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Blue because he's wearing blue and ivy because he's preppy! A good last-days-of-summer look, no?



Some new photo favorites, starting with: boys by Fanny Latour Lambert. Also love this series she did with her brother.

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Sometimes it takes awhile to realize certain truths about yourself. Not significant or particularly deep truths, just habits and patterns. For me, I've recently realized that I am big on routines. This might have slipped my attention - or maybe it wouldn't be a pattern to notice - if I weren't so nomadic. I've moved every year since leaving college and in each new home I am quick to establish my New Normal, and normal always involves a café within walking distance. Living abroad, the café was an expatriate hub, last year it was a place to blog since I didn't have the internet at home (!) and my brain just can't focus without a barista in sight.

This is all to say that I am currently settling in in Fort Greene and have found my New Normal in Bittersweet café, where you can find me many a free morning huddled over my laptop, or run into me Saturday before I hit the farmer's market. The coffee (La Colombe) is as good as the music (Erasure, James Blake) and though it's kinda sorta too small for me to sit around at their bar for as long as I generally do, they never yell at me.

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Chambray Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans


So I'm wearing two remarkably similar outfits here, but on purpose! I'm basically an ambidextrous dresser, aka an ambidresser. What? Let's roll with it. I'm ambidressing here (using the left and right sides of my style personality!) to wow you with the versatility of my diminutive wardrobe, which was recently augmented with this chambray shirt (only my third, FYI) I picked up at American Apparel's new outlet on Lafayette at a lil' pre-opening soirée. I paired the shirt with my "boyfriend jeans," so named because they engulf me, not because I stole them from some dude I made #bonerjamz with, or, for that matter, an actual boyfriend.

But taking a step back, what you probably noticed first is my "Cholo" (lots of quotation marks today, I don't know what's real aNyMOre!) styling twist, the one top button done and everything else left open. I love doing this right now and will continue loving it until I get shot at. To take the look from street to chic—see what I did there?—I put my glasses on (because if movies have taught me anything, it's that glasses make you smarter and also more sexless) (sidenote: oh, that's my problem!) and also my thrifted Prada shoes. I just love the duotoned denim thing, you know? Plus, these are my summer jeans, so I have to create as many looks for them as possible before cold breezes start a'blowing up into my junk zone.

And on another note, the bag! Look at the tote bag. It's so cute you could literally start choking on the wine I'm drinking right now, right? It's oil-coated denim with cork trim/seam detailing, brass hardware and leather handles made from some hide that's particularly thick so you can cut it really thin AND it's locally made here in Brooklyn by Ryan Greer of Flux Productions. It's super lightweight and already starting to age beautifully and I wet myself every time I touch it (awkward!)

I've got some #deepthoughts to share regarding transitional dressing, shopping, not shopping and MORE to come soon, so stay tuned as we head into A/W. And also, check out Greer's Industry of One profile here for more on Flux Productions and a peek into his studio!

Photos Izzy Tuason // shirt American Apparel // beanie H&M (seen here) // belt vintage // jeans 10 ft. Single (seen here) // bag Flux // shoes (top) vintage Kenneth Cole (seen here) // shoes (bottom) thrifted Prada



Ok, so I might have a disposable camera obsession...

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photos Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration

I came across the gorgeous home of Emma Persson Lagerberg (originally featured back in April by Swedish Elle Interiors) in the latest issue of the UK's Elle Decoration. I love it for more than just its monochromatic-but-wonderfully-textured bones. The attention to detail evident in the home's mish-mashed decor is so inspiring. Christmas lights strung from antlers, a disco ball in the living room, curiosités lining the window sill (the ceramic doll head, dinosaur figurine and miniature model skeleton really pop for me), not to mention the diverse selection of art. The home has a sense of humor and seems surprisingly warm and child-friendly. Speaking of: their kids are so cute! Nautical stripes? A bowler hAt? #dying



I've been sitting on this one for awhile and now realize - summer is almost over! I have to post the guy in tropical shorts, stat! Also, I'm like, totally obsessed with top knots right now. And that Thome Browne shirt with those bold sunnies? #winning



The other week I ran into French Vogue cover star Andre J. in the West Village and I totally freaked. Andre is, if you couldn't tell from the above photo collage, pretty sensational. I first saw him out and about when I was visiting the city a few years ago, but didn't have the confidence to approach him. This time around I was more forward, but felt rushed and forgot to adjust my camera settings. The pictures I took were far from perfect, so I decided that justice could only be done with the assistance of the iPhone app Decopic, and now my crap shots are a mirrored disco ball of glamspiration.

Andre was recently spotted collabo-ing with Carine Roitfeld again for her soon-to-debut CR Fashion Book and I'm hopeful it's as unexpected and cheeky as their last endeavor.



image credits: 1, 2, 3, 5 via Svpply; 4

So I'm trying something new today and introducing "Fruit Fancies," a feature that's supposed to make me want to shop less by allowing me to post about clothes more, but without wearing everything. This first installment is back to school themed for some reason, even though I'm not in school and can't count. Wait, what? I've been all about sweatshirts lately, and this spartan grey one from Acne is rilly cute (I would push the sleeves up). The khakis I've included simply because I don't own a pair of khakis and dream big of finding a slim-fitting, booty-sculpting pair. I've dressed these basics up with Common Projects derbies and added in a dash of crazy with this Christopher Shannon for Cambridge Satchel Co. backpack and a cat hat (worn backwardz). Making good on my skater inspo, a little bit.

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My favorite food, fashion and design finds from around the web...

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[Street Style] Sheer for Men


I ran into Jeffrey in Soho and was quick to snap away - I've been wanting to talk about sheer for men and don't run in to many IRL examples. I like that his shirt is buttoned all the way up and worn with the skort, which looks apron-ish, layered over leather leggings with meels for an elongating effect.

Jeffrey and the skirt-wearing guy I shot for this post are of a clan here in the city, I don't know what they'd be called...maybe the "post-gender neo-gothic fashionistos"? You can see Jeffrey over at Monsieur Jerome, wearing the sheer shirt with drop-crotch pants here (I think this is closest to how I could see myself doing sheer) and the leggings/meels combo with a shrunken jacket here. Shop the look below!



photos Ariel Park // all clothing Ale Et Ange // shoes Keds

I discovered the boutique Ale et Ange while out window shopping one day, as we penniless young gays are wont to do in the city. Their unassuming storefront is easily missed, save for the name hand-painted on the window, hovering amidst flowers. I popped in and was happy to discover that the shop houses a menswear and accessories line named for its co-creators, Eloise Ange Simonet and Osoré Ale Oyagha. From caps to culottes (no, not really culottes - I just like the alliteration - but pants!) the Ale et Ange label has all bases covered, often in bold prints. And did I mention it's all produced locally, here in NY's garment district? I pulled one of my favorite pieces, their porno print toile t-shirt, to shoot with these camo pants - maybe you saw my tweet, "thinking about camo for Fall"? Because I am, and here it is. The brand's caps are developing into its signature as they're incredibly stylish and versatile, plus they've been in Vogue - I'm seen here wearing the one model Kendra Spears wore in July's issue. Who wore it better? Debatable. (The brand was also recently featured in The New York Times.)

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Ari and I and two dSLR's spent some quality time gallivanting around Bushwick last week, takin' snaps and strikin' poses. Actually, there were no poses - just unbridled Fashion oozing out of Ari's effortlessly chic pores. We didn't get to shoot a bunch of outfits as the whole operation was a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, so to speak, but I think the elements of Ari's style shine through pretty beautifully.

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Oh my gawd, y'all! He's after my own heart! All those magazines and an abundance of natural light and white walls - literally, you need nothing else. The Frankfurt apartment of blogger and homosexualist Horst Meier, a total palette cleanser. Via Stil In Berlin, photos Mary Scherpe.



Another one to file under, "I've been thinking about this for awhile," and I'm suddenly feeling called to action by a post this week at The Man Repeller. Blogger Leandra Medine's To Buy or DIY entry raised a critical point about thinking in the digital age re: the collective consciousness forums of Pinterest and Tumblr. The contemporary lexicon is constantly being modified with new ways to describe the act of non-thinking: we "reblog" and "repin," "retweet" and "share." We've all been given the chance to act as "curators" and "editors" - or have we? The most salient point raised in Medine's post, for me, was this idea that we are the, "Entrepreneurial Generation" (forgive all the quotes in this piece.) My question is: are we really, or do we just say we are? And what would that really mean?

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cole mohr x urban outfitters

Is thinking that I need to be more effortlessly stylish too much effort? Oh, balls...also: I am obsessed with tattoos. Except I'm terrified of getting tattooed. Is henna still a thing? Oh, man, what is Brooklyn doing to me o_O? Cole Mohr for Urban Outfitters x Champion, via.



Summer is winding down, can you believe it? This is the month all of Europe hits the snooze alarm and people start to actually go back to school, holy crap. To savor the flavor while it lasts, here's a brief look into some of what I've done this summer...

clockwise, from top left: I made new business cards! And I'm passing them out like crazy. Like how the font on the card is the font of the blog header? #designminded // I went to Riis beach for a shoot recently, more on that later! These bushes were pretty and the ocean was spectacular! // Great storefront signage on Rivington

Picasso-viewers at feels like I took this forever ago! I love MoMa, holla Target Fridays // These are some African-print shorts I picked up from a street vendor whose nephew ships them over here from Nigeria. Or Senegal. Or, you know, like...somewhere in continental Africa // Boats on the water in Central Park // Kelly looking Virgin Suicides-y in the Park

Cherry tomatoes I cut up to make the salad featured here // A new read for the season...I'm telling you, plants are my new obsession! // Spinach and a Gorgonzola-Blue Cheese hybrid I picked up at Eastern District to make this dish, so good.

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Ari and I spent a coupla hours stomping around Bushwick this past weekend. Post to come next the date!

birthday cake


And it's not even my birthday! But it is my blog's (belated) one-year anniversary and to celebrate I delved into my archive of great life choices and turned this photo into the cover art for my imaginary debut single. It'll probably be called something like, "Damn, Boy," or I'll collabo with Frank Ocean on a song called, "Ocean of Ass," or "Ass in my Ocean." Whatever tests better.

I have so much I could say about blogging and whatnot that it's a bit overwhelming. Suffice it to say that I think I'm, "finding my voice" and working towards creating and finding the best content to share with all my *fruits. It's taken me a long while to create a webspace where I feel I can channel all my creative energies, and I hope to take that further this next year. I appreciate your readership, as ever! Feel free to let me know what you're loving in the comments and get at me on the social medias.

Stay *fruity, y'all!

carried away


photos Izzy Tuason // shirt Steven Alan // pants Acne // shoes vintage Ferragamo (seen here) // bracelets Urban Outfitters

The post title is totally, definitely, yes indeedy the tagline to the Sex And The City movie, because despite the fact that Girls is the cultural touchstone du jour, I'm still a Charlotte at heart. A Charlotte-Miranda hybrid. With a dash of Carrie, but maybe like, later seasons Carrie? Long story short, aren't these brownstones around my neighborhood so pretty? And don't I look so ready for Korean Mr. Big to sweep me off my feet in a black town car that preferably runs on peanut oil? Because that's how I feel.

These bitchin' black pants I picked up for an interview from Acne's new Greene Street shop (sidenote: they're ladypants and can someone explain to me why pockets in women's pants are SO SMALL? Women have hands too, last time I checked!) The Steven Alan shirt I scooped at a sample sale - I love it with the sleeves rolled all the way up - and the bright turquoise bracelets add a nice "tribal candy jewelry" vibe. My Filson briefcase has been a huge compliment-magnet, even though I figured New York would be fairly supersaturated with Filson briefcases, and paired with my vintage Ferragamo loafers it makes this a fairly nice casual Friday look, no? A bit more polished than a lot of my outfits of late!

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dear internet no. 23


Ohmigod, you guys...this week I discovered Hawai'ian style blogger Tevis Swain and I am OBSESSED. I know a lot of people say that facetiously, so let me clarify for you my exact level of crazy...I: 1) scrolled through his entire blog [it's only like, five or six pages, natch] 2) fanned him on Lookbook 3) Followed him on Tumblr and 4) sent him overexcited fanmail.
Long story short, the internet is TERRIFYING, and I am why.

One of the best and worst things about living in NYC is all the window shopping you can do, but even better is going back online and finding those gorgeous products you saw in a shop and wank- er, blogging about them. Wait, what? These Common Projects derbies are 2-die-4.

Look at this pattern I found on Pinterest! This squiggly ikat is "exuberant chic." I love it most on the bath curtain - it makes the tassel trim fun instead of stuffy. You can find the source images from my decorating board here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Chickpea + cherry tomato salad. I made this! It was super easy and delicious, right up my alley. You can find the whole list of "main-course" salads over at Martha Stewart, but I also recommend checking out this version, because it sounds, dare I say it? Even better than Martha's. (image via Diana Dishes)

And from Martha Stewart to a track called, "Phone Sex," by an artist named Blood Diamonds. All in a day's work. Featuring Grimes' vocals, it's basically a perfect pop tune...the only thing perfecter is that slammin' cover art.

Enjoy Fri/Sat/Sun and stalk me if you're feeling frisky @thisfruitsnaps on Instagram!

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