I'm officially declaring: winter ends this week. I don't want it anymore. I know it came late and intermittently at that (evidence: this post from the end of January), but I hate it. Always have and always will. Being cold is terrible! To send the season on its merry way, I've saved up five of my favorite menswear looks for a big fat wintry mix of street styles, starting with this guy. I love his coat (you can see the back of it here - I'd Instagrammed him a few weeks before I took this shot! #SmallWorld), but it was really the cotton scarf that caught my eye. I bought my first ever (!!!) cotton scarf this season on sale at J.Crew and I gotta say, while it ain't completely practical when the temperature really's just so cUtE! Will feature prominently in next week's outfit post, so be on the lookout.

Click through to check out four more stylish dudes!

Here we have Karl Guerre looking absolutely (and as always) amazing. It took me all of two seconds talking to the guy to realize that he's kind of a boss. When I asked how he puts a look like this together, he said he just buys what he likes and knows that if he stays true to his personal aesthetic, it will all go together. His outfit here is a mix of new and vintage pieces that are just perfect for some #NYFW shooting the day after a blizzard.

I came across this guy in Union Square and love that he's taken coat dressing to the next level. I mean, that's a pretty damn cool coat, not to mention the whole look is color-coordinated and his sneakers are studded. Not for everyone, but power to the few...

This guy's a fellow blogger I ran into in SoHo while out shooting. He took my picture and then I took his, but I never saw mine online anywhere so #fail.

Sorry for the outrageously harsh flash, but I ran into this fellow at dusk in winter, so...shit happens. Isn't his outfit monumental? I love the hat!

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