photos McArthur // shirt Uniqlo (seen here) // pants vintage (seen here) // sweater Calvin Klein // penny loafers vintage (seen here) // fedora vintage from 10 ft. Single (seen here) // folio vintage Louis Vuitton // bracelet Stephen Einhorn // belt Uniqlo (alternate colorway seen here)

Here's what I wore to the Manhattan Vintage Show this past weekend, an ensemble inspired by Annie Hall and what I imagine Jay Gatsby might have worn après-tennis. (Brooks Brothers is actually releasing a Gatsby-inspired collection, in case you have some unfulfilled blue blooded wardrobe fantasies.) And yes, in case you were wondering, I actually told people who commented on my look that I was channeling 'Annie Gatsby Hall' - I'm that much of a nerd.

The vintage show is such an incredible event and I was really happy to be there for pleasure instead of work this time around. I got the chance to catch up with some of my favorite vendors (one of whom has an amazing online shop you need to visit) and traipsed about with some blogger buddies. I picked up this adorable-as-balls vintage Vuitton folio and everyone bought kimonos and then we tweeted about it...mark your calendars for the next show! But IDK when it is, so Google it.

Click through to read about my inspirations for this look!

The silhouette is very much inspired by looks I've seen on women more often than men. That's what I like about it! It's a late 30's/early 40's style (I think...) characterized by pants worn high and tight at the waist and, in my case, cinched at the ankle. It sort of brings to mind this zoot suit, but in a subdued way. Clockwise from top left: Bianca of Avant Blargh (actually channeling John Cusack in the 80's, but whatevs), Aymeline Valande in W and Bae Jung Nam by The Sartorialist.

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