Join Low Vintage and I for a fashion spectacular next Friday night, Get Low, co-hosted by drag queens Florence Marie and Helen Killer (seen here working it at UVa's drag bingo.) The runway portion will star a bevy of local babes (and dudebabes) wearing the hottest Spring/Summer fashions, not to mention select photographs from The Low Lookbook will be printed up real nice-like for your viewing pleasure. On top of all that there will be champagne and Shirley Temples, plus cheese and bread and dips AND hot DJ action from Three Witches and DJ Tyler Magill. It should be a lot of fun, so I hope to see all local readers out that night! (FYI: you can drop by anytime within the three hour window of the event.)

Low Vintage + Sean Santiago present Get Low
Friday, May 4th @ 6:30-9:30pm
105 5th St. SE
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 293-9082



I came across Undercover's Spring/Summer collection and totally fell in love, but there was a problem - the lookbook had so much grey, so little color! How would grown men know this was a collection meant for them? How would they see all the superfun layering potential? So I fixed it using my supreme Photoshop Elements skills. Now it'll coordinate nicely with all those Lisa Frank lunchboxes you've been pinning to your "fifth grade memories" board.

P.S. I know you're super-impressed by this wanton display of creativity, so feel free to be in touch if you need someone to illustrate your My Little Pony fanfiction. I've got an hourly rate.



I've been overwhelmed combing through Flickr for the next Fotobomb...there is SO MUCH incredible photography in the world. These portraits by the Toronto-based Mark Peckmezian are a favorite find, though, and I'm posting them until I can wrap my head around which five photographers' work I most want to share with you next. Visit Mark's site and Flickr for more!



Here I am working the pensive thing pretty hard, having obviously just descended from the back of my pony to struggle with further rejection from Zac Efron. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you weren’t interested in the computer rendering of what our baby would look like, Zac. Anyway…this outfit might be a little preemptive considering it’s not even May, but we all know this year’s been unexpectedly warm so hark, and listen to my wisdom.

The Uniqlo button-up is lightweight cotton that I washed and dried by crumpling it up into a little ball. It’s so fine that it holds the wrinkles and looks like linen. Or a crinkled-up-ass shirt you pulled out from the bottom of your dirty laundry. Debate! I roll up the sleeves and loosely tuck it in front for that “je ne sais quoi” effect. The scarf is a double-sided Dries Van Noten silk that I rarely wear because it’s so fancy, but the color! The detail! So good. And last, but not least: woven belts for summer. #revelation

P.S. I am aware that Madonna has nicer arms than I do.

photo Joel Codiamat

Layered to Perfection


When I saw Emma Campbell's Kenyan cabin in this month's World of Interiors (picture 2) I was overcome by the desire to share with you my passion for boho-luxe interiors. This post sort of/kind of flies in the face of everything I said about loving minimalism the other week, but detail, details...

Long story short, I love me a layered room. Paintings and patterns and textures and cultures clashing...c'est bon! I love it so much that the other day I had to take down some art in my apartment and now I've decided to leave all four pieces stacked up against the wall. Pile it on!

Images via The Captive Reader, Mark D. Sikes, Mrs. Blandings and The NYTimes. Also check me out on Pinterest for so much more!



T Magazine recently did a profile on new boutique Patron of the New and it sounds wooonderful. The article author declares it "feels far more Parisian than American" and notes that he was encouraged to try on a dress if he felt like it, which is always a good sign. He also demonstrates how to wear a jumpsuit (tying it off half mast in a nice nod to the nineties' flannel-round-the-waist look) and works sweats-for-day, an ensembular phenomenon first legitimized by Alexander Wang. There is one problem, though, with picture two: where the hell is this guy's chest carpet? It's pretty much universally acknowledged by everyone with taste and class that a deep-V requires some serious fur. Unless, of course, your Twitter or other social media handle includes the word "boi," which I guess we'll assume is the case for this heterosexual New York Times writer. #offthehook

photos by Noah Emrich



1) I tried on these boys' size 12 pants at Gap. Don't judge me! Does it help or hurt to say a 14 would've been a better fit? Regardless, what do we think of the color? Good green/bad green?
2) I went to Sephora...summer "beautine" post coming soon!
3) I picked up some decor 'zines for Sunday morning reading time - my favorite home was a Kenyan cabin featured in WoI.
4) Chelsea is back in town and we're already making great life choices together. Crop tops are so hot right now.
5) Is there anything better than waking up and remembering you purchased all the ingredients for a wonderful brunch at the farmer's market? Scrambled eggs with cheddar and chives plus some pan-fried potatoes...yum!

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One of my recurring problems with shopping primarily vintage and secondhand is adopting “trendier” styles that require a more modern silhouette. Menswear is generally less trend-oriented than womenswear, so there are fewer iconic (or rightfully forgotten) styles to come back into fashion over the years. The ones that could - bellbottoms? polyester leisure suits? - aren't going to push your style forward. That being said, I was really happy to find in my secondhand-holic wardrobe the elements to put my own spin on a recurring street style look I'd been loving. The pants are the only non-vintage item in this outfit; you can see them as part of a suit here. The shirt is vintage Ferrutti and it and the oversized canvas scarf are from Vintage Vixen. When wearing the scarf I'm always asked if I'm wearing a pant leg around my neck - I guess people really just aren't ready for cotton canvas scarves? The sunnies are my Gianfranco Ferre pair last seen here, and the hat is another brown cowboy hat I have. That's right, I have multiple brown cowboy hats - giddyup?

It is also worth noting that I seem to be working on a trademarkable new pose, as seen in picture 3 (first incarnation available here). But what should I call it? The Happy Fruit? Fruit Sensation? The Fruitsation? Only time will tell. All I know is that the bohemian vibe of this outfit prompted one of my friends to declare me "the third Olsen twin," hence the post title. I'm not complaining! Check out my real inspirations below:

Can't get enough of my favorite looks? Check out my Pinterest board L'homme for more (and image sources).

all original photos Joel Codiamat



I asked my friend Lucy to help me with a project I'm working on for Vintage Vixen (more to come on that later), but it took a conceptual turn and I found myself with a model surplus. Lucy was still game for playing dress up, though: here she is wearing a gorgeous silk blouse by French label Equipment and vintage Escada trousers with vintage accessories. The red with fuschia feels very current and a high waist + gold = never better. Consider this post a trend "how-to" piece, if you will! I shot Lucy last year as well and have included some snapshots of that action below...

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…isn't a two-story house with a white picket fence, but an urban loft. Big ol’ factory windows letting in oodles of natural light? Green plants dotting most flat surfaces? Original hardwood floors? Not to mention all the mid-century modern furniture you can shake a stick at, plus the odd French bistro chair (or four). It's got a Scandinavian color palette (white on neutral) and the wabi sabi elegance of a retreat in the Japanese mountains, but I'll take an address in Brooklyn or the West Village. I used to think perfection was a single-family country manse, but now can’t wait until the suburbs are reclaimed for parkland I can ride to on a high-speed train fueled by Rick Santorum’s tears. God bless!



Me and my Levi's! I believe this is what you call a, “Canadian tuxedo,” no? I’ve also heard it called a “Texas tuxedo,” which may be more accurate since Canadians wouldn’t count this as formalwear without a denim vest thrown in the mix. My 501’s are from a store called, of all things, Melrose, in Florence and the jean jacket is from Low. I'm really loving jean jackets this season, they're the perfect Spring outerwear, no? Find the right fit (and the right wash) and you're golden.

photos Joel Codiamat



Here's another angle on the polyamide Comme des Garçons SHIRT shirt I wore in the other week's outfit postAs you can see it is preposterously long - so preposterously long that I could totally traveling pants it with some lady readers out there. Just belt it!



I fell in love with the sculptural shape of this cup and had a set of four flown in from Japan – probably not the most eco-friendly purchase I’ve ever made, but a boon to the local economy (he tells himself). It takes tea drinking to a whole other level, and thanks to my indulgence they've now got sets of four in three other colors. If you don't drink tea, they'd be great for potting tiny plants or storing shorter makeup brushes!

Available at Oasis, (434) 244-9667

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