it looks sort of like a Rorschach test.

Check out my other custom creations here!
If you're a local, feel free to contact my friend and seamstress, Kelsey Read, about making your own pillow dreams a reality! (434) 981-5853



Oh, wow, look how much I love nature! That last picture is so compelling, right?
Save the trees! See how happy they make me? Yesterday I went for an afternoon stroll wearing my wide-wale cord jacket (not to be confused with my much-less-wide wale cord jacket from A.P.C.) that I picked up at a Goodwill in Switzerland. It's quite nice, yeah? I love the shoulder seam detail...and I paired it with my vintage khaki army shirt and cropped navy slacks from H&M. The bag is a faux-Mulberry (oops #China) and the shoes are my vintage Doc Martens, always a total sensation. The glasses make me look so smart, no? Excuse me, I have to go learn some science now.

special thank you to Darryl for helping me take fotooos!



Feeling inspired to share...this look from The Locals. Now that winter is seemingly gone - it at least feels that way - I have to share this amazing look before it becomes totally irrelevant. Such perfection!

You may remember I blogged about designer Mark D. Sikes' incredible California home as featured in House Beautiful, and lately I've been turning to his Tumblr-esque blog for inspiration/Pinterest fodder. These dining rooms are super formal, but have an exuberant glamour that I think would translate well in any home.

I have finally really started searching for and finding a lot of great photography on Flickr. This is just a taste, a pretty/moody picture of flowers...a metaphor for my online awakening of sorts? Be on the lookout for some intense foto-bombage in the near future.

One of my favorite blog finds of late is Shiggersonstreet by Dustin Hanke. I have no idea what the name means, but I love Dustin's edgy, androgynous style (and awesome hair). Damn, those are some tight pants!

And finally, Inez and Vinoodh released a video complement to their stunning Vogue Paris editorial I blogged about here. Check it out above, or click here to view it in full quality at the Vogue website.



Designer Miguel Adrover presented in New York this season, his first show in the city in eight years. The clothes were assembled by hand from found materials and discarded garments, as were the clothes in his debut collection back in 1999. All of the pieces are one-offs with no plans for them to go into production – but I think it’s wonderful to see this perspective, no? Adrover’s work artfully addresses the politics of consumption by offering an alternative vernacular for contemporary dressing. As a 'mo vintage blogger I’m intrigued by his nuanced ideas, put forth in the clothes, regarding fabrication, reuse and even political-sexual identity. Plus, I’d die for those pants in picture four – there’s like, five belts on them. Damn!
View the full collection here.



I’m trying my hand at a foodie post again, are you ready? I know all you want is to see me prancing around in ladypants talking about murses and vintage pinky rings, but Hey! Soupmaking is a legitimate new hobby of mine and I've got something to say about it! As a vegetarian, soup has been absolutely essential this winter since I’m using a lot of dried or canned ingredients rather than turning to a new produce haul every week to craft my menu. One of my favorite's is a chickpea lentil soup that's really delicious and wonderfully versatile. And this time around, I’ve got the ingredients listed here for you, after the jump!



In the street...with a camera. Blammo, Clue reference! I finally made good on my framespiration and am happy to debut here my new Warby Parker glasses - Beckett in Striped Evergreen. Aren't they so cute you could just die? But don't. The jacket is vintage French military academy garb that my aunt picked up in Paris - buttons! It's admittedly a bit hard to wear, considering the fact that it's made for marching and saber wielding, or whatever people did at military academy in France, but this is me dressing it down with cuffed Banana Republic ladyjeans, a wide-striped sweater and vintage penny loafers. The bag is my trusty Filson briefcase that I've seen all over now - I keep telling myself I will turn it into some interesting D.I.Y. project involving handwashing and dyes, but I never commit. Such is life...

P.S. If you're on Pinterest, get excited! I created a *fruitpunch style board where all of my outfits are available for your neverending stylespiration. Repin to your "Style," "Cool Looks," or "Gay Boyfriend" board today!

sweater - BDG
jeans - Banana Republic
loafers - Low

photos Celeste Wright



My friend and I were talking about SEO the other week and how much what you title your posts matters. I, personally, like my artsy-fartsy-er titles, such as this one. It makes sense because I love so many elements of these outfits...everything but the girl! Oh, vomit. That was terrible! Who let me type that? Well, hopefully you can see past that joke and enjoy this Tumblr-esque post celebrating my continuing lust for neutrals, muted jewel tones, layers, black and white and beanies, beanies, beanies. My favorite part of fashion week is quickly becoming the overwhelming swirl of behind-the-scenes and on-the-street action, though I do have a post or two about the collections coming your way...

For more street style inspiration, visit my Tomgirl board on Pinterest!
photos via: IOULEX, Kevin Tachman and Elle Muliarchyk for T Magazine (their "Photos of the Moment" series is a personal favorite), Tommy Ton for Style.com, The Sartorialist, Phil Oh for Vogue.com, The Locals, and An Unknown Quantity

P.S. Opening Ceremony featured the runway soundtracks for some of their favorite shows on their blog and I am totally in love with Calla's mix - check it out below! Its also available for download, natch.

SHOWTUNES: CALLA FW12 - "Prêtes à Tout" Compiled by Olivier Bobin & Yannick Grandjean by OpeningCeremony



Just a few screencaps from my webcam show last night, turned into the opening credit sequence of a 90's Nickelodeon show. I kid! I made a little video about dating, sort of...I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so it's pretty off the cuff. I'm not sure I have the energy to continue The Love Week tomorrow, I may need to just drink tea instead of shooting the faux lingerie campaign I envisioned, called "He Wears the Manties." Sorry about that.



Aren't these such great vintage photos? They're from my little collection, all from my grandfather's time in the army. Despite the title, not one of these men is actually in a relationship with the other, but I think it's fun to imagine maybe there's something romantic going on, especially in that last one with the cat and dog - so cute! 

In all seriousness, it is incredibly important to me, as a gay person, to feel connected in some way to the past...to find comfort in history, since for us as a people there's often a bit much, erm, shunning and oppression. That's why I like finding out I have little things in common with my grandfather, be they as silly as a hat or a ring...they still draw that line between us that I think gay people don't always get to feel with their families. I'm really blessed to have such a supportive family and am trying to keep that in perspective. Happy love week!



So it's Valentine's Day and I don't have a date tonight, despite the fact that I'm certifiably betrothed to Joseph Altuzarra. I guess his people didn't get the memo I sent them on Twitter, so I figure there's no harm in a fantasy date with Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing since he fantasy asked me out and I'm an imaginary floozy.

The date would be an all-day affair, beginning in the morning with café au lait and conversation.

We would then wander through the city, starting up at buildings and strolling aimlessly through markets and gardens (this date is obviously taking place in the summer...)

Then we'd hit the shops for some "dress you up in my love" action, as Olivierkins would want to make sure I was snapped by his side in my favorite look from his Fall/Winter '12 collection. We'd drop by Galeries Lafayette and peruse fragranced candles and possibly he'll have a custom-scented bougie waiting for me...

And in the evening we would host a dinner party in his courtyard, with lots of cheese and bread.

Afterwards, someone would suggest dancing at Le Montana but, "non," I will say...

And instead, Olivier and I will watch French New Wave films late into the night. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

photos via (from top to bottom): Style.com, The Coveteur, Le Portillon, Amy Merrick's Flickr, Style.com, Oh Joy!, Treehugger.com, Purple, and my Pinterest account!

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