[Street Style] Beatrix Ost


These shots I honestly took quite awhile ago, back in Charlottesville. Beatrix Ost has a farm there and is a transcendental ray of fashion light in an otherwise prepped-out college town. I had heard of her as a prominent local artist, but didn't understand what an entity she is until seeing her at a play one night...and I sort of fell in love! She's inescapable and completely captivating, as I'm sure you can imagine. To get these pictures I waited for fifteen minutes outside of a toy store in which she was shopping with her grandkids. Not creepy. She's wearing a custom leather dress she had a friend create, but that hair! Those lips! Her lips are always this deep shade of crimson, perfectly applied. I'm beginning to think she had the color tattooed on...

Ost is a total inspiration to "let your true colors shine," not to mention something of a street style star. I highly suggest you visit her closet tour on StyleLikeU and any one of the umpteen posts about her on Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style: here she is in Central Park, this post provides a bit of history, and here is a video interview she did with Cohen.

spatial relations


I have this dream that apartamento will ask me to write one of the introspective essays that opens their magazine, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon and so I wrote this for *fruitpunch, maybe you've heard of it, possibly you're reading it right now (meta).

It's hard to pick a starting point for this post, a lifestyle post when my lifestyle has so drastically changed. You might think it should be easy, as I'm beginning a new life here in New York, but I find myself looking back on my former living situation (and its style) and feel in limbo. I am enjoying a borrowed space that cannot and won't be mine, though I've come to find much contentment here. Knowing that my enjoyment of this place has an expiration date hasn't diminished the pleasure of folding myself into that Eames lounger with a book of Wendell Berry essays, nor can I truthfully say that it has made me put any extra effort into savoring every minute that I can pretend this is all mine. Really I'm just ignoring the fact that this is another man's home; that outside the frames of these artfully cropped and filtered photos there is art that I don't understand, records I didn't collect and books I've never read. I am a transplant, continually adjusting and reorienting to my surroundings. This room is another man's canvas and I am lucky to feel at home here (noted: good taste is good taste).

I thought I had found my next step here, for about a day. The woman renting out the extra room in her Brooklyn two-bedroom was the definition of my definition of a cool roommate and I even liked her dog. I'd planned out the post introducing my new space and everything - her pug would've been in the photos and it would've been so cute you could just throw yourself off a rooftop garden. But, alas, it was not meant to be...but, really...I just want a clean white room where I can light a candle and sleep on a pile of my clothes, is that so much to ask for? I'll let you know if I find out...

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A collection inspired by Tender is the Night and the French Riviera? With cute hats and cute shoes and cute models being sAsSy? o_O; yes, pleeeease!

Marc Jacobs SS13 images via HypeBeast and Vogue UK

[shorts story] fresh to death


photos Fareine Benz // shirt Thomas Dean (previously seen on my tote bag here!) // shorts China // cuff 3.3 mall Sanlitun // shoes Ash Italia // jacket Ike's Underground (seen here)

This week I wanted to do something a bit unexpected, so I got to thinking about b-boy style and hip-hop influences. I found I had the perfect combination of items to do an outfit post for the final installment in my shorts storiez, in which I finally showcase that gigundo cross I blogged about here. I wouldn't wear this look everywhere, everyday, but I did wear it to Barnes & Noble. Sneakers/trainers what have you are rather de rigeur and pants seem to be getting looser and baggier (a lá Aaliyah?), so expect to see some new silhouettes on the blog (i.e., today, right now.) While Pharrell and André 3000 are two of my top fashion icons, the inspiration for this look is rooted in the outsized personalities of K-Pop. Korean rappers/singers G-Dragon and TOP embody a new kind of urban aesthetic that fuses American b-boy style with Japanese street style. Well, I don't know how "new" it is, per se, but I've been getting more familiar with it recently and am intrigued by their personas and, let's be real, wanna bang them (or should I say smang them?) like any good groupie. Some style examples, including GD and TOP, below...

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Today's post is inspired by the above photo, though it's a topic I've been ruminating on for quite some time and it feels topical now since menswear is showing and what not. When I shared this photo from Daniel Hurlin's collection, "Perfect Blue Tamara," on my Tumblr, someone reblogged it and felt the need to comment:

And I was all like, "homey don't play that game." Number one: Oh no, is he not trying to be hot for you? How dare he! Lord knows the only reason to get dressed is to impress your judgmental ass. The worldview that an outfit must be specially arranged to conform to someone's idea of what's "hot," infuriates me and is baddumbwrong. Number two: Just because YOU think this outfit is "weird pyjamas and a stupid jacket," doesn't mean it actually is. While I generally keep the tone of *fruitpunch apolitical (well, liberal a.k.a. sane) and lighthearted, lighthearted can still want to smack some sense into internet users whose blithe remarks are casually indicative of straight-privilege. Educate yourself! Hurlin's notes for the collection declare, "He deconstructs the patterns of classic menswear, manipulates cuts, compartmentalises bodies, isolating certain parts, or suddenly revealing others: a mosaic of faded colours which sometimes makes one think of Kazimir Malevich. Employing violent contrasts, Daniel Hurlin creates an attractive fiction where elegance conceals a trap which is as delicate as it is deadly." BAM #knowledgeispower

The commenter's attitude and the resulting pissed-off-edness it awakened within me brought to mind the gender-bending, convention-thwarting work of a designer whose work is always captivating, Walter Van Beirendonck. My apologies if any of the below images offend with their "not hotness":

Granted, there are plenty of other designers whose work continually challenges the status quo, I'm just rather keen on Van Beirendonck's styling (the colors! the hair!) I feel it's important to reference progressive menswear designers for their perspective on male sexuality, as popular attitudes toward dress and what is/isn't appropriate for a "gender" is a dialogue we conduct daily through our sartorial choices. This isn't to say that I personally am fighting the good fight for men wearing cropped-sleeve polka-dot sportcoats and embroidered satin drop-waist kimonos (I just made that up, that doesn't even make sense) - Lord knows I enjoy wearing pants and, increasingly, baseball caps. But when it comes to Fashion, a good menswear designer, to me, presents a collection that reflects (and distorts) cultural attitudes and encourages a dialogue about masculinity and I, a consumer, take note of that and keep it in the back of my mind while getting dressed. (Kept in my mind as of late: J.W. Anderson's latest collection.)

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One of my new hobbies is dropping into thrift stores and tearing through old bins of photos - it's sort of like Tumblr IRL. In these few post-collegiate years I've found myself drawn towards beautiful images wherever I find them, not necessarily sequestered in Vogue. Part of it is simply becoming more familiar with photography and the elements of a great picture...another factor is the excitement of finding stuff secondhand. As I've found myself drawn toward vintage and thrifted clothing, so too I've found myself hunting in a similar manner for the images I consume.

All of these are photos I found at one particularly plentiful thrift shop on my street. All of them were, I believe, taken with run-of-the mill disposable cameras and scanned by moi at a FedEx Office, on a scanner that was a bit crap and I think also dirty. Sorry about that. They're all portraits (with some pretty greenery thrown in the mix, so sue me) and quite a few of them have a Nan Goldin thing going on, with maybe some shades of Walter Pfeiffer. I don't really know how copyright works in this instance so I guess any one of the people who took these could sue me? I'll take my chances...

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This week's outfit is super casual (super cazh? caszh?), so I brought out my Blue Steel to really sell it. Except for trademark reasons I can't actually call it Blue Steel, so it's officially, "The Cerulean Hammer." Please to pay special attention to how awesome my rings look in picture two, because I spent a lot of time trying to figure out that particular configuration. Thx.

photos Fareine Benz // denim jacket (seen hereLow Vintage // sweatshirt Zara // teesh, shorts and plimsolls Urban Outfitters

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This editorial from Interview magazine is a nice example of the retro-futurism I mentioned loving at Balenciaga's pre-fall presentation (pretty sure the model is wearing Balenciaga in picture 2, but am too lazy to check the credits.) As much as I love the aesthetic, I think I have too much of a boho-gay-pirate thing I'm progressing towards to make it work for me. But you go for it, tall boys!

photos Craig McDean, styling Karl Templer via



Oh, hey, y'all! Guess who ran into a real live model in Williamsburg? This guy! (Thank God the "normals" are artfully blurred in the background - I don't even know how they got out of their cages.) I'm in love with this shot for a slew of reasons, the least of which is that it looks like she travels around with her own wind machine. She was really sensational to work with for five minutes in the street; professional models are professionals for a reason, apparently. Her outfit speaks to a lot of what I've been thinking about regarding my personal wardrobe since arriving in NYC. I've done a lot of window shopping because, wait for it - I love clothes - and have felt inspired to pare things down and dial back the effort until my look is pretty much a uniform. Part of it is economical - the city is expensive as crap and having a few pieces in the most basic hues that I can wear every other day and, let's be honest, just Febreze when they get stank, would be great. Black is also already the uniform of a lot of sexy cool people and I want to learn their secret handshake.

Also also, I got a little stir crazy this weekend (staying in to save money, sexy!) and gave the blog a facelift. Not that there was anything wrong with the incredible art by Jordan Owens, but when design majors go unemployed...plus, I finally got a dot com!

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The second installment of our Shorts Story series celebrates the style flavors of Europe. Yes, I just typed that sentence! Long story short, my pants are very tiny and I'm wearing driving moccasins. The shorts used to be a pair of pants, for the record, that I unceremoniously took scissors to, promptly destroyed and had to take to my (older, Korean) tailor to see if she could get the hems straight. "They are short enough," she says. I guess so, but everyone knows that Europeans invented both the Speedo and the nude beach and really, why am I even clothed right now? But srsly u guyz, I think there's something to be said for a crisp button-down, sleeves rolled, paired with tailored khaki shorts. You can see my stylespirations below. That guy on the left knows how to button a shirt - you don't. On the right, blogger Christoph Schaller is German and therefore fully committed to the Euro Trad sensibility. What do we think? How does my spin on European prep compare to last week's Americanized version?

original photos Fareine Benz // inspiration photos via Tumblr and Christoph Who // check me out on Pinterest for more! // shirt GANT for Jeffrey (previously seen here) // shorts IDK // shoes faux Tod's (seen here) // bag Steve Mono (seen here and here) // belt Uniqlo (seen here)



Loving this old photo of Natalie Wood and RJ Wagner...baby boy is killing it, no? A halfway unbuttoned shirt + major high-waisted action, #ftw

These illustrations by photographer and graphic artist Anthony Gerace are part of his Final Decline & Total Collapse series, which is supposed to impart, "a sense of melancholy and elegy, of nostalgia for eras that have passed, and the recognition of an era that is passing." Deepness. His portraits are also pretty incredible...check him out on Flickr here.

Amanda Peet's L.A. pad, as featured in this month's Vogue, is finally up online. With landscape design by Miranda Brooks captured as beautifully as ever by François Halard, you simply must check this out.

Oh, man, some summery foodie-ness to share...spiced black bean, grilled avocado and goat cheese tacos by Naturally Ella, Coffee Hazelnut ice cream from Top With Cinnamon and a summer salad of peaches, tomatoes and cherries with herbs via The Kitchy Kitchen. Someone make it all for me? There's a hug in this bargain for you!

Die Antwoord just released the video for their new single, Baby's On Fire (my favorite track off their 2011 album, Tension). It's a bit like a John Waters-cum-Quentin Tarantino John Hughes movie, or at least definitely a lot less creepy than their video for I Fink U Freeky.

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I told myself I was going to go museum hopping the other day, so naturally I ended up in Topshop. They have a really solid selection of incredibly adorable shirts, though I withheld from making any purchases because I think I’m finally coming to terms with wants vs. needs: I WANT to buy everything and NEED you to sit on me so I can’t reach my AmEx. Also, I'm really glad it looks like I'm in a spaceship in all of these photos, though I feel a particular need to address my outfit in picture three: you know what? I'm glad the only people who might try to hit on me in this getup are clowns and German tourists. And re: picture four...the face is on purpose - I'm totally in on the joke, you guys!

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This month I'm embarking on a special journey...a journey to that item of clothing at the heart of summer dressing: shorts. Shorts are tricky because, to be blunt, it's easy to look like crap wearing them. Weird pocket placement, strange and unnecessary seams around the ass/crotch, a plethora of lengths that can be really unflattering...shorts are tricky. Enter the first in my Shorts Story series: American Prep. This is different from Euro-inflected versions of preppiness because boat shoes. Also, see my horse bracelet, vintage kelly green Lacoste polo and whalebone necklace. I'm big into shorts-cuffing and highly recommend it for enhanced cuteness. To switch things up this week, you can see a modified version of the outfit below, topped off with a lightweight vintage sportcoat instead of a cardi.

This was fittingly shot at the gardens at the University of Virginia, speaking of which...I did some gardening yesterday! (BAM life update segue) While wearing something decidedly less preppy I volunteered at Annie Novak's Eagle Street Rooftop Farm here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I worked with a few other volunteers to plant rows of peppers - with my hands, y'all! I actually learned about planting stuff in the ground, which was awesome - and what's more awesome is that Annie described our work as "perfect"! So if anyone asks what I''m doing up here you can tell them I'm a gentleman farmer; I've got the Instagrams to prove it!

photos Joel Codiamat // hat Urban Outfitters // polo, sportcoat and bracelet Low Vintage // cardigan American Apparel // shorts H&M // belt Uniqlo // shoes Band of Outsiders for Sperry



So, I'm officially in New York City! To sum up the experience so far: carry things, walk, eat, subway, walk, carry things, eat. There is actually a pretty funny story with which I could regale you, about me trying to ride a bike the size of a horse, but I feel like it needs to be acted out. Instead, prettiness! It was unseasonably chilly (i.e. 65-ish) and grey here yesterday - perfect for shooting. I passed this girl and was thrown into a fit of indecision about whether or not to approach her. I literally walked in circles for like, three minutes, but decided I would regret it forever if I didn't try. I just love the weight of those boots with the sheer button-up and that tailored bag! Not to mention her earrings, perfect hair and bracelets. The aesthetic here and the way she achieved it is just so wonderfully translatable to a male wardrobe.

What do we think...should I make this a regular feature here in the city, or are you supersaturated with street style? I figure it couldn't hurt to share what inspires me...and hopefully you feel the same way. And now, it is gorgeous here, so I'm headed out!

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