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Or maybe color is the new white, in my case...

These are some interiors I've seen lately that have me reconsidering my dedication to a neutral palette. And can I just say that I am like, waaaay to concerned with what kind of curtains to get—washed natural linen or poppy, vintage cotton panels? I feel like if I don't bring color in with my window treatments, then maybe I could do so with the pillows on my bed. Or maybe I can't do one or the other, I have to do both? Sweet Jesus, maybe it doesn't matter?

Anyway, the textiles, art and objets in these abodes are so brilliantly layered, and I love the paint job in that guy's living room. So much perfection! Counter-clockwise from the top: Leah Bartholomew's Australian home via The Design Files & Jean-Christophe Aumas' Paris apartment via Dwell.

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Beyond Iconography


Lucie Vincini collection religious iconography | via

It's the thick of the summer sale season here in NYC and pretty much every major retailer is discounting last season's leftovers to the point that we mere ho'mortals (that didn't work at all, did it?) can finally get our hands on Dries, Jil, Thom...names, darling, names. Accordingly, I made my bi-quarterly pilgrimage to Barneys last week and found a Commes des Garçons coat I'd seen some months before for 70% off. I couldn't resist and, despite the need for some basic alterations, was on the street in it the next day.

It's a great coat, the kind of evergreen "investment piece" a person can be found chanting about any time they're sweatily clutching an AmEx. But that's neither here nor there for this post, in which I actually want to talk about the fact that the coat makes me look kind of Hasidic. That first day I wore it, within an hour of putting it on, someone actually said to me, "from the back I thought you were an Orthodox Jewish person."

And you know what? I was kind of into it.

This isn't the first time I've gotten the Hasidic comparison—this outfit, I think the hat in particular, almost always elicits that reaction from someone. It got me thinking about a post I read some months back on Style Salvage, an interview with London-based designer Nicomede Talavera. Talavera's last collection (pictured, below) drew heavily on inspiration from Muslim students and I couldn't help but wonder (#SATC #CarrieMoment #OMGshoes) if designers and stylists and, really, menswear as a whole might be turning to Middle Eastern religious garb for a perspective that's not just new and fresh, but increasingly vital to a globalized dialogue on modern-day dressing.

Nicomede Talavera collection | Thisfruitblogs.comNicomede Talavera collection |

I know, it's kind of a leap from my Japanese designer coat to the increasing influence that Middle Eastern religious garments are possibly having on Western menswear designers, but bear with me. While Talavera's amazing show drew explicit references to the nuances of Muslim dress (plus, clogs!) other designers have started to play with proportion and silhouette in a way that moves apparent religious influences beyond iconography and the trappings of Catholicism.

The Givenchy show below is a good example, especially when considered against these sneaky iPhone pics I grabbed of a taxi driver's ensemble—while priestly vestments may have been the jumping off point for Italian Tisci, the way he played with layering creates a strikingly similar effect, no? The same thing could be said of the two guys below that (via The Sartorialist, left; and Tommy Ton, right.) The longer shirt is the biggest thing I'm seeing #trend right now—it's oftentimes dress length, but definitely a shirt, so I feel like it's coming from this same religious influence. Siki Im SS13 has some more good examples of this kind of fusion.

Taxi driver layering inspiration |
Layering at Givenchy SS13 |
Extended shirts | via
Outside Issey Miyake | via

And then we're back to the Hasidic influence, which is basically any look that involves wearing lots of black, long coats and a big, wide-brim hat. You can see my CDG coat (sort of) in that top left-hand pic; and then there's another view of my Official Jewish Outfit to the right of that. Below that we have a look from designer Lucie Vincini's RCA graduate collection, an explicit runway reference to traditional Jewish dress. (Another look from this collection is the first image in this post.) If you take a look at her entire collection you can see she's working through that collision of traditional cultural garments with streetwear and other urban influences, something Talavera speaks to as well.

It's an interesting dialogue to watch unfurl on a runway—and, of course, on the street—and hopefully one that's just beginning. After Vincini's look we have an iPhone snap I grabbed of a Jewish man on the street next to a guy I shot for #streetstyle, not necessarily in traditional Jewish garb, but you can see the similarities there and with Justin Chung's photo of Liam Goslett below that.

Traditional Jewish dress-inspired menswear | Thisfruitblogs.comTraditional Jewish dress on the runway | Thisfruitblogs.comTraditional Jewish dress influence | Thisfruitblogs.comLiam Goslett | via

It feels like maybe now is the time for "traditional menswear" and the dominant Western patriarchy to realize its strained grip on relevance. The mainstreaming of Middle-East-meets-West style is great since I don't think fashion should exist in a cultural vacuum, or that designers should allow form to trump function to such a degree that one forgets that garments can have meaning and social relevance. Also, I'm really looking forward to playing with proportions for fall! Have you been noting this same kind of religious influence on menswear?

P.S. If I misspoke unknowingly at any point in the post about the way someone is dressed and/or what religion someone might be, please let me (kindly) know in the comments! It wasn't intentional, I assure you, and I'd love to get it right.



The Undercut, NYC |

The best part of this photo? What's just outside of the frame—he's waiting in line to get ice cream!

And, of course, I die for how perfectly unisex this look is; I could see every element on a woman, down to the haircut. This guy could be Kate Lanphear's doppelganger, amiright?

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How to dress for work in summer

What you really need to ask yourself is: do I look like a power lesbian summering in Nantucket? The answer should be, "Yes."

I feel like I could totally life-partner with Rachel Maddow in this outfit. The black pant, rather than a lighter-colored chino, makes it a little more boardroom appropriate and would nicely complement Maddow's hair. And you know Ellen would wear the balls out of a pair of Chuck Taylors with her summer suiting, a look she probably made cool back in college, well before Jeremy Piven & Co. hopped on the bandwagon and ruined everything.

Up top we've got a pink, seersucker shirt from J.Crew that I'm literally wearing with a Band of Outsiders repp tie with boats on it, wHaT!? Let me explain: I was in J.Crew one day because I know they make XS's, looking for a basic white or dark navy oxford and striking out. Then I saw this on the rack and thought it couldn't hurt to venture out of my comfort zone. #TakingChances ( <-- Celine Dion reference, anyone?) It fits really well and looks even better wrinkled than ironed out, which means it's super easy to dress up or dress down. (This is it dressed down.)

And then we have these boss-ass (are we hyphenating that now?) Warby Parker frames. Ugh, aren't they so sick? Someone at work said I looked very "weekend in the Hamptons" in them, so basically she called me an asshole...but a hot one!

Shot by McArthur in Washington Square Park, a great place for:
  • Watching hot men do things
  • Instagramming iced coffee
  • Instagramming a cute picnic
  • Taking selfies
  • Being like, "this is like, my favorite park."

P.S. Here's a beauty tip - don't wear a tinted moisturizer on the back of your neck (it had SPF in it and I didn't want to burn!) It will ruin the collar of your shirt and just generally be disgusting to look at.

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I've been lucky enough to take not one, but two work trips out to the ends of Long Island within the last month. First I visited Montauk for a photo shoot at the home of Ben Watts (you can read my article in the July/August issue of Lonny.) These are some details from Watts' home that I was really into:

Watts' home was so gorgeous, awash in natural light and full of sophisticated textures and layers—definitely feeding into my rustic-whitewashed-Scandi fetish. I made a return trip to the area to cover the Holiday House Hamptons (read my '12 Inspired Design Moments' here.) It was a very trad space, but there were some details worth relishing:

And I also got to sneak in a brief trip to Sag Harbor's Monc XIII (details in Lonny's June issue.) Created by the former president of Wilhelmina Models, Natasha Esch, the space is crazy beautiful and the perfect antidote if you're suffering Hamptons prep overload. (FYI: the ceramics next to the tree, below, is actually from the Holiday House, but I think it looks best next to that chair!)

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double denim with hat and sandalsdouble denim with hat and sandals

Such a good look for spring, one that could easily transition into fall. Which I'm obviously thinking about since it's the middle of July and 100 degrees out. Click image for source (and check out my double denim look from last summer here!)

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Long story short: she's gorgeous and I'm dying.

But I mean, really—we all know onesies are #hotrightnow, but a onesie sweatshirt dress with an unfinished hem? So next level. And I'm pretty sure she's wearing these shoes, which are from Zara, but they look so wonderfully Acne-ish with her ensemble. I love the bruises on her knee and the glimpse of a tattoo we get peeking out from under her left sleeve, not to mention the no-fuss hair and minimal makeup (maybe none at all?)

And if you didn't know, Malin Landaeus is one of the best vintage boutiques in Brooklyn. The shoe selection is impeccable, there's deadstock vintage eyewear from Sweden, and she has some great jewelry by Erica Weiner. And if you stop by on a Sunday afternoon, Landaeus serves tea and (homemade) cake! You can also follow the store on Tumblr and Twitter, and find out more about Landaeus herself in her StyleLikeU profile.

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Vintage Hawaiian shirt and straw hat

I spend an ungodly amount of time popping into random little vintage boutiques around the city—if there's a baby cactus in the window and a stack of mom jeans within view, I'm game. One particularly fortuitous recent pit stop was Williamsburg's Antoinette, where I came across this insanely gorgeous Hawaiian shirt and was all about that life. Originally large enough for two of me, I had my tailor take it from blimpy to skimpy—well, from blimpy to perfectly oversized—et voilà! An urban beach bunny is born.

Vintage Hawaiian shirt and straw hatVintage Hawaiian shirt and straw hat

I paired it with black skinnies, because sometimes there's nothing wrong with the easy way out, and a straw boater-cum-fedora from Nishiyama's stall at the Brooklyn Flea. The Converse are also vintage, from Guvnor's here in Park Slope. Oh, and if you want a closer look at the pinky ring I'm wearing in that first shot (also vintage, #theme), click here. Photos McArthur Joseph.

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Heirloom tomatoes and basil

This is more of a PSA than anything else. Heirloom tomatoes: they're delicious! Fresh basil: it's incredible! Go buy some and let them frolic together on a plate or in a bowl, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pepper. Yes, I'm basically telling you to make an Insalata Caprese, but wait! There's a twist! Buy cherry tomatoes and those little balls of mozzarella instead of a big hunk of it and then just eat them whole. (There was a vendor at the Union Square Greenmarket who had the sweetest, ripest, most liberally-grown little tomatoes the other week; if I remember their name I'll update this post with it.)

This salad is so magically, wonderfully easy. I put it in tupperware and grabbed a loaf of ciabatta for a no hassle picnic in Prospect Park last weekend. It was pretty fantastic, though a bottle of red wine wouldn't have hurt.

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I've been super duper busy this week and the blog is obviously suffering...I don't think I've been such a spotty poster in the history of *fruitpunch! But I have some things I'm mulling over and some other stuff I should be shooting, so next week I'll be back on my grind. These pictures sum up how I feel when I'm laying on my air mattress in the morning, dreaming about my new furniture...beautiful, no? Click image for source.

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Decorating with Pinterest |

I moved into my new place last week and have since devolved into a complete lunatic. Well, a decorating lunatic. I spent multiple hours searching online for drapery hardware the other day, ordered seven different linen swatches from Restoration Hardware, and I'm pretty sure I broke my rotator cuff painting my room—6 hours to go from 'burnt custard' to 'lustrous white' (but it was worth it!) God bless the discovery of a Home Depot in my backyard.

The building is five blocks down from my last place here in South Slope, Brooklyn. It's not my dream location, but beggars can't be choosers and the price was right, plus my roommates are great and the apartment itself isn't half bad. I can already tell this space will have a much different vibe from my last apartment (seen here and here.) I feel relieved to have only one room to work on and an actual budget. I'm here for a year, so my goal is to get everything pretty much perfect within these first two months and then sit back and relax. Unless I decide to redecorate, but that's neither here nor there.



Christophe Lemaire SS14. It's so good I could throw myself out of this building.

I caught this on my lunch break at work yesterday and was in raptures. The styling is so so good, so clean and pared down so it's just about PLEATS and meduses (French for jellies) -inspired sandals and subtle gradations in color and THAT BED is killing me. It's like if Japan and Sweden had a baby and that baby was a lookbook, this is that lookbook baby. Capiche?

Anyway, the pleated high-waisted pant/short-sleeve shirt combo here feels like a more retro (and possibly more French?) take on the silhouette we saw at Assembly last season (look 26, to be exact.) That's pretty much my favorite silhouette right now...or always. And I love that all of this would mix well with my favorites at Marni (and the belts and even the pleats bring to mind one of the looks I loved at Theyskens' Theory, natch.) Oh, also, I quoted the balls out of Lemaire in this essay. Check it out.

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