Because I've got analog daydreams, baby...It has been a crazy long time since I've developed one of my little disposable gems, so without further ado...this is Chelsea taking her sweater off (woof!) and me trying to find a date. Where has all the boys gone?

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I picked up the March issue of Vogue Paris yesterday and I am beyooonnd obsessed with this editorial. It is the best thing ever. Ever. EVER. Karlie Kloss is bringing some Comme des Garçons x Peter Pan realness right here. Karlie Kloss by Lachlan Bailey, styled by Géraldine Saglio.


I'm officially declaring: winter ends this week. I don't want it anymore. I know it came late and intermittently at that (evidence: this post from the end of January), but I hate it. Always have and always will. Being cold is terrible! To send the season on its merry way, I've saved up five of my favorite menswear looks for a big fat wintry mix of street styles, starting with this guy. I love his coat (you can see the back of it here - I'd Instagrammed him a few weeks before I took this shot! #SmallWorld), but it was really the cotton scarf that caught my eye. I bought my first ever (!!!) cotton scarf this season on sale at J.Crew and I gotta say, while it ain't completely practical when the temperature really drops...it's just so cUtE! Will feature prominently in next week's outfit post, so be on the lookout.

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Love, Lost Weekend & What I Wore


The other week, I stopped into one of my favorite new-to-me cafés in the city, Lost Weekend, for a quick coffee and also to take pictures of myself getting said coffee. #META. More #META? This is me, asking myself five questions about the Montauk-meets-the-LES establishment:

Hi, Sean! What are you drinking? A cappuccino. Always.
What are you eating? A lemon poppyseed muffin!
How did you discover Lost Weekend NYC? While strolling around adjacent Chinatown, where else?
What do you like about it? #1: It's Supercute. #2: They sell cool isht, like good coffee (duh), and also 'zines, tees and candles. Plus, their space is intimate, but bright and spacious. A great place to sit for a friend date or an afternoon blogging sesh.
And what are you wearing? Hat by American Apparel, shirt by Uniqlo, sweater by Saturdays Surf NYC, coat by Uniqlo, jeans by Cheap Monday and vintage lace-ups. And bag by Steve Mono! And vintage gloves!

This is a good example of 'uniform dressing', seeing as the foundation of this look was blogged a mere week or two ago, in this post (and the jeans and sweater debuted here.) I just switched up my accessories - the bag, the hat, the gloves - et voilà, it's a more polished outfit, with purposefully complementary colors and a slightly less boho patina. Which version do you prefer? Photos in this post: David Williams, me. Visit Lost Weekend at 45 Orchard St., or online on Twitter or Facebook.



{Images via (clockwise from top): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

I'm loving gray hues again, but this time incorporating nudes and warm beige tones. Think of this post as pre-emptive, "Spring cleaning" for my mind-house, courtesy of two of my favorite interiors blogs, Stil Inspiration and A Merry Mishap. Also, how much do we love that anti-closet closet idea? Ungh, I die. Follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Playlist 003


I tried to get my act together and post this last week, but 8tracks was being finnicky. Hopefully it's all right now - you can listen here. It's a compilation of some love songs I'm into...and I'll leave it at that! (If the track doesn't play in full on 8tracks - this is the issue I was having - I linked the Soundcloud tracks below so that you can find 'em and listen.) Photo by Chris Garland - check out his Flickr for more.

01 Sweetest Kill | Broken Social Scene
02 Send His Love To Me | PJ Harvey
03 Boyfriend | Best Coast
04 I Belong In Your Arms | Chairlift
05 Love Action (I Believe In Love) | The Human League
06 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit) | Jeremih
07 Heavy Rotation | Ciara
08 Concierge D'Amour (Rory Phillips Remix) | Pollyester
09 Erotic City | Prince



Sheer? Seapunk? Floral? Honestly can't tell if I love this or hate it, but it's definitely got me thinking - and in the mood for Spring. Christopher Owens by Craig McDean.



In this post: photography David Williams (site|blog) // beanie Topman (seen here and here) //jacket vintage // leggings American Apparel (seen here) // skirt thrifted // shoes thrifted (seen here and here)

Men in skirts. It's a hot button issue that has people in the streets talking - how will we know who's a woman and who's a man anymore in this freaky deaky gender-bending upside-down world? The answer? You won't! Muahahaha, the Gay Agenda strikes again! Soon there will no longer be 'boy' and 'girl' babies, just cribs labeled, 'Jaden' or 'Roxx'.

Joke! But, seriously, there has been an increased public interest in men wearing skirts, if only because of the continued influence of Kanye West and his designer-dud-loving hip-hop contemporaries. When I last touched on this issue (Men Without Pants), I declared, "wearing a skirt isn’t emasculating because maybe looking 'like a woman', like looking 'like a man', isn’t something to be ashamed of – nor is it something defined by an article of clothing." That statement still pretty well sums up my feelings on this issue, but now that I'm a convert myself, the absurdity of our social unease with men wearing skirts is more profoundly striking.

A skirt is, in terms of construction, an absurdly sexless garment. It's a piece of f*cking fabric that you wrap around/pull up on your waist. Sure, they get more complicated, but not necessarily so. My friend Brandon, one of the most distinctive and honest dressers I know, recently wrote a great post about the societal implications of his sartorial preference for skirts, describing them as an empowering weapon against oppressive heteronormativity. My skirt-wearing has not gotten that far and doesn't resonate with me so deeply (yet), but taking this chance, slight as it is, has left me feeling emboldened to explore my options outside of the prescriptive world of #menswear. Can I wear a dress? How? What is a dress? Why is a skirt? There's a lot of layering potential my eyes have been opened to recently because of this - could I wear a dress over pants? A shirt over that? A blazer with a skirt? Understanding these items divorced from gender helps eliminate outdated connotations - that a man wearing women's clothing is, "in drag," or "cross dressing." Those things are separate from this, but hoping the general public will comprehend that is...reaching.

But here's what you really want to know...so I bought this tartan skirt for $12 a few months ago and have been struggling to figure out how best to wear it. It made its debut a few months back (check it out on Instagram here), but hasn't gotten much action since. I decided to give it another go during post-blizzard fashion week while shooting outside Lincoln Center. I was pretty miserably cold, but I managed to get photographed by BuzzFeed Shift (I'm number 24 on their list), so obviously I make great life choices. This second time around I've paired it with my super intense fringed leather biker jacket that I love so much, but have never shot for the blog before. I literally die for fringe, plus this S.O.B. has epaulets - be still my beating heart! Leggings are an obvious must when going sans pants in the dead of winter and I like the way my thrifted Bass platforms give the outfit a schoolgirl-gone-bad edge. One thing I want to make note of, in typing out my thoughts here - I'm indeed wearing a (vintage) size 12 woman's skirt here, not a kilt, the difference being...I mean, IDK, but it's not an authentic kilt. Also, can I get a hurrah for a half-thrifted half-vintage outfit that's decidedly modern? That is all.

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You're in luck! Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, I decided a new vlog was in order to talk about love and blahblahblah. You can watch it here. (I decided the video box looked too ugly to post on the blerg.) Enjoy!



photo Ari Park // coat Uniqlo (seen here) // scarf vintage (seen here) // beanie H&M (seen here) // jeans Cheap Monday (seen here) // glasses Warby Parker (seen here and here) // shoes vintage (seen here)

You guys, this is a really serious post. Look at how pensive I am on that rooftop. That's how serious this is!

Jokes about blogger poses aside...I really feel the time is now for a post articulating a certain frustration with the role of the Fashion Blogger. Two articles I read recently have led me here, both from fashion journalists I've followed for some time and whose opinions I respect: one, from BuzzFeed Shift editor Amy Odell, asks where fashion will find its next Bryanboy - aka its Next Big Thing; the other, by Suzy Menkes, takes a closer look at that ultimate arena for the self-made style star, outside the venues where collections are shown during Fashion Week. Odell talks to a few blogging stalwarts regarding the future of the nascent occupation, all of whom say things developed naturally for them, with apparently a good bit of luck thrown in. Hark to this giant effing block quote from Odell that I can't bring myself to cut down to size:

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Mid-Century Modern


I've had this post gestating in the back of my mind for awhile now, because I am ~*obSesSEd*~ with midcentury furniture. I don't technically know what defines it (how mid is mid?), but I know that I like the look of it. Part of it might also be its ubiquity in every home to which I find myself really drawn, homes with clean lines full of natural materials and natural light bouncing off white walls, with lots of plants and antiques. It's a versatile aesthetic that can lean towards the bohemian end of things, which is why I feel it suits me really well. My bedroom can be a multilayered souk and my living room can exude Danish Hygge; the space itself more of a gallery for the calculated layering of mementos, art and artifacts.

One home I've found myself really falling for is Morgan Satterfield's California desert oasis (photos above; click through for the original post). Satterfield's blog, The Brick House, makes even DIY photos look interesting, plus she has a wicked sense of humor and an incredible eye for art, textiles, furnishings, decor...you name it. She's basically the interiors blogging messiah and her home is my digital temple. Too much? Maybe. Satterfield also works as an interiors stylist and her projects, including Husky Ranch (as seen on Design*Sponge, below) have a deliciously handmade feel with Southwestern flair.

But I digress...the internet is a big place and I have to admit that it isn't just Satterfield's home that has me swooning. I loved finding Spanish designer David Delfin's home on Yatzer. Again: white walls, natural materials, plants, great art—and midcentury furniture.

And below I've pulled two more inspo images for us to ruminate on. The first, from Modern Thrifter, is just a pitch perfect deskscape. (Are we saying "deskscape," now? Can we?) I love the gold accents in the home accessories; below that we have Azzedine Alaïa's Paris bedroom. Maybe, at the end of the day, a little spartan for my tastes, but that lighting fixture and the mint green armoire are almost too good to be true.

Saarinen tables and Eames lounges, oh my! How do we feel about this mid-century madness? Like this post? Check out more of my living entries, then check out my design boards on Pinterest!



I feel like I'm starting to notice more people wearing floppy wide-brim hats nowadays, but maybe it's not necessarily appropriate to put them in the context of Hedi Slimane's influence. What I love so much about this outfit is the way it puts a personal spin on the takeaway trend from Slimane's debut collection for YSL/SLP, eschewing the bohemian rockstar vibe as played up by Gwen Stefani in Vogue and embracing the Annie Hall end of the women's suiting spectrum (still with a rockstar twist), as more befits the East Coast. So Saint Laurent NYC, no? Audrey was also recently photographed by The Sartorialist, looking equally as amazing!



Clockwise from top: shirt Alexander McQueen // coat Mackintosh // shoes Prada // pants Marc Jacobs // bag Marni // jumper Acne. Images via Barneys, LuisaViaRoma & Mr. Porter.

I'm looking forward to Spring...April showers bring May flowers? Here's hoping - all I know is that recently, every time it's rained I've found myself sans umbrella and could use a nice Mac. Also, those Prada platforms are the greatest shoes ever made. Dear Miuccia, I tried these on and they're too narrow for my feet. Please fix this and I will be all over them. P.S. The pants are from this collection I was so head over heels with two summers ago. Like this post? Check out some of my other fantasy outfit favorites here and here.



I've been wanting to put something like this together for awhile now, so hopefully y'all like it! I asked Keith to do some modeling for me because I've become obsessed with OAK's t-shirts and felt like they deserved a post. Shopping for something so basic can be a bitch sometimes, especially when you're picky...

"I want something that's like, basic...but with less basic detailing."
"Hmm...could you elaborate?"
"I want like, a basic tee...that's also a cape...let."
"I think we have-"
"But not like, an obvious capelet."

The search can be messy and I'll admit it took me a span of several months to decide exactly which t-shirts were absolutely most perfectest. I finally did, though, so clap for me! OAK's plain tees are everything I could ever want from a wardrobe staple: thoughtfully detailed, artfully proportioned and subtly sexy. They're sophisticated enough to be worn sans layers without looking slummy and versatile enough to be traveling-pantsed with your girlfriends. The line is comprised of several unique styles, all of them available in a range of deliciously muted earth tones. Plus, they're made in the USA! For this shoot, I wanted to capture the qualities that make these shirts an elevated basic. Inspired by the portrait work of Georgie Wileman and Bertil Nilsson, I told Keith not to pose, but to keep moving, as if he were dancing. Once we got our bearings in Ari's apartment-cum-studio-for-the-day I think we hit a stride and got some nice shots. Let me know your thoughts!

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Teeth's Flowers is my new favorite electro-pop concoction (I couldn't embed the song here, so the title links to it on Soundcloud.) I'm also loving See Spaces...you can check out more of the band's work on their site/Facebook/Twittah. For more music picks, click here. Photo No Penny For Them.

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