I have this secret houseboat fantasy where I, well, live on a houseboat. There's not like, weird paddle sex involved or anything - because I know that's where your mind went next! My fantasy is about to kinda sorta come true as this week I will be moving into a gorgeous Fort Greene brownstone, and the only reason I can afford it is that my room is so small it may as well be carved out of the hull of a sailboat. But it's also complete with some built-ins and a lofted bed, so it's very futuristic Japanese pod hotel, which makes me basically sort of like a space pirate? IDK either, but there's more where this came from...

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daisy duking


photos Ariel Park // shorts Ksubi // t-shirt Calvin Klein // shoes Converse // bag + bracelet (seen here) Low Vintage // sunglasses (seen here) Ray-Ban

Today's post is maybe "anti-fashion," no? This is what I wear when I'm feeling really lazy! But it's a good base to let this sweet lil' bag shine. The real deal we need to talk about here are the shorts. I call them my daisy dukes simply because they're denim cut-offs, though internet research proves they should probably be revealing more ass cheek. Whatevs. "Daisy duking" is an ensembular phenomenon particularly prevalent in my new home of Brooklyn, where both sexes are pretty into it even though sometimes their thighs seem to be against it. How to get the look? Get out your scissors and destroy two pairs of pants, then get lucky - third time's the charm! You definitely need a pair of slim leg jeans, otherwise the silhouette is weirdly loose and baggy and brings to mind JNCO cargo shorts, barf. Cut-offs can be really great for resurrecting certain items from your 'drobe...I picked up these Ksubi denims back when they were still Tsubi, but rarely wore them for one reason or another. Now I'm in them literally almost every day. Literally. They're basically scratch and sniff at this point. Butterfly kisses!

P.S. Here's Poppy Delevigne wearing round sunglasses so BAM, #trendybish

playing with balls (a brief athletic history)


I know, I know, such a crass post title! What can I say, it's all about SEO, people! Also, I am a homosexual writing about sports, what did you expect? #olympicmadness #hott #bods #bonerjamz

So I'm feeling compelled to write up my personal sports history, in honor of the Olympics. It's a brief history, mind you, but it's there nonetheless. My childhood forays into the Man Realm of competitive sports began, for some unknown reason, with baseball. I vividly remember standing in line to bat, I suppose at some little league try out, snickering and talking isht about the other boys' failed attempts to hit the ball (years 7-9 were my 'bitchy queen' years, apparently.) When I got up to the plate, the ball hit me in the shoulder and I promptly started crying and ran off the field. I am still embarrassed to this day for my father, who was standing in the sidelines undoubtedly thinking, "Ok, so it's probably safe to read into that Barbie birthday wishlist now."

I tried my hand at gymnastics when I was a bit older, maybe twelve? I was really into Mortal Kombat at this time and wanted to be able to run up walls and do backhanded flips or some shit. I didn't publicly shame myself in this instance, I just quit. Probably a bad idea, considering gymnastics is a bit more gay-friendly (I'm assuming? definitely more my-stature friendly) than baseball. I was on the track & field team and the cross country team my freshman year of high school, but I sucked at both because when I run, my legs get really itchy. What? It's a legitimate issue. Needless to say, I wasn't much of a competitor to begin with and on top of that, the only thing I remember from any of the meets at which I must have at least been in attendance is that I'm pretty sure my balls fell out of my running shorts when I was sprinting. Where was the #winning hashtag when I needed it? (Oh, another vaguely athletics-related memory? Changing in the locker room - oh, man! Dear Doug Thrasher, I was so into you as a fourteen-year-old. Is anyone from my Cali HS reading this? #memories)

Oh, man, I almost forgot maybe the most shocking of all - when I moved to Virginia I was on my high school's JV lacrosse team! What!? I literally only ever got on the field during a game maybe twice. I recall being scared. Nowadays I'm about as athletic as you would guess a kid who collected Beanie Babies would grow up to be. I like to tell people I, "do tennis," but I think my niche fitness market is playing dress up and scrolling through Tumblr. I might be out of shape...

Enjoy the Olympics, those of you who'll be watching! I'm at work this evening, but here's a link to Eddie and Patsy carrying the Olympic torch for posterity's sake.

Awesome photo by Bruce Weber, father of any and all sports imagery I have any reason to remember.

Greenwich Tonsorial


I was feeling frustrated by my hair's directionless growth the other week and started asking around for salon recommendations. After friends chimed in with their suggestions I decided to ignore them all and try out a place I'd passed by in the West Village. It looked so cute! This is how all great life choices are made, people.

My decision turned out to be an instance of book-cover judgment done right. Moustache is indeed burly-chic in a Brooklyn way, but the barbers (yes, barbers not stylists) happen to be talented and meticulous. Rafael, who cut my hair, spent a great deal of time getting the fades and blends just right and used a razor to fine tune his work. There was even a hot towel involved, and all for the same price I paid in Virginia!

And the cut: I'd been contemplating a straight buzz, but ended up keeping the top a bit longer than the sides (the sides grow out faster). I'm no longer flipping it up at the front anymore, and I got rid of the grays (you can see them pretty well here and here) with at-home color that, for whatever reason, gave my hair a reddish undertone. Cool? So I guess this is my way of recommending Moustache, dear New York readers - unless you find somewhere even cuter, of course.

war rations


One of my biggest concerns in the coming months is getting my New York driver's license. My Virginia one expires sooner than I care to admit and I'm so not prepared for "real life" situations like this. Apparently the DMV is involved? Apparently I won't be able to vote if I'm not, "registered"? This all sounds rather Big Brother-y, if you ask me, and I'm writing in Hillary, anyway. My plan B, since the world insists on knowing that I'm a documented human being, is to carry around my passport. This would seem like a chore if I hadn't found such a chic (and surprisingly masculine) way to tote it around - a vintage war rations book. It's a discreet little leather envelope that's the absolute perfect size and if worst comes to worst (read: if Mitt Romney wins), I can flee the country at a moment's notice!

let's get loud


photos Kelly Kollar

Today's post is all about the neo-Hawaiian print, or the "post-Hawaiian" print. It's only Hawaiian in that I don't know what else to call a leaf motif on a shirt. The print was actually hand-done by my friend Patrick, who'd screenprinted the pattern (dubbed 'Eat Yer Greens') onto a cotton sateen a few years back and wasn't sure what to do with it. I saw it and thunk to myself, 'Hey, I love me a loud print' (see this post) and love showcasing the work of friends (see Thomas Dean's work here and here) so why not turn that bad boy into a...what the f*ck am I going to do with a neon-leaf print? I initially tossed out "anorak" and "cape thing," and if memory serves me it was Patrick's pragmatism that brought me around to "shirt." Which is perfect, because it really is just like a Hawaiian shirt on acid. I took the fabric to my other good buddy, Coogan (maker of this clutch and denim wunderkind), and worked with him on refining the cut and fit until the sucker looked like the best Opening Ceremony collaboration that never was.

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dear internet no. 22


It's been over a month since my last internet round-up >_<; Here, a few findings...
Waris Ahluwalia on Tales of Endearment is perfection and provides a nice cultural touchstone re: this week's men in skirts post.

Awesome foodie blogger Katie Davies of What Katie Ate recently took a trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong and her extensive photo diary makes me want to move back to Asia SO BAD. These photos of market shopping bring back le memories...also, I just started an internship in Chinatown and seeing the characters on signs 'round there makes me surprisingly nostalgic for the East.

Photographer Roberta Ridolfi's interiors shots are absolutely gorgeous. Here, a few photos from her work for Apartamento...

I am weirdly obsessed with skateboard imagery right now and think it may soon be affecting my steez...the obsession kicked off (pun intended) with Daria's orange board in the Céline campaign, which I had taped to my refrigerator while I had a refrigerator. (Images via Tumblr, Freak Snap and Turned Out)

The video for The XX's new single, Angels, is nothing. Literally. Or maybe it's soap bubbles? But the song is pretty!

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These are some men wearing outfits that I think bring something unique to the "style table," but I'd really like to draw attention to the first and last photos...

I came across the man in the first picture at MoMa, where he was rather majestically strolling through some of the exhibits in studded-heel platforms (yes, with a studded heel! I didn't catch him from the right angle, je suis désolé.) I love love love the contrast between his look and the outfit in the last photo - they are both in skirts, yes (or maybe khaki-man is in some sort of artistically-interpreted apron, could be) but they are so different! I think the first look is maybe what we would consider a "traditionally" female ensemble worn by a man, whereas the second is very sexless - his look just happens to involve a skirt (and white nails)(but also Tevas?) and it's not exactly something you could easily or immediately imagine on a woman.

I find both looks to be exceptionally fashionable and courageous and feel they represent the next wave in men's dressing, which brings me to the post title. It's a reference to one of Bill Cunningham's columns from last month in which he discusses the "frontiersmen" whose ensembles are at the forefront of menswear...turning the tides, bridging the gap between East and West, confronting expectations and saying 'non!' to conformity. The men who are making America a better place to dress!

What do we think of these outfits? Granted, it is still maybe a bit of a shock to see a man in a skirt, but this is not drag, it's not "cross-dressing." These are simply men...in skirts! We know how I feel about this (or if you don't, take a gander at Some Boys Like Me and/or Men Without Pants), but I always welcome feedback, particularly on this topic ^_^ ( <- face of encouragement!)

Special thank you to Julia at La Belle Oiselle for bringing this video and the Cunningham piece to my attention - I love to find bloggers on my wavelength!

summer layers: waisted


photos Kelly Kollar // t-shirt What Goes Around Comes Around (seen here) // hat thrifted (seen here) // flannel shirt vintage Polo (seen here) // shorts Assembly New York // shoes House of Holland x Superga

I am and always have been a goody two shoes. I'm the guy at the party like, "Is that a marijuana cigarette? Oh, no thank you." Not to say that I don't know how to have a good time! You can totally find me on the weekends at Le Bain...in the bathroom eating a sandwich on the toilet. (I kid!) But my first real taste of rock music came from my babysitter, who introduced me to No Doubt and Garbage when I was seventeen. (Joke! I was a tween.) I also vividly recall my mother busting in on me listening to Alanis Morrisette's You Oughta Know (in which Morrisette drops the "f-bomb") back when Jagged Little Pill first came out and I bought it on cassette tape so we could listen to it in the car which did not have a compact disc player

This is all to say that by no means can I claim the grungy vibe of this look and last week's to be inspired by live Nirvana recordings (b-sides), skateboard culture or whatever. It's mostly reminiscent of Larisa Oleynik circa The Secret World of Alex MackI like that the shirt-around-the-waist look is sort of akin to a skirt/kilt (or maybe it's a makeshift skort?) for those of us who haven't converted. And, of course, my new shoes are cuter than anyyyythingggg.



My friend Ariel's hair is, for lack of better phrasing, totally wicked awesome. You'll probably see him again on the blog soon because I'm obsesssssed with his style...he's basically the Korean male Erin Wasson. Stay tuned.



The Standard Grill | Thisfruitblogs.comThe Standard Grill | Thisfruitblogs.com

At The Standard Grill. Pain au chocolat and hot water with lemon. This place is chic as shi-yite ($_$) but don't be fooled by the Parisian vibe—portions are definitively American, a.k.a. go with a friend and plan to split it.

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Love love love love LOVE these looks. The layers, textures, colors, shapes...so much food for thought!
Click image for source.



Just a little taste of life in the big apple...mostly Brooklyn, though. This is the last from my batch of $1 disposable cameras, *tear* - check out the other roll of film here.



photos Kelly Kollar // jeans 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas // teesh Your Neighbors // sweater J.Crew (seen here) // shoes vintage Bass (seen here) // sunglasses Ray-Ban

Today's outfit is my first from New York! Here I am on a rooftop in Harlem, doing my thing...you know how I roll. This post and next week's are about transitional summer dressing, i.e. I know it's 100 degrees outside, but AC kills me! Having a cardi on hand is just like, so necessary. Last week I blogged about being in love with my new platform House of Holland Supergas and the trend continues here, as you can see I'm all up on my my vintage Bass Vibrams. What can I say, except shorties got big dreams, too! I've been thinking about heavily distressed wide-legged denim ever since seeing the first pic included in my inspiration board below (after the jump), like, five months ago. Now, I feel like I've seen the look everywhere, from Vogue's Social Shopper to Stop It Right Now. They're a great summer staple because they provide mondo ventilation. Buy them a few sizes up and wear 'em loose and cuffed.

The only shiny new thing in this post is my pair o' sunnies, some super-hot blue-tinted Ray-Bans I bought (at more than 50% off!) instead of eating. They've not been the world's biggest success (They got poo-pooed at work, garnering comparisons to Will Smith circa The Fresh Prince and The Beatles - but those are both good references, people!), but I am totally in love with their shape. Big ups to mi amiga Kelly Kollar for snapping these photos and offering up the unsolicited yet valuable fashion advice, "Are those jeans really a trend right now?" and, "I can't tell if your hair is supposed to look like that." Check out my inspiration board below...

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