It's a trad, trad world on *fruitpunch this week...and the fun continues with this awesome edit from Japanese fashion/art/culture 'zine, HUgE, featuring Prada's A/W '12 collection styled with a tongue-in-cheek dandy twist by Toshio Takeda, photographed by Tisch. Images via.



sportcoat CDG x Brooks Brothers at Park & Bond // shirt Band of Outsiders at Park & Bond // bowtie Natural Born Elegance // pants Scotch & Soda // hat Rag & Bone at Barneys New York // scarf Nigel Cabourn at Barneys New York // boots Red Wing

Annnnd here's a bowtie-tastic outfit for ya! It's a plenty butch ensemble featuring that menswear staple, with a nod to my own bowtie-centric look. A very vintage vibe with the focus on textures and subtle patterns...maybe roll the sleeves up on the checked sportcoat so you look ready for a round of fisticuffs outside a bar called, "Saloon Times"?


photos Pete Oliviëra // bowtie Natural Born Elegance // shirt vintage Brooks Brothers at What Goes Around Comes Around Astor Place // jacket vintage // hat vintage from 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas // scarf from Forence (seen here)

I don't think of myself as a menswear blogger so much as a style blogger, the primary difference being that I wear far fewer sportcoats. However, there are days when a trad look suits my mood and it's on those days that I really obsess over my look's details - a trad look is all about the details. Having spent all of last year in an interior design studio, I'm sure you can imagine one detail that really gets me going is fabric. I'm a very tactile person and a good textile is always a pleasure to find. That's why I was so happy to discover Natural Born Elegance, a new line designed by Julian Cerruti using fabrics from the Italian textile mill Lanificio Cerruti. Natural Born Elegance is an accessories company specializing in neckwear. Their ties and bowties are not only luxurious, but sooo cute! I'm seen here wearing a cashmere double-bow bowtie from the line - you can see a selection of the style here. They're just brilliant, aren't they? I love the way mine goes so seamlessly with my vintage Brooks Brothers shirt, vintage blue velvet blazer and cashmere scarf. Colors and textures and subtle patterns, oh my! Check out my interview with Julian Cerruti below, in which we discuss the inspiration behind the brand, how fashion is like food and plans for expanding the line.

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Some Eurodisco bliss for your Friday listening Sasha Kurmaz.



British jewelry designer Stephen Einhorn's work has graced the cover of Ponystep magazine and the pages of British Elle. He designed the jewelry for Florabotanica frontwoman Kristen Stewart's epic, Snow White & The Huntsman, and has had his pieces featured on HBO's True Blood. Needless to say, you can imagine my surprise and delight when the company was in touch to share their product with little ol' me.

The jewelry is produced entirely in workshops in London where, "everybody makes tea for everybody else" - from the designer to the apprentice. The company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and using recycled metals, such as the sterling silver from which my knife-edge medium bracelet is made. Speaking of which, look at how pretty this bracelet is! I'm in love with it. It's like Tiffany's for boys and fills a gap in my jewelry collection - or, really, just sort of lords over it with its ice-queen realness. You can check out some of my other favorite pieces including this bull ring and the beautifully detailed golden bones ring at Einhorn's online store.

Photos Pete Oliviëra. Shot at one of my favorite Brooklyn coffee/lunch spots, Dépanneur. See some of my other jewelry posts here and here.



For today's street style post I've decided to take advantage of the distinct differences in the above street style shots to talk about gender and sexual identity, especially the way one's gender is or is not expressed through sartorial choices. But, to switch things up, I decided that as all subjects are presumably of the female sex (though not necessarily gender), I would "pass the mic" to Nora of Genderqueer Fashionista (a fellow Virginia transplant!) for her perspective on the outfits in these photos and what they say about the person wearing them. Ed. note: I showed Nora the top and bottom photos in this set, then realized I had two other pictures that helped illustrate the topic. Her commentary refers to the top and bottom shots only, but points she makes are applicable to all four photos.

People who are non-binary gendered--that is anyone who identifies or presents their gender outside the boxes of male-assigned, man identified and female-assigned, woman-identified--blur the lines between bodies, presentation, and gendered expectations. And I think style is a big part of that. How we dress signals a lot about ourselves, and one of the most basic elements of that is gender. Person two seems to be signalling a non-binary identity with their clothing, where person one could much more easily be acknowledged as a woman.

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I was going to include photographer Line Klein in one of my link round-ups, but I love her food and interiors work so much I just had to dedicate an entire post to it. Her photos for the cookbook Verdens Bedste Kur have me particularly inspired - not necessarily to cook, but to style the crap out of my foodstagrams!



photos Pete Oliviëra // jacket (seen here and here) N/A // necklace vintage // shirt (seen here) Comme des Garçons SHIRT // pants vintage from 10 ft. Single // boots (seen here) Forfex at Opening Ceremony

Buffalo plaid is one of my favorite fall/winter fabrics. The graphic two-tone check is classic in red, but here in blue on a pair of women's pants from the eighties it has the punk appeal my 'drobe needs. I'd been on the hunt for a hammertime-esque pair of pants in a good plaid when I came across these babies at 10 ft. Single (285 N. 6th St., check it out.) They're really high-waisted, so I have to wear a longer shirt with them to balance the look, otherwise it's too easy to tell that the last person who owned them was sixty-five and named Miriam. The result is a spin on my "model off duty" outfit from a few weeks ago, with a bit more of a fashion-y edge. What's your favorite fabric for the colder months?



So, I'm switching things up a little bit this week and am sharing a larger collection of things I've found and enjoyed. Hope you like it.

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Domestic bliss. I'm loving my new neighborhood (and roommate sitch.) There's a gourmet grocer to the left, a supermarket to the right, two cafés right out front and a laundromat 'round the corner. C'est bon! The ingredients seen here are for my chickpea salad (blogged about here). My new take on the recipe - one that's a bit heartier and therefore more winter-friendly - is to eschew the cucumber and tomatoes and stick to parsley, lentils, chickpeas and red onion. Drizzle with lemon (it's a Mediterranean winter?) and olive oil, sprinkle with black pepper. Done and doner. Also, La Colombe is down the street from work and their logo is sooo cute and lastly, my roommate's cat - it doesn't actually hate me, I swear!

People and places. I'm going to make a concerted effort to shoot XXCLUSIVE street style snaps ONLY AS SEEN ON Instagram. There are tons of people out there who look cool and I can't always have my camera on me, plus I like to get more portrait-y stuff of anyone who looks interesting and not necessarily in a fashion-y way. Though the two people here, I like their style. Also, I put these architecture shots next to the street shots for maximum ART IMPACT, but also these buildings are such penises, no? Note: the one on the top right is the Trump tower. #justsayin

Plant digest. I love taking pictures of plants. They're just like, sooo pretty.

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Italians Do It Better


Today, a closer look at the boots featured in this week's outfit. I'd been thinking about vintage engineer boots, but couldn't find a pair that gave me the look I was going for—something a bit more streamlined than a combat boot, but still with a "come at me, brah" vibe. Then I found these sons of bitches from Italian brand Forfex (their splash page looks like a porn portal, but have no fear - it's just shoes inside!) It's like Alexander Wang, Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens had a threesome and it created the perfect shoe, a pop of fetishistic modernity in my vintage-centric wardrobe.



Do you see what I see? Doutzen Kroes making bolo ties happen in a big way in this month's Vogue Paris, proving I'm such a #trendybish I can't even deal. Emmanuelle Alt's styling is completely engrossing and at its twisted tomboy best - her references are so layered, but never costumey! And Kroes is bringing what can only be termed, "Luxe Gaucho swagger," beautifully captured by that most dynamic of photography duos, Inez and Vinoodh - of course! See the full editorial on The Fashion Spot.

Check out some of my other recent ladyspirations on Pinterest - here and here!

The Party + The Afterparty


Today I've recreated the outfit I wore to the opening party of What Goes Around Comes Around's Astor Place pop-up shop AND THEN taken it from soirée to street. BAM, #fashionwriting. For this outfit I really wanted to play with suiting proportions. I picked up the sportcoat from boutique-cum-homegoods-shop-cum-atelier DEAR:Rivington+ for half off over the summer. Owner Moon Rhee told me the cut was really successful in Japan, so I couldn't resist. The length makes it easy to dress up and dress down, plus it pairs perfectly with the one cool pair of black pants that I own. On the night of the party I was torn between a statement necklace and a bolo tie (I'm sure your husband can relate...) but found myself swayed by the understated sophistication of the bolo. I feel it should be noted, before I move on to the specs of Look No. 2, that I do not own an iron. Wrinkles #FTW.

To make the outfit more casual, I got rid of the shirt/tie combo and popped on a DEAR:Rivington+ embroidered short-sleeved sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are sooo hot this season, but I couldn't afford one of the many designer ones (Balenciaga/Kenzo, what have you) if I sold my liver on eBay. Or could I? This baby is my alternative. I love that it's so sporty...but has a giant doily on the front. The patent Stacy Adams brogues I replaced with my combination sex worker/combat boots (more on these later), et voilà! I can comfortably stalk the streets of lower Manhattan...

Soundtrack: The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party // photos Pete Olivëra



I wrote an entry for the Huffington Post's Gay Voices blog that was published last week - you may have seen me tweet about it? Called The Future Perfect: Planning for Parental Bliss (the title is a link! click click!), it details my pre-parenthood planning obsession. Wait, what? A sample, for the lazy:

"I like to imagine how I'll raise my family and I, like anyone who looks forward to having children, like to imagine how much better behaved my kids will be than all the rest, whose parents have obviously not taken to the Kosher organic sugarless gluten-free family miracle diet I saw on Pinterest."

The piece is written tongue firmly in cheek, but I hope the emotion behind the words isn't taken for granted. One of my biggest concerns as "gay parenthood" becomes an increasingly common term thrown about in mainstream American sociopolitical discourse is that popular attitudes towards it will be shaped by the oftentimes flippant mainstream media representations of same-sex parenting. Take, for instance, new Fox sitcom The New Normal. In the first ten minutes of the pilot episode the gay male couple around which the show revolves meets with a designer baby consultant who recommends, "VIP egg files"; one future father then asks for, "a skinny, blonde child who doesn't cry. Is this extra?" I'm not sure how the show has progressed, because I was honestly too overcome with the urge to take a crap all over the guy's face to keep watching. How many representations of gay male fathers are out there right now in primetime? On Fox? Not enough to let this exploitative b*s waddle into the popular imagination, that's how many. But, I digress...I want to make this a positive post!

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My favorite finds from around the, style and foodie goodness galore!

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An unexpectedly polished look for the Brooklyn Flea, no? I love the subtle twists on trad style here - the barely buttoned chambray revealing a chest tattoo (ok, that's pretty Brooklyn); the popped collar of the sleek, zipper-laden sportcoat with the Prada tote and platforms...even the little accents like the pocket square and the multi-knuckle ring - so spot on! A very dashing ensemble, if I do say so myself.

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Photographer Jennilee Marigomen shot Canadian artist Rodney Graham for the Dad's Style issue of Free & Easy magazine. His car is pretty awesome, but really it's all about the cacti...

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I was waiting for the women's collections to end before posting anything about them, but what do you know - one of my favorites was Suno, and they showed about a month ago! I'm obsessed with the sophisticated silhouettes of their sportswear-inflected separates (alliteration), not to mention their as-always delectable patterns and prints (that mobile phone dress! ah!) Runway images via Vogue.comfloral collage by Ben Giles, also available as an iPhone case!

Other fashion month favorites?
Dries Van Noten - cerebral chic
Balenciaga - forever and always
Dolce & Gabbana  - because it'll complement your Prada SS'11 collection pieces
Chalayan  - when Cèline isn't minimal enough
Creatures of the Wind - Kawakubo for Beginners (in a good way!)



images via 1, 23, 4, 56 (some links n/a, sorry!)

It's been so gray the past few days here in NYC...but I'm weirdly loving it? The weather has me dreaming of a Paris staycation. I'll lounge around inside all day on a mountain of faux fur pillows, flipping through back issues of French Vogue, eating entire boxes of cookies (maybe not so Parisian) and flopping onto my bed...occasionally getting up to water/admire my big leafy pet plant.

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