I don't usually post collections as they're happening—I'm admittedly not so trend oriented—but we all get why I'm posting this, right? I mean, we're alllll on the same page here, ya? I am flerping my shit for this. Obviously that first look—I mean, crop tops (bralettes, whatever) are so on my 'dar, ya know?—but that SECOND LOOK. Her jeans are baggy, ripped and PLEATED with a twisted seam. And that sweatshirt? And that belt? I want to go to the store RIGHT NOW and get everything, except obvs I would replace the strappy sandals with some Birks. Exept obvs also I am poor and that would never happen.

Also, I once ran into Hanne Gaby at a Whole Foods. And by "ran into" I mean, "saw from a distance and tried to figure out how I could secretly Instagram her without coming across like a total perv." I couldn't figure out how, so you'll have to take my word for it that this happened at all. Which of course you do, because #newssource. Images via

P.S. If you're looking for some more ladyspiration, I highly suggest checking out this edit.

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