Zara skort with leather leggings |

Or: How to cop that A$AP swagger through strategic layering (and a little bit of cross-dressing).

Zara skort with leather leggings |

Just kidding, it's a lot of "cross-dressing": everything I'm wearing here, aside from the unisex leather baseball cap, is women's clothing. The pleather-sleeved top is from Catalog in the East Village—it's imported from Korea and aside from those awesome sleeves, has a pretty big slit that runs up each side for enhanced #sexappeal. The label just says, "S/McCartney," bless.

The pleather leggings (last seen here and here) are my Urban Outfitters ones, though I did recently pick up a new pair (more on that later). Layered over top of them is that Zara skort, which apparently they also make in a pInSTriPe!? OMG I'm dying. (Also, trying to remember if I've ever shopped the "men's section" at Zara...?) Ugh p.s. skirts over leather leggings is so sick for fall, dudes. Brahz. Give it a go. Name your baby North West. Live life.

Zara skort with leather leggings | Thisfruitblogs.comZara skort with leather leggings |

The dual bangles are from Koichi at the Brooklyn Flea and the buckle-y fetish sneaks are ASH Italia. While I've heard this skort referred to as, "the one bloggers wear," the only other boy blogger I've seen in it is Martan, who wore it sans leggings of any kind. I really like it as a layering piece, but you can't slide it over just anything since it's basically a pair of shorts. Layering it over pants—trying to get the look of these Thamanyah pants I pinned from LN-CC last season—warranted waiter comparisons :/ Check out my inspiration board, after the jump!

The location and outfit were heavily inspired by pretty much any resort/pre-fall lookbook Givenchy has done in the last two years. // The leather snapback is so trendy right now I could literally die, but this shot of Karlie made me wanna give it a go, what can I say? // As soon as I saw these cuffs at Juun.J I knew I had to Get The Look! While mine aren't quite such a statement, they're still pretty on point. Original photos McArthur Joseph.

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