I've already declared my love for Ezra Miller as the male beauty icon right now, and Terry Richardson's latest round of portraits of the actor (as seen on Richardson's blog) does nothing to discourage my inner fangirl. I'm particularly drawn to these two shots for their seventies flair and the contrast between sunglasses/arms crossed/hot flash and sunnies off/arms down/natural light. As if Richardson was just like, "Hey man, what would Jim Morrison do?"

There will be some content diversity (or at least something other than men with long hair) next week, te promiso! Actually, come to think of it, I have one more editorial I fell in love with last week that might be shared...where my mind goes, the blog follows! Have a happy Friday, y'all!



For this edition of Fruit Fancies I decided to round up a few items I've been lately thinking of...a wishlist of sorts, not to be taken too literally - these are definitely wants and not needs (except for all of the books listed...books are always a need!) I know you're probably sick of these things, but making one this year was a guilty pleasure for me. If you're in the mood for something a bit more tongue-in-cheek, check out my spoof gift guide from last year, or head over to Kris Atomic for her illustrated take on the season's "it" items. If you've still got cash burning away in your pocket despite all of my sage money-spending suggestions, I recommend you visit the Giving Tuesday website (discovered via Anne's blog) where you can find a list of local and national charities that will gladly take your money (and many of them accept PayPal!) Photo via Très Bien Shop.

1) I have turned into one of those people who want a different pair of glasses to coordinate with different outfits. While my Warby Parker frames are great, I've been hankering for something a little more vintage-y and a little less chunky. These Armani frames caught my eye over on SmartBuyGlasses, a great online resource if you're looking for designer frames at a discount, particularly because of their Buy One, Give One program - for each pair purchased, a pair is donated to a local eye clinic in a developing community. 2) I love black tote bags, but somehow don't have one? I am still not over the one I blogged about here, but this Gucci number recently caught my eye... 3) Gloves are a seasonal essential, but essential doesn't have to mean pragmatic. These gloves by Dries Van Noten are sumptuous...and they were available on LN-CC, but now they've gone? Too good to be true, apparently! 4) These Givenchy sneakers are #bonerjamz. I'd been looking for a sophisticated high-top, which Givenchy seems to do well, but actually just purchased a pair of secondhand Y-3 basketball sneakers (is that a thing?) from Tokio 7 here in the city. Pics to come...

1) I want pretty much everything in this photo, from the charming Cast & Crew vintage shop on Etsy. The chairs, the cactus...the little rug couldn't hurt and animal skulls are so hot right now, am I right? 2) One of my quirkier gift ideas - decorative ceramics! Call me old-fashioned, but I love this art deco-inflected cup and saucer from Oscar de la Renta. 3) A vintage cruiser would be supercool for my BKLYN lifestyle. Public makes some nice ones. ph. Sean Marc Lee. 4) Acne Paper is such a gooorgeous publication, one of many I am lusting after right now (and always). Other printed matter that's on my mind include this book and this cookbook. 5) We know how much I love a good pillow (check out some of my custom designs here and here) and these Scalamandré-print pillows are just gorgeous, plus they coordinate with Margot Tenanbaum's wallpaper.

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I've been obsessed with my friend and co-worker Awnny's style since we first met and I was all like, "BlAh blAH bLah Fashion Blogger I can take you picture yes!?" He's also appeared in my Instagram feed and was kind enough to take my pictures this week and last, so I returned the favor and gave him the full *fruitpunch street style treatment. It's not enough though - never enough! Hopefully he'll do some modelly things for me in the near future - he has great features, no?



I absolutely looove these two glamour shots of Erik Andersson from an edit in 10 Men's autumn/winter issue, shot by Lachlan Bailey and styled by Tony Irvine. Tousled hair and staring longingly through a window? Perfection! Images via Steel Machines.

[Coat Tales] Winter Layering


Vintage wool shirt from the Brooklyn Flea // sportcoat A.P.C. (seen here) // sweater Ralph Lauren // chambray shirt American Apparel (seen here) // hat vintage from WGACA Astor Place // pants thrifted // shoes vintage Salvatore Ferragamo (seen here) // bag Filson from Steven Alan (seen here and here)

This week's post is all about layering, because it's winter and if you don't have on lots of layers you will die. #Science. The third installment in our Coat Tales series finds me moving on from butch and glamorous and taking trad for a spin with this vintage wool shirt. It's super thick and has some wonderful details like that natty back vent. The second incarnation of buffalo plaid we've seen on the blog this season (the first being these pants), it's about a size too big - perfect for layering over a sweater and sportcoat (and chambray shirt and tee). Plus, it's a great pop of color, no? I paired it with these thrifted Boy Scouts trousers I found the other week - a total steal at $7! (That's the second pair of Boy Scouts pants I've had lots of luck with...is this a good thing? Did I mention I'm twenty-five?) Also, can we talk about how they're stylish cargo pants? They might as well be made out of unicorn, people.

The hat is a vintage Greek fisherman's cap from What Goes Around Comes Around at Astor Place. These babies have been super popular for winter. The shape references a pageboy cap, a style recently featured on The Sartorialist so you know it's #hotrightnow. I feel like that last picture could be from the 1920's - I'm ready to toss my hat and celebrate our troops coming home, y'all! How do you layer in winter?

Playlist 001


I finally figured out how to make a playlist, y'all! You can listen to it on 8tracks here. Some songs strung together around the concept of wildness...songs to get you outside of yourself. It's something of a compilation for different levels of partying, from chilling out in an intimate setting to going buckwild on the dancefloor (that Azealia Banks track killls me.) Hope you enjoy it! Photo Mikel Marton.

01 Wild | Beach House
02 Paper Aeroplanes | Angus & Julia Stone
03 Swinging Party | Kindness
04 Spectrum | Florence + the Machine
05 Kill for Love | Chromatics
06 Control Freaq | Felix da Housecat
07 Mindkilla | Gang Gang Dance
08 Esta Noche | Azealia Banks



01 Some winter tabletop decor from the ever-amazing SousStyle
02 The photography of Henry Roy
03 Adorable! By rolling_acorn on Instagram
04 The Cosmic Wonder lookbooks are all this awesome
05 Food blog Trotski & Ash has tons of great recipes, plus an easy-to-use index! I made their hummus the other week...Happy Friday!



I know Instagram recently launched an online presence (check out my page here), so posting my favorite snaps on the blog seems a tad irrelevant. But...I still like it! And honestly, I haven't looked at anyone's Instagram page since they launched the site (except for Rihanna's?) so re-posting these here will continue until further notice. Above: I like vintage things! Including Vespas (not necessarily vintage), desks, tables and cars.

I really am doing the street style thing I mentioned last time! Doing it on a mobile device feels pretty organic, like it should have its own slogan/hashtag - Street style hits the streets! #style2go

Also, I love graffiti. Here are some favorite outdoor art installations as of late...

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Vintage faux fur coat and René Lezard trousers at What Goes Around Comes Around Astor Place // shoes thrifted Prada at Buffalo Exchange (seen here) // scarf vintage Fendi at Street Doing, Florence // t-shirt Your Neighbors at Urban Outfitters

I've been feeling inspired lately to try some new things with the blog. Aside from making it more "designy," I'm pushing myself to create editorial-ish shoots that reflect what trends in the fashion/beauty worlds I'm loving and how they're directly affecting my "steez." I think I've too often felt, for one reason or another, that I have to present my content here in a specific, very coded way - particularly the outfit posts. I've been thinking too much inside the box and am realizing that there are a million and one ways to share what's on my mind, how it got there and, most importantly, why I love clothes and why I feel the need to blog about them. I figure, if I'm going to lug a suitcase full of clothes all around New York City, then I'm going to put on a wig in front of a police station and pout...and pose! This week, I'm sharing my love for wigs, wool trousers and faux fur. You can check out the photos from this post on my Flickr if you want to Pin/Tumbl them!

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Just thought I'd share the beautiful work of photographer Bertil Nilsson. His portraits of male dancers are just incredible and bring to mind the words of the great Ben Franklin: "Men's asses are living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Well, maybe not a direct quote...happy Friday, y'all!



Holy granola! It's my first-ever shoppable* street style! (*Ok, so "shoppable" isn't a real word, but humor me.) I scoured the internet to find items similar to everything this guy's wearing and put it in a magical little widget because I love this guy's outfit so much. I feel like I could steal the whole thing, plus he's blazing hot and Latin, so he sort of is me, but in an alternaverse where I have superior beard-grooming skills, good hair and can't trace my lineage back to any elf kings. That sweater, the jeans, those tassel loafers? Marry me! Shot on the street in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.



Here we have the first in a month-long seasonal series about coats, cleverly dubbed: "coat tales." Bada bing! Last week it snowed here in NYC (#barf), but I kept warm in my new vintage Carhartt jacket in this incredible faded red. It's gorgeous AND functional because it's lined (my mother would be so proud.) Don't I look so butch? One of my co-workers said of the ensemble, "It's Deadliest Catch style." Oh, good. Want to see how cute my full frontal looked? Check out the Instagram here! Tuque from American Apparel, jeans Acne (seen here), vintage combat boots (seen here).



I was trolling around Bergdorfs recently when I came across Japanese line Visvim. The pieces were unlike most anything else in the store, with the playful proportions and quirky details I've come to expect from Japanese designers approaching Americana - Ralph Lauren through the looking glass. One of my favorite pieces was this beaded collar t-shirt - it seems the designer has a keen eye for understated embellishment. It's waaay out of my budget, but I love the line's (fantasy) layering potential, particularly when it comes to the accessories. Those necklaces! The little bags! Crushing so hard...shop Visvim online here and check out Sean O'Pry in Vogue Hommes International if you're all about Americana right now.



This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now...with minimal production from Blood Orange (he also worked on Solange's Losing You) and alternately plaintive/disenchanted vocals from slashie Ferreira (model/singer), Everything Is Embarrassing is a catchy pop memory of the eighties from a singer born in 1992. Photo Alessio Bolzoni.

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Lately I've been lusting after a few things for my bedroom. A full length mirror...a desk...storage. So far I have: a folding chair. And nineteen pairs of shoes. I wish I had a space to style up all glamorous and shoot for y'all, but in light of the fact that I don't, I'm sharing my mind bedroom. Medroom. Headroom? I've also included some elements that would be perfect for the adjoining home office, all wrapped up in my favorite accent color of the moment, mint green...graphic by moi, inspired by this Raveonettes album; ph. Fernando Tsuchiya.

image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



Lately I've been thinking a lot about original content. What is it? How do you create it? Why isn't there more of it? Debaters seem to get hung up on creation vs. curation vs. consumption. A blog can be everything and nothing; it can be sharply edited, wholly original and beautifully designed. Or it can be an unhinged pictorial f*ckfest, a.k.a. the Tumblr of any bored teen, inevitably publishing under the username "nuclearchanukah," or "crackponies" or something. Sometimes the photolog blogs are totally awesome repositories of otherwise easily missed gems (Stuff and Nonsense, Maryam Nassir Zadeh). They are wordless compendiums, purposefully detached from their creators and expressly for the purpose of curating links and images. Other times the blogs that really take off rely solely on sharing their favorite finds from around the web, slickly edited together (Honestly...WTF). A mix is oftentimes nice to find and a nice mix is what I strive for on this blog - hopefully that doesn't come as a surprise to my readers! Said mix is a big sticking point though, as "stolen inspiration" is digital piracy to some and simply sharing to others.

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The other week I went apple picking with some friends in upstate New York. As you may know, apple picking is an outdoor activity, which threw me for a loop. What man purse goes with outdoor activities? Then it dawned on me that an orchard would be a very appropriate place to debut my vintage WWII nurse's bag I picked up from 10 ft. Single. So compact, yet still rugged. Apple picking season is over now, but fret not, dear reader - I've thought up some other low-impact outdoor activities for which this style of man purse is appropriate:

1. Ice skating
2. Drinking a latte/hot chocolate on a park bench
3. Watching guys play basketball. Is there basketball in winter? Is there ice basketball? That sounds dangerous...

Now, I would love to tell you that I ran home from the orchard and whipped up a soup using my freshly picked apples, but #truthbomb: I brought home too many apples and didn't know how to use them all. They got gross and...I chucked 'em. My b! So, a week or two later I Pinterested this recipe for butternut squash and apple soup and grabbed the apples from the local market. It was delicious! It turned out muuuch better than the lentil and apple-brown butter soup I blogged about making here. That one could be kindly described as "mealy;" or I could be up front and say it looked like baby vomit. Happy adventures in cooking, y'all!

Portrait Kelly Kollar; ingredients image by Joseph De Leo, styled by Mariya Yufest



Y'all know how down I can get with a pair of bell bottoms (proof) and there are probably no words in the English language sexier than "Lanvin flares," except for maybe, "Daniel Craig's ass" (timely Bond reference! Also, no, seriously.) Not only is the leg to die for, but that waist! So perfect I'm throwing up all over myself. Of course, I couldn't afford these pants if I proffered myself outside of less reputable men's clubs (or could I?) so I'll be looking for that shape in some vintage man jeans, as I imagine finding it in secondhand ladypants would be part and parcel with some crotchal issues. There's some denim at work that just might do the trick...

It's always fun to see how these styles translate beyond editorial, so be sure to read my thoughts on the look as seen on the runway and on the floor at Barneys, after the jump.

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I decided to redo this feature this week, seeing as I had some extra time for designage. I like it this way...picking one image that really captures why I feel compelled to share these links in the first place! Now, here's what I found and loved online this time around:

1 & 2. A downtown L.A. loft as seen on Apartment Therapy and this home office featured on Design Sponge.
3. Some plantspiration from Jacinta Moore.
4. This recipe for pasta with butternut squash, sage and pine nuts.
5. Tradspiration via Mister Mort and Jinyong Kim. Looove these outfits - burgundy is the hot accent color right now...Wes Anderson is sweatin' these bitches! Also, Korean guyz.

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Hands down one of my favorite portrait shots I've ever taken. I don't endorse smoking, but I do endorse men with long hair and John Lennon sunnies. Keep checking my Flickr for more street style shots that don't make the blog, and remember to follow me on Instagram @thisfruitsnaps for an almost daily dose of street fashion action!

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