Fashionable Teva-style sandals for men.

An oversized sculptural shirt with a patch of animal back hair? High fashion Tevas? Go on, I'm listening...

Dakota here is one of the founders of Stone New York, a locally produced menswear line that aims to "fuse modern culture and innovation with etiquette and luxury." It's pricey as balls, but they gave G-Dragon a shoutout on Twitter so you know their hearts are in the right place. Find out more about them on Twitter, Tumblr and/or Instagram.

The CFDA Incubator


The other week I spent a Saturday with Pete and model Perrian in Fort Greene park shooting a few looks from Isaora and Number:LAB. I've been wanting to try out some different things behind the lens and was able to coordinate pulling from the two men's lines, both a part of the CFDA Fashion Incubator (as is Burkman Bros.) I imagined a lush springtime shoot with lots of trees and assorted greenery, then got to the park and remembered spring was still on its way and the trees were all barren and the grass half brown. Live and learn...

Still, it was an opportunity to learn about juggling people's schedules in a crunch (I pushed for this to happen in the span of three days), plus it inspired me to coin a new phrase: preparation makes perfect.

As quickly as it all came together—and despite the dead location—I think the clothes look pretty damn good. Thanks so much for that, Perrian! (And Pete!) And a special thank you goes, of course, to the brands. In this post: all clothing Isaora and Number:LAB; model Perrian Garner, photo and styling assistant Pete Oliviëra.

P.S. Oh, and here's how I wore Isaora!



Have you guys heard of 12hrs? It's a new series of travel guides developed for the web by The Locals photographer Søren Jepsen and writer Anna Peuckert and it's gOrGEous. So far they've covered a slew of cities any liberal gaymo would love to visit: Copenhagen, Vancouver (that's in Canada!) and Antwerp, not to mention they are currently featuring a special on Hyères! #timely

They have upcoming guides to Portland and Berlin and I'm pretty legit stoked, plus the website is so beautifully designed I could do some unsavory things to it - but I won't! Or...but...nope! Probably not! Long story short, this is definitely one to add to this list. You can find 12hrs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All photos Søren Jepsen.



Williamsburg's own Awoke Vintage had a lil' soiree last night and Chels and I dropped by to "pop champagne" and try on sO mAny cLoThes! Awoke's selection is small, nicely curated and very on-trend - a lot of printed shirts for the menfolk, mostly from the '80's and early '90's. There's more for the ladies (cute dresses and tops), but every time I've stopped in I've found at least one item to obsess over. This time around I fell hard for the leather jacket above, in the perfectest shade of bright blue EVER, but refrained from purchasing because of budget realities (sad emoji.) I did, however, pick up this adorable lil' number:

It's kind of like a Topshop riff on a Kenzo print, but from the late eighties. I'm into it; red is my color. Full disclosure: I found both of these items in the ladies' section, per usual, BUT the shirt was only there because it's a kid's size (#winning) and it's not, like, my fault cropped leather jackets look so good on me. After shopping we ran into Spoonbill and copped some Rifle Paper Co. (Mother's Day is coming up, y'all!) and then spelunked our way into Catbird where I bought this candle. Check out some images from Awoke's awesome last lookbook, shot by Jackson Eaton, below!

Photos Jackson Eaton; Awoke Vintage is located at 132 North 5th St.


Imran Amed runs The Business of Fashion, a blog that covers what you'd expect it to cover through serious and engaging discourse between top industry professionals. You'll find articles on everything from the burgeoning e-commerce market in the middle East to how top bloggers are monetizing their content. Here, he answers questions from myself and a panel of other Hyères blog partners. Photo Scott Trindle.

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The Hyères festival is now underway in the sunny South of France and I am here in weirdly November-ish NYC blogging about it (I think today is a bit better than yesterday, but yesterday was pretty gross.) It's bittersweet, to say the least. Hopefully the winning designer (and his or her competitors) will get picked up by a more progressive NYC retailer and I'll be able to try on some of their designs...until then, I'll be living vicariously through Filep's continuous coverage while basking in the sun in Washington Square Park.

The post title comes from designer Tomas Berzins' interview (portrait top left; his design, right) when asked to describe Hyères in three words. I think that's a nice motto, no? "Hyères gives us opportunities to know people [and] build connections, but also to get us designers known by other people, to let people hear our voice [and] know about our work, our stories," said très quotable designer Shanshan Ruan (portrait bottom right; her design, left.) "Hyères is not just an event that happens and ends, it’s a continuation."

You can check out a video of the Hyères judges in action below (in French, natch) and read all of the designer and judge interviews at Un Nouveau Ideal. For daily updates, follow Filep and Villa Noailles on Twitter!

Les 10 candidats finalistes du Festival d... by VOGUEPARIS


Holy. Shit. Amiright? I was going to hold onto this one until next fall, considering that would seem more seasonally appropriate, but it's been chilly and grey in the city these past few days so...maybe this is the new look for spring? It also ties in well with my own look for the week, which is something I've been wanting to do with the street style posts...

But let's talk about this perfection: the hat!, the hat matching the coat, the sweater, the scarf!, the pants, the cuff, the socks...the sneakers! Even his laces are jauntily tied for a look that's as charming as it is sophisticated - a tricky balance to strike. I love that he kept it tone on tone and presumed he was European because I've seen a lot of French and Italian guys here in New York really owning the shit out of a navy-grey-black color palette; he's actually Dominican. What do we think - whatever the season, THIS is #menswear, no?

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photos McArthur // shirt Uniqlo (seen here) // pants vintage (seen here) // sweater Calvin Klein // penny loafers vintage (seen here) // fedora vintage from 10 ft. Single (seen here) // folio vintage Louis Vuitton // bracelet Stephen Einhorn // belt Uniqlo (alternate colorway seen here)

Here's what I wore to the Manhattan Vintage Show this past weekend, an ensemble inspired by Annie Hall and what I imagine Jay Gatsby might have worn après-tennis. (Brooks Brothers is actually releasing a Gatsby-inspired collection, in case you have some unfulfilled blue blooded wardrobe fantasies.) And yes, in case you were wondering, I actually told people who commented on my look that I was channeling 'Annie Gatsby Hall' - I'm that much of a nerd.

The vintage show is such an incredible event and I was really happy to be there for pleasure instead of work this time around. I got the chance to catch up with some of my favorite vendors (one of whom has an amazing online shop you need to visit) and traipsed about with some blogger buddies. I picked up this adorable-as-balls vintage Vuitton folio and everyone bought kimonos and then we tweeted about it...mark your calendars for the next show! But IDK when it is, so Google it.

Click through to read about my inspirations for this look!



Warm weather calls for a bouncy pop jam, amiright? And this one is super indie, so there's no secret shame! From DC band Ploy, VRDSNT is light and synthy, perfect for repeat listening. You can find Ploy online here, on Facebook here and on Twitter here (oh and download their songs here!) Photo Charlie Bophy.



I stopped by Steven Alan home last weekend and it was insanely gorgeous with a dash of perfect. Now I wanna move to Tribeca, specifically into the back of this store. Amy Merrick was having a pop-up shop for plants; they were adorable and I died. The end.

P.S. Just kidding, forgot to mention I also discovered Steven Alan has a line of eyewear now, and I want this pair. What do we think?



{portraits René Habermacher}

As blog partner for Hyères 2013 I was offered the chance to submit a few questions to the panel of judges, a diverse group of industry professionals whose talents any aspiring creative would be eager to parse - what makes these people tick? What inspires them? How do they apply that? To what? The creative duo of Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes is of particular interest to me as I've known their work for a few years now, having first discovered it in an editorial context in Fantastic Man (the latest issue of which I purchased last week; I recommend it.)

Scheltens & Abbenes' work reduces without being reductive; it distills, is elemental, essential. It's incredibly inspiring and demandingly beautiful; compositions that may at first seem distant or stark reveal a hidden sense of humor, in a French New Wave sort of way. Their clients include Valentino, Hermès, COS, Louis Vuitton and the brand formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent, and magazines such as the aforementioned Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman, Pin-Up, The Plant and T the New York Times Style Magazine. In addition to their independent exhibition works, the duo also shows their projects in cultural institutions such as Galliera Musée de la Mode Paris, museum of photography Foam Amsterdam and the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. See below for an interview with the duo featuring questions from myself and other blog partners, PLUS there's a video!

{all images Scheltens & Abbenes}

How does a garment get your attention? What are you searching for while on set?

Sensitivity in material and design. Looking at a garment it often tells if the designer understands it's own work without stopping to early (or to late) in the process. This attitude is connecting in the way we are also trying to stretch our own sensibilities.

Your work is striking in its simplicity and for its reductive qualities - is fashion more interesting to you in theory more often than in its execution?

We are more interested in what we see then in what we know or should know. After 'building' is the moment of truth. Our curiosity by testing an idea for it's visual qualities is the driving force. That is also why we keep on searching, experimenting and checking during the shoot instead of making photographs from a sketch made on the drawing table. This doesn't mean that thoughts or drawings as they are can be beautiful and interesting to. It's a matter of where to put all these aspirations.

As jury members used to shooting Fashion as objects, can you abstract the mise en scene, the show, the person to judge only the garments?

Actually we see the same struggle and solutions in the garments as we face while shooting fashion or any other object in front of the lens. Maybe it's a healthy distance that we have looking at fashion because we're not 'over informed'. We're responding to what we see with the same critical eye as we do in our own work.

Look closely at Liesbeth's outfit - she's wearing a tie! Oh, to be a Dutch creative...for more of Scheltens & Abbenes, check out this feature on Nowness and this post at Trendland. And don't forget their website! I'll be tweeting and Facebook sharing the other parts of this interview series in the coming week; keep your eyes peeled!


This has me in the mood for spring (also: translucent layering pieces.) Erik Andersson photographed by Yoshiaki Sekine and styled by Yoshi Miyamasu for the April 2013 issue of Surface magazine, via.



The brothers Burkman were kind enough to let me pull some pieces from their Spring/Summer collection for a story on spring florals - how do you keep them crazy/sexy/cool despite their ubiquity? Burkman Bros' solution is to offer a versatile line of mix-n-match pieces that'll maximize the freshness of your dip into the floral deep-end. Take it boho with their unconstructed blazer in a floral ikat, retro in their short sleeve Hawaiian print shirt, or preppy in a floral popover shirt with matching floral cargo shorts. (But like, cute cargo shorts; paired with the shirt you get a sort of man-romper effect.) You can also shop the brand at Odin, not to mention they have an exclusive Barneys CO-OP collection you can view here. How are you wearing florals this spring?

P.S. click through for details from the #supercute Burkman Bros studio!



Who needs Coachella when you've got the Brooklyn Flea? Yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed over to Fort Greene where a large cappuccino and a DOUGH café au lait donut awaited me at Bittersweet. I was all set for a morning of perusing and style stalking. (I wore this jacket with these jeans and this t-shirt, in case you were wondering.) (What the hell do you mean it hadn't crossed your mind?!)

The flea makes me wish I had approximately a billion dollars to donate to like, ocean preservation, so that I wouldn't feel guilty about blowing a couple grand on ten tons of vintage and some really cute chairs. Some of my favorites are Nishi's shop, Interwoven and this guy Koichi, who doesn't have an online presence. (Except I Instagrammed his #supercute displays here and here.) If you're in the city and haven't made it to the flea yet, you should haul ass next weekend and make a morning of it. The farmer's market is right down the street, so you really don't have an excuse!



Dear Men...How are you? How you feeling? It's raining like balls out in NYC today, but we had some nice weather earlier this week, didn't we? It was so nice, in fact, that you made some life choices that we're going to have to talk about. You see, just because summer is approaching doesn't mean you have free license to dress like Matthew McConaughey at a bathhouse premiere of Spring Breakers. Below, some guidelines for the warmer weather ahead...(click image for source.)

Click through for the 5 DOS and DON'TS of summer dressing!



I discovered Active Child via Luke's blog (which I discovered via Twitter and I love it, FYI) and have not been able to get this song and Evening Ceremony out of my head for daaaaays...photo by Green Tseng.



This is what I wore the other day while running around with my giant duffel full of samples (working on some projects...more on that soon!) The jeans you're by now overly familiar with (here and here and here), but I just love 'em with this long vintage workman's jacket, plus they're perfect for warmer weather. I'm pretty sure this color blue is like, #sohotrightnow and it goes nicely with my yellow Converse (last seen here). Not a bad look for Spring, amiright?

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