Everyone with eyes knows that bucket hats are majorly trending right now—Mac did a little roundup awhile back about this phenomenon, if you need a cultural touchstone.

This whole look is so next level, though. I mean, if I had said to you last year, "I shot this guy in a Stüssy bucket hat!" you would've been like, "Nice one brah, you street snapped some Florida tourist!" This much #fashion isn't what you would expect. That shirt is incroyable (those sleeves!) and the cuffed jeans with the Birkenstock-esque sandals worn with socks!? I can't even.

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In light of last week's post about Alexa Chung-ing and Monday's lady-centric feature, it feels like the time is right to divulge some of my recent babespirations as we head into fall. One of the biggest things on my mind right now is the skirt: how to wear it and what to wear it with. Layered? By itself? A t-shirt? A button-up? To make a long story short, I want to look like Saskia in this month's Vogue Paris:

I mean, hot damn. Amiright? And that blonde buzz! Oof. It looks like the "skirt" she's wearing in the lefthand picture is actually a slip that's folded down—a whole new world! And three cheers for her makeshift charpet underneath those overalls, mmm. But in all seriousness, the muted color palette and simple lines of this look paired with that chunky boot—it's the perfect unisex ensemble! The only thing maybe more perfecter is Yara Flynn's outfit (via Garance Doré):

This just screams, "My Fall Look" to me, and not just because I wore something very similar last winter. All of the different elements here are really versatile and basic—again with the muted color palette and the clean lines, though I guess the kilty-ness of the pleats and and the oxfords make this look a little more #menswear-y. I could really get into this as a sans-leggings option.

Of course, I have even more faux leather leggings in my closet than we've heretofore seen, and they need some time to shine. That's where the above options come in. I love the wrap skirt with those big pockets, it's so apron-y and kind of utilitarian, but IDK where to get it so I found two other pieces I love for layering.

1) This mesh knit Jacquemus skirt from the incredible last collection, "La Piscine." I could see myself wearing basically every piece from this collection, #tbh.
2) This AllSaints black leather mini. It's really tiny and super simple (but also overpriced as balls) and would look awesome layered over leggings—or maybe even pants? Non, too outrageous.



Joy Gryson accessories | Thisfruitblogs.com

Designer Joy Gryson launched her eponymous accessories line in 2006 after an impressive corporate career that began at Liz Claiborne. There, as assistant to the Vice President of design and development, she cut her teeth in a category that would become crucial to the solvency of many a fashion house; she was then on to Coach, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, all the while honing her eye for smart and desirable design. I sat down with Gryson to talk about her experiences in the industry and her three accessories lines, Gryson, Olivia Harris, and IIIBeCa.

To do justice to Gryson's words, I enlisted the gorgeous Lauren from The Marcy Stop to model designs from IIIBeCa and Olivia Harris. I styled them with vintage from Amy Yee's bitchin' online boutique, Maeven, as Gryson made clear in our conversation the importance of timeless appeal. Enjoy!

Joy Gryson accessories | Thisfruitblogs.com
Joy Gryson accessories | Thisfruitblogs.com

A New York City native (she grew up on the border of Queens and Long Island), Gryson went to F.I.T. for merchandising and marketing, but knew her passion lay in the creative process. "I didn't want to sit there and do numbers," she says.

She launched IIIBeCa, the youngest of her three accessories lines, in the fall of last year as a means to give back to her local community. Sales from IIIBeCa support three charities she and her husband and business partner, Peter, care deeply about: Family Focus Adoption Services, a non-profit Gryson's mother co-founded; Memorial Sloan-Kettering hospital; and the 9/11 memorial.

The look of the line was inspired by Gryson's first designer handbag, by Il Bisonte. "It was that yummy, grainy leather that you know is going to wear so well over decades. You still see all of these vintage ones today—they really are completely timeless." Despite its accessible price point, the IIIBeCa line is no stranger to the level of detail typically associated with a more expensive product. Made of vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather, the bag's interiors are left raw—taking minimalism to the max. A drawstring lining is included for customers who prefer something a little less rough. “I’m very detail oriented, that’s the Virgo-ness in me,” Gryson says with a laugh. “I’ve designed for people who are at a couture level and I’ve also designed for people who sell bags at Target, so I understand that you can make a great bag no matter what the price point is.”



Since I was so quiet all week, here's a big fat Dear Internet to let you know what's on my mind...click on pretty much any image for the source!

Prospekt Supply reached out to me about their initial offering, a pullover windbreaker, and I was like "Ok, they're based in New York and Vancouver, that's nice and liberal, but a parka?" Then I saw this shot on Vanessa Jackman's blog and was like, "Whoa! Parkas are hot right now!" Wouldn't you know, the woman in Jackman's picture is the wife of one of Prospekt's founders and she's wearing this parka. And now I want one. #weirdscience

Prospekt Supply parka | Thisfruitblogs.com

I wrote in the last DI about wanting to take a trip to Asia this summer...it didn't happen, but I did find designer Brian Paquette's Tokyo travel diary from last spring and I really love it.

Tokyo travel diary | Brianpaquetteinteriors.com

Some people have dogs, I have plants. They are my babies. I'm also obsessed with adorable ceramic pots and jars and have a mini-collection going. Stay tuned to my Instagram if you want updates about my own room makeover progress...needless to say, it's slow going. But I have plants! And they're cute!

Margaret Howell's Koto Bolofo-lensed AW13 campaign is soooo good.

Margaret Howell AW13

I love this picture by photographer Cris Romagosa; it seems very fitting for the end of summer, no?

Cris Romagosa photography

The Artful Desperado is putting out some of my favorite food styling/photography right now...it's so gorgeous and clever! Wit & Vinegar is damn good at it, too.

Food styling & photography | The Artful DesperadoFood styling & photography | The Artful Desperado

We covered Erica Tanov's bedding collection for work and the beautifully moody lookbook shot by Erica Shires is still on my mind.

Erica Tanov bedding | Ericatanov.com

I love this structural Isabel Marant flannel tee at Steven Alan...a boy version, coming soon, Ms. Marant? I imagine my arms might not fit in this one...because obviously I am sO bUfF.

Isabel Marant flannel tee | Stevanalan.com

And I'm still figuring out my desk/chair sitch and what the hell is going to go up on the wall behind my desk.

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Pretty much any time you're preppy, but with a sexycool high-low twist—jean shorts with your Chanel 2.55 in tow—you're "Alexa Chung-ing." It's sort of like dandyism but there are no bow ties involved. I don't own any Chanel, but I am wearing Topman and flauntin' Louis, so consider me Chungy. Chunged. Agh, you get it...

Get your Alexa Chung-spiration on ma Pinboards; shorts Topman, shirt Uniqlo, sportcoat seen here and here. Click through for a detail of my shoes! Photos Anthony Urbano.



This past week was kind of a wash...I've been super busy at work and trying to balance some more ambitious bloggy things, so there may be some lull-age here and there—but good stuff is on the way! Such as an interview I did with Richard Haines of What I Saw Today:

And I'm trying to get my room all spruced up and ready for the camera, but an attractive, lived-in space can't be rushed. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of some developments: I brought up my Foo dog from back home! I bought a pretty sick-ass lamp and some artwork, and I'm stocking up on succulents and treating them like they're my babies (that little guy's in the Japanese teacup last seen here.)

And in between work, blogging, and decorating my room, I am eating tons and tons of tomatoes (they're so pretty!) and baking Zucchini bread like it's my job. (One of the girls at work actually suggested I sell it at the farmer's market, not to toot my own horn or anything...)

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Smalltown Boy | The Lab MagazineSmalltown Boy | The Lab MagazineSmalltown Boy | The Lab Magazine

Really love the photography here, very Alasdair McLellan-y. Thoughts for fall (which is just around the friggin' corner, holy shite!): pattern mixing, turtlenecks and chelsea boots. And it would seem leather snapbacks are seasonless... Photography Tomas Falmer; styling Nicole Walker, via The Lab Magazine.

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We Need to Talk About Jumpsuits


Because I just bought one and it is totally boner-inducing. These are a few I've seen and pinned that are a really good jumping off point if you're in the market (for inspiration.)

01 Balmain. Rousteing did a few more in a racecar-driver-y style, but I don't think those are as wearable as this denim number. Love it with the striped tee!
02 Hermès. Christophe Lemaire showed a sexy, modern, and totally chic jumpsuit for SS14 and I'm happy to say that the one I picked up bears a strong resemblance to this baby. Sort of like its cousin...a cousin who's maybe in a chain gang...but it's like whatever.
03 Tommy Ton shot this guy and I just loooove the look.

Mine is vintage, duh, and is pretty versatile—just like me!

Men's jumpsuits | Thisfruitblogs.com
Men's jumpsuits | Thisfruitblogs.com



Zara skort with leather leggings | Thisfruitblogs.com

Or: How to cop that A$AP swagger through strategic layering (and a little bit of cross-dressing).

Zara skort with leather leggings | Thisfruitblogs.com

Just kidding, it's a lot of "cross-dressing": everything I'm wearing here, aside from the unisex leather baseball cap, is women's clothing. The pleather-sleeved top is from Catalog in the East Village—it's imported from Korea and aside from those awesome sleeves, has a pretty big slit that runs up each side for enhanced #sexappeal. The label just says, "S/McCartney," bless.

The pleather leggings (last seen here and here) are my Urban Outfitters ones, though I did recently pick up a new pair (more on that later). Layered over top of them is that Zara skort, which apparently they also make in a pInSTriPe!? OMG I'm dying. (Also, trying to remember if I've ever shopped the "men's section" at Zara...?) Ugh p.s. skirts over leather leggings is so sick for fall, dudes. Brahz. Give it a go. Name your baby North West. Live life.

Zara skort with leather leggings | Thisfruitblogs.comZara skort with leather leggings | Thisfruitblogs.com

The dual bangles are from Koichi at the Brooklyn Flea and the buckle-y fetish sneaks are ASH Italia. While I've heard this skort referred to as, "the one bloggers wear," the only other boy blogger I've seen in it is Martan, who wore it sans leggings of any kind. I really like it as a layering piece, but you can't slide it over just anything since it's basically a pair of shorts. Layering it over pants—trying to get the look of these Thamanyah pants I pinned from LN-CC last season—warranted waiter comparisons :/ Check out my inspiration board, after the jump!



Oversized tee + ripped jeans + loafers + blazer in hand...not to mention John Lennon sunnies! Love it. More denim inspo here and here and here.

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Theophilus London leather shorts | Thisfruitblogs.com

Thom Browne sunnies // M.Hulot purse // Zara platform bluchers // Tibi shorts // Marni shirt

Sarah Tolzman does a sweet feature called Hers / Mine that inspired this new direction for FF—I love Tamu McPherson's shot* of Theophilus London and wanted to create a look centered around leather shorts. It's not recreating his outfit so much as saying here's a kernel of thought and how I'd put my spin on it. So just, you know, gayer.

*Sorry there's no direct link to the image; McPherson switched her blog to an ".it" address and now the link I saved is broken! And her search function doesn't bring up the image when I look for "Theophilus London" or "MFW" or "SS13" >_<

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ph. Irina Munteanu

Another one to file under, "Came on my radar awhile ago, but didn't really register until now..."

I love how spare the production is in this song, like a 90's acapella group with someone beatboxing in the background. Not like, literally beatboxing, but kind of...ok so not beatboxing at all, but still cool. Gorgeous photo by Irina Munteanu, click through for more!

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Because Cuban grandfathers are so hot right now, I guess? Maybe I shouldn't be in charge of improving my own sex life...

I've been on a shirt-buying rampage of late and this short-sleeve marble jacquard number from Sidian, Ersatz, & Vanes is one of my most favoritest acquisitions—picked up on sale at Owen for a quarter of the original price, #winning. I love the print, obvs, but also that pajama-y collar—it looks perfect left open so I can flaunt my charpet (chest carpet, duh), so graciously exposed as it is by one of OAK's versatile tees. The high-waisted pants were last seen here, the hat and pinky ring you saw here, and the bracelet is Giles & Brother. The frames are Warby Parker's Begley—do we like the round shape? It's been divisive...but I think I'm on board with it. Photos McArthur Joseph.

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