Ok, I couldn't resist the title, so sue me. It is a very futuristic look, no? I love the cropped double-breasted jacket with the long, slightly sheer shirt. His look is like a cross between this lady and this dude - and those boots are awesome. Shot on the Upper East Side, in case you were wondering...



I discovered Canadian photographer Laurence Philomène's work through Tumblr, where one of a series she'd done for the blog Girl Guts popped up on my dashboard. I love her aesthetic - maybe because she is a woman she crosses gender boundaries in a very non-sensational way. Her images are pretty, sophisticated and charming. They also remind me of being a five-year-old little boy dressed up in his mother's old slips, and - more weirdly - making a skirt out of toilet paper this one time?

See lots more of Philomène's work on her blog, her Tumblr and her Flickr - then like her on Facebook!



photos Pete Oliviëra // glasses Warby Parker (seen here and here) // shirt custom-made // tie Zara // pants American Apparel (seen here) // shoes What Goes Around Comes Around

I know the trend right now is print-on-pattern-on-print, but you know what? I'm poor, and when I needed to invest in some suiting separates this summer, I invested in basic (and versatile) black. Well, actually, the only thing I bought over the summer was the tie - I left all of mine in Virginia, forgetting I would need them for interviews. The problem with so much simplicity is what to do with the look outside of a corporate setting to make it personal. Instead of switching up the black tie for a pink one and the black sportcoat for a lime green one, I budget-mindedly opted to change up only one item: the white shirt for the neon, psychedelic-print one. I figure, if there were ever a shirt to make black anything but basic, it's this bad boy. (Readers will recognize it from this post as the shirt I had custom-made from artist Patrick Costello's 'Eat Yer Greens' fabric over the summer - this nana is exclusive, baby!) I "grounded the look" with these goooorgeous deadstock vintage brogues from the new What Goes Around Comes Around boutique at Astor Place - where I happen to work! Drop by and see me! These shoes pretty much literally cripple me when I walk, but they are SO CUTE. I feel like the color and contrast seam detail on the sole is very contemporary - I could see these from Mark McNairy. Like this look? Check out last year's autumnal take on personalizing suiting separates here!

P.S. I love to tuck my ties into my waistband!

P.P.S. Yes, I advocate going beltless when keeping it casual.

View my inspiration for this look, after the jump!



I am twenty-five years old today and I honestly don't know how to feel about it. My mom tells me I'm basically still in her womb and have nothing to worry about - time is on my side! - but all I can think about is (cry with me here) where I feel like I should be according to Sex and the City. I'm pretty sure this a legitimate disorder that Lena Dunham's Girls seeks to rectify, but for me, it's too little too late. I can't help but recall that scene from Carrie's thirty-fifth birthday party where she's sitting alone at her dinner table, waiting for her friends to arrive, and the woman behind her is having a party too - celebrating the big 2-5.

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Akio Hasegawa x Seishi Shirakawa


You guys, I'm totally in love with pajama dressing right now and have been all about silk separates since the SS12 D&G show. Finding the right pieces of the ultimate in evening wear to bring into the light of day is hard, though. Aside from the vintage ladyrobe I had cut into a sweaterjacket last year (seen here), pajama dressing has been too tricky for its own good - I can't just put on a Snuggie and call it a day! Smart layering must be involved, and the right accessories. Cue this editorial from Hypebeast's inaugural print edition, titled simply, Nonchalant. Dream team stylist Akio Hasegawa and photographer Seishi Shirakawa's signature moody, seemingly candid images create a compelling story.

The duo's work, seen internationally in Japanese magazines such as Popeye and stateside in Monocle, regularly features a partially obscured or in motion subject, subtly (but definitely) exuding louche sophistication with a hint of mystery. Their hero is equal parts everyman and gentleman - always polished, never prissy. It's also really hard to find examples of their work online, since they don't contribute to too many glossies. If you're in NYC, I suggest popping into Kinokuniya and checking it out in print for yourself! All images Seishi Shirakawa for Hypebeast.



Last Monday's post alluded to some troubles "on the homefront," and I am indeed on the move again come October. It wasn't a planned exodus, but, who knew? Roommate troubles in New York? Well, I never...

While one of my favorite things to share last year was my apartment, it looks like the coming months will see me untethered - not homeless, just month-to-month. Possibly my post about settling down was a bit premature? That's where the work of Eefje de Coninck comes in. Her photographs are about what isn't there as much as what is...and remind me to appreciate the charm of a few potted plants, personal photos taped to a wall and a mattress on the ground. I'll keep inspiring interiors and maybe a few more moodboards coming your way and try to relish being a nomad while the lifestyle still suits me...

photos Eefje de Coninck; click for source



Ooh, fun with graphics! I'm trying something a little new, so there may still be some changes to this feature in future editions...we'll see. Check out some of my favorite web finds, after the jump!

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This is one of my favorite looks from the past week, courtesy of Assembly. The hair! The high waist! The sleeves, the collar, the voluminous pants! So good. Even better over illustrator Santiago Salvador's work. Check the blog a lil' later for more of my favorite looks from this round of shows...and check out my other illustration/fashion mash-ups here and here, while you're at it!

runway image via Fucking Young, illustration via Flickr



New York Fashion Week ends today, but don't feel left out, dear readers - yours truly took his day off to visit Lincoln Center and survey the throngs, a veritable Cirque du Prêt-à-Porter. It was kind of like a memo had gone out reading, "Let's take pictures of each other until we're famous!" But for some weird reason I wasn't invited to any of the shows? So I stood around in my vintage ladyjean bell bottoms (no one took my picture, FYI), snapping away at guys who inspired me. First, Karl of Guerreisms. I loved his look - he makes suiting so much fun! The details are just genius and also totes adorbs (green miniature flower pin #FTW)

Check out five more stylish dudes, after the jump!



I went to the Brooklyn museum with my friend Matt (wait, his name isn't a link? He's got no blog or Twitter? Not even a secret Tumblr? OH MYGOD WAS I THERE ALONE??!!) and loved up on all that art. The Rodin sculptures in the lobby were an immediate highlight and I also loved the Nick Cave flower cage thing in picture 2 and the prayer rugs cut out for skateboard decks (picture 4). There also had a kewl staircase (picture 3).

Chelsea came to visit! We hung out and tried this vegan Japanese place (ohmigod so hot right now.) Also, I went window shopping at Barneys, where I found this Albertus Swanepoel hat that I want more than all the things combined. Except for also I want this Shipley & Halmos furry red jacket thing that's not really my style, but I just feel like maybe it could be, you know? And then here's a lil' snap of another awesome bag from Flux Productions - cute backpack #FTW

And this is some food I made. As you can see, there were a lot of tomatoes involved in my diet this summer...scrambled, bruschetta-ed and insalata-ed. Also, I made this French potato salad and it was dookie. Such a shame, because the fingerling potatoes were so cute!

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Yeah...I'd tap that. Balenciaga calls this a "large clip," but I call this style "la pochette," which Google tells me is French for "hand clutch." My sex fantasy where Drake calls me up and tells me that I'm right, all of his songs are about me and hey, do I want to hit up Santorini on his (solar-powered) yacht? has been replaced by one where I walk into Barneys and can afford this baby and then hop around the city holding it up over my face to hide from the paparazzi who obviously want to snap me because Drake is regardless still into me and the news is all over Page Six. So, yeah...I really like this bag.

Check out s'more of my current favorites here!



Today's post is maybe an outfit "sneak preview." I worked with the wonderful Izzy to get some outfit shots done and now I've changed my mind about how I want to do the post! Life is very transition-y right now (new job, apartment hunting - again) (more on that later!) and it's a bit tricky to style it up into a succession of pretty posts. Trying to schedule a photo shoot (or two, or three) on my days off...it's not in the cards right now! Don't worry - I'm not saying the outfit posts are by any means stopping, they're just slowing down a bit...hopefully not to a trickle, but a bit. As ever, your feedback (through FB, Twitter, whatever!) is encouraged and appreciated. And if you happen to be an NYC-based photographer with a really flexible schedule and some spare time on the weekends, be in touch!

P.S. Oh, but I did pick up this super sweet bull sweatshirt from the Brooklyn Flea (I haggled for it!) It's navy (my safety-blanket color) and the bull references my sort-of Spanish heritage while also confusing people into thinking I'm maybe a Taurus.



Two retro-chic shots to get you in the mood for fall...because the things I'm most looking forward to having back in wardrobe rotation (since daisy duking is now off-season) are my fedoras and my vintage manbags...not to mention my blazers and high-waisted trousers (see: Good Old Fashioned.)

Click each image for the full photo set. Need more inspiration? The looks from Iroquois I blogged about here are also old-school trad-inflected, but fashion-forward!



I was feeling inspired by the fashion + food pairings of wunderblogger Diana Moss and undertook my own pairings post. This being *fruitpunch, it only makes sense, no? I mean, half the people I talk to about my blog are initially like, 'wait, so you blog about fruit punch?' anyway. These pairs are coming at you with a menswear slant, #obvi, and I decided to stick with pears this first time around seeing as I've been eating a lot of apples lately and pears are basically just fancy apples. Plus, I've been pinning the sh*t out of them recently. And how delicious do they look? Scroll down for the image credits, which will lead you to some of my new favorite foodie blogs - and don't forget to stop by my Pinboards, where all this genius originated. Oh! and also, be sure to check back later as this is just the start of my A/W12 inspiration-boarding...

image credits: 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8



As I mentioned last week, I had the opportunity to intern for Document Journal, a new magazine launching this week, over the summer. My name is in the credits, y'all! Finally an official Fashion Intern...at twenty-four. #winning

The above story, shot by Collier Schorr, is one of my favorites from the magazine. Androgyny? Leather? A blue dye job and a rolled-sleeve haute-Harley Davidson teesh? Yes, please. The magazine is out September 6th and/or you can view the full issue preview on Models.com.

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