If you've stopped by my Tumblr recently you have invariably noticed that it's a lot of guys staring pensively at the ocean/a cup of coffee/their feet. I won't lie, I love me a hot man in a sweater who looks confused by the inconsistencies of love. Also, just hot ones in general. Photographer Herb Ritts knew how to make a man look good and is responsible for the ultimate depiction of all that is sex on Earth, aka the portrait of Richard Gere that I blogged about here. Long story short, I found these and felt compelled to share...happy Friday!



The entire Kelly Witt Design team headed over to the boss's pad last week for an English-style afternoon tea. Kelly's hubby, who spent his childhood across the pond, made us crustless cucumber sandwiches that we followed with some petit gâteau. We also got to take a brief tour, the highlight of which was the above taxidermied bear, resting nonchalantly on a guest bed. It was quite a smash on ye olde Instagram, garnering responses as varied as "Whoa!" and "woah!"

1) These tall stalks of bamboo in this little cup look awesome.
2) From an art show where movies were projected onto the undersides of DVD's. I think the effect is really interesting in this photo, no?
3) I love this electric color combo and have this dream, inspired by the furniture in Diego Della Valle’s Paris pied-à-terre, of having a chair upholstered in the blue with high-contrast piping in the red.
4) And here's a velvet flame stitch by Clarence House that's just gorgeousssssss.



I'm sure many of you have by now noticed that *fruitpunch has gotten a bit of a redesign, but for those of you who may have missed it, be sure to take a look at this post in your browser. I've been working with artist Jordan Grace Owens over the past few months on getting some gorgeous new graphics and our end result is fruitier and punchier than anything before! I found Owens' work at an alternative craft fair over the holidays (you can see the card I picked up above) and felt her aesthetic really jived with my vision of the blog. Our art direction was a Wes Anderson anime with Warholian flair and I think we got something really gorgeous and fun. Hope you like it! Stop by Owens' Etsy shop and website to see more of her work.



It's been so warm lately I feel the need to post some of my favorite snaps of men in shorts. I love the looser leg and rolled cuff of the styles seen here. (Wait, is the bottom hem of a short called a "cuff"? Or is it just a "leg opening"? "Thigh hole"?) Also on my radar: good sandals and white sneaks.
images via The Sartorialist, here and here.

These woven slip-ons are soooo cute! #perfectsummershoe

This bookcase, in Claire Thomson-Jonville's apartment, is the greatest bookcase ever. Super super cool, but still functional!

Sous Style is an awesome new site and I feel a bit like Magellan for discovering it. Except that Magellan didn't find shit by following links on Twitter, but details, details...One of their regular features is hot guys cooking - brilliant! Here we see one of the hottest guys aka Future Husband #3, who again is probably unaware that we're meant to be, but just you wait for that surprise pregnancy! I still am...

And last, but not least...I've been listening to Grimes' new album, Visions, pretty much nonstop for the past two weeks. This video of her performing Genesis live is sort of fascinating, plus she looks like the lovechild of Arwen and Legolas who decided to leave Middle Earth and pursue a love affair with her keyboard, which couldn't be a bad thing.

Happy weekend!



Holy beardless smokes, Batman! It's me, four years ago, hanging out in the dressing room at Opening Ceremony with my Motorola Slidr phone (pre-Instagram), modeling what was then a new discovery - the Steve Mono tote. Ah, youth...ignore me, I'm just streetwalking down memory lane, here. What makes me post this picture is the music I discovered on that particular visit, Johnny Jewel protégé Desire. Desire's single Under Your Spell appears on the electro-pop goodness that is the Drive soundtrack; I rarely see movies anymore and was pleasantly surprised to discover such progressive taste in a Hollywood star vehicle. The movie's opening credits roll over Kavinsky's Nightcall and the whole shebang comes to a cryptic close on College's A Real Hero, with little else to distract the attentive listener in between. Mmm...French nu-wave disco. Click through to check out all of this hot muzak!



It’s been awhile since I came across an editorial that got me this jazzed. Studded soccer cleats and a bolero tie? Elvis hair and harem pants? Everything is wrong and it feels so right. Happy Spring!



They say God is in the details, right? Well, the details here are my favorite thing - the red piping on the pockets, the high rise, the wide leg! These are my vintage Boy Scouts trousers, previously seen here, that (sort of) reference the silhouette at Kenzo I blogged about the other week. They look very old fashioned here, like it's 1923 and I want to sell you a newspaper, although last week I paired them simply with a crisp white shirt and felt very Euro. My favorite detail you can't see, but only find out if you ask me who I'm wearing, like it's the Oscars or you've run into Joan Rivers on the street. "Oh, these?" I'll say, "These are Randy Wards. His name is literally printed inside my pants because they used to be his when he was eleven." It's fun, no? Paired with a Steven Alan-esque shirt from Low and a skinny belt and faux-Sebagos from China.

photos Joel Codiamat



My aunt was in town last weekend and she's recently taken up veganism just because it's healthy or something, not because Gwyneth Paltrow said to. Weird. Anyway, our discussion about healthy eating gave way to a discussion about life in the French countryside, as conversations about living well are wont to do, and the latest Jacquemus campaign sprang to mind. Starring Caroline de Maigret in a video entitled "Le Chenil," it also prominently stars a farm and lots of dogs. I hate dogs, but love the idea of wearing a dress on a farm. Wait, what? I've corralled here a selection of images showcasing the line of simple dresses and de Maigret's awesome hair and highly suggest visiting the Jacquemus site to check out the label's other campaign images (they're beautiful - shot on film) and videos. Happy Friday!



I've made this salad twice now for guests and it's an absolute sensation. Local apples (available here) and local arugula and mixed greens (available here) with walnuts and a homemade Moscatel vinaigrette. Grate some Parmigiano Reggiano overtop, et voilà! To make your own vinaigrette, pick your preferred vinegar (Moscatel is particularly sweet and pairs well with the apples) and mix it 1:3 with olive oil. Add a dash of salt and pepper and a spoonful of honey, then shake.

Like this post? Check out the recipe for one of my favorite soups here, then satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent chocolate pots!



Today's outfit is tried and true *fruitpunchery - I'm wearing vintage and an article (or two) of women's clothing. The knit beanie I picked up on a day trip to Lucerne - ordinarily it's a challenge to pull off, but for this ensemble it's the perfect finishing touch, the piece that elevates the outfit from an exercise in layering monochromatic textures to my perfect outfit for some imaginary farmer's market hopping in Sweden. The sweater is a J.Crew number I'd relegated to pajama time until I was able to shrink it in my parent's dryer and my new Comme des Garçons SHIRT polyamide shirt looks incredible layered underneath. (Stop by Vintage Vixen to see if you can find any other CDG gems [you can't, I took them all.])

My friend, local artist Thomas Dean, made the tote. The design is a riff on the D.C. flag. Dean created the various prints by scanning in and blowing up black and white illustrations from a 1970's school primer - what?! You can visit his Etsy shop to see more of his awesome work. Then, of course, we have the pants! These are vegan leather ladies' pants I found on sale at Urban Outfitters. What does "vegan leather" mean, exactly? That they're polyurethane, which I Googled, and apparently it is eco-friendly. Unless I misread the internet - there were like, so many words. I paired them with my Ash Italia sneakers, also from UO...also ladies...but actually leather. Nobody's perfect.

Inspiration for the look from my Tomgirl board on Pinterest:
As you can see, my top half is a nod to blogger Jeanne Damas' sweater + long teesh combo while my bottom half is a quite literal boy-terpretation of Alessandra Ambrosio's street style, all topped off with a sportcoat. Now, I don't wanna start sh*t with an Angel, but I might look better in my faux-leather pants. Just throwing that out there. The look also simulates the crop top trend and incorporates the long shirt silhouette seen at Carven, and I kept the shirt collar tucked in because I felt that was the Alexa Chung-y thing to do, duh.

all outfit photos courtesy photographer (and blog reader) Joel Codiamat - thanks, Joel, for being the newest *fruitpunch contributor!



The Fall/Winter 2012 season has come to an end and I've decided to focus in on certain elements from the women's collections that I think can translate to menswear...well, you know, the *fruitpunch version of it!
1) I want the sexiness from Proenza Schouler. Why not start out with the intangible? The hair was just so cool and I love the attention to detail in that shirt - I could totally see myself wearing that!
2 &3) I want this bag from Balenciaga (the shoulder strap is so technical and chunky, mm) and I loved the clashing patterns and fat cat gangster suits at Miu Miu.
4) This silhouette, seen here at Kenzo, is my favorite thing right now. Look for it in an upcoming outfit post.
5 & 6) I was totally inspired by the tone-on-tone action at Balmain and Suno, and the nuanced mix of fabrics.
7) I would wear this entire look from Organic by John Patrick, but mostly I want those pants.
8) The makeup at Meadham Kirchoff was, for lack of a better term, be-yond. If anyone wants to invite me to the Met Gala, this is what my face will look like. Plus, I love that the gold lip is sort of a progression of the menswear makeup trend started at Thom Browne in Spring '11.

all photos via



How do you keep your thoughts organized? I’ve started carrying around a little notebook so that I can jot down random musings and things I read about that I want to look into later. I used to have one of those Field Notes notebooks, but they’re just not cute enough. Enter O-check Design Graphics, a Korean company that's been on my stationery-dar since last year.

O-check makes the world’s cutest notebooks. They’re so cute that I’m pretty sure the design directive is just a looped video of a kitten riding on the back of a rabbit riding on the back of a baby pony that trips over its own feet, with the words “cuter than this” above it. The entire product range has a vintage vibe and a predilection for French, and would look great Instagrammed next to some latte art. O-check notebook from Artifacts, pen from Muji. Some of my favorite places for notebooks: Artifacts (434) 295-9500, O’Suzannah (434) 979-7467 and RPS (434) 979-6366.

Need more organization inspiration?
Check out my post on the best binder for tear sheets here.



I'm caving in and uploading an Instagram outfit post. I try to avoid this because I really have fun with the little photo shoots, plus they show off the details much better, but all of my photos are taken by friends and when we get together it's like, "First, we can do your hobby...then, we can take 200 pictures of me." Obviously, people love hanging out with me. So here it is, an entire outfit, Instagrammed thanks to the huge mirrors of Urban Outfitters. This was *le total sensation* (catchphrase!) on Facebook, so I figure it's worth sharing with you all. The jacket is my new Burberry cropped trench from Vintage Vixen, seen here in store and as part of a much more "street" outfit - look how well it transitions! People aren't kidding when they say a trench coat is a wardrobe essential. Worn overtop my "business look" with Rachel Comey oxfords.

And a few other beauty/style snapshots...
1 & 2: Looking "au naturel"...I picked up a new foundation that's working out a lot better than my previous one, also Rimmel. When shopping for this crap I basically look out for all of the keywords product marketers have had beauty writers hammer into my brain and get really excited by the promise of being turned into a poreless mutant. There's definitely been some "matte minimization," and a friend even asked if I was wearing anything one afternoon because my skin looked more even-toned (keyword!)
3: I am realllly tempted by fringe right now, y'all. Suede. Fringe.
4: My new green floppy fedora from OAK.

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Aren't you guys so excited? It's the first Fotobomb, as promised last week! I've picked a few selections from some newfound (to me) photographers whose work I really like. First up is Liza Wolters, whose photos (seen above) are beautifully pensive and make great use of natural light. Visit Wolter's site here.

These are some super gorgeous photo illustrations by Brazilian photographer Eduardo Sancinetti for U Mag. Also: boys in their underwear!

I sort of imagine all of photographer Grace Denis's friends live in an Urban Outfitters catalog and she just shoots them in between call times. Suffice it to say her work is pretty effortlessly cool. Stop by Denis's site and Tumblr.

These shots are of Mies Van Der RohesFarnsworth House in Plano, Illinois, photographed by Edoardo Bonaccorsi. I love it - what beautiful photos of a cool house, in such an unexpected location.

Photographer Kris Kang works in he wins. Check out Kang's Tumblr here.

Ok, I'm so happy to have shared all that with you. Some cool stuff, no? Hopefully my endless hours of scouring Flickr will continue to produce such interesting content and I can help shine a (little) light on people's work! Visit my Tumblr for more photo finds and check out my own Flickr here!

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