Vintage wool shirt from the Brooklyn Flea

This week’s post is all about layering, because it’s winter and if you don’t have on lots of layers you will die. #Science. The third installment in our Coat Tales series finds me moving on from butch and glamorous and taking trad for a spin with this vintage wool shirt. It’s super thick and has some wonderful details like that natty back vent. The second incarnation of buffalo plaid we’ve seen on the blog this season (the first being these pants), it’s about a size too big – perfect for layering over a sweater and sportcoat (and chambray shirt and tee). Plus, it’s a great pop of color, no? I paired it with these thrifted Boy Scouts trousers I found the other week – a total steal at $7! (That’s the second pair of Boy Scouts pants I’ve had lots of luck with…is this a good thing? Did I mention I’m twenty-five?) Also, can we talk about how they’re stylish cargo pants? They might as well be made out of unicorn, people.

The hat is a vintage Greek fisherman’s cap from What Goes Around Comes Around at Astor Place. These babies have been super popular for winter. The shape references a pageboy cap, a style recently featured on The Sartorialist so you know it’s #hotrightnow. I feel like that last picture could be from the 1920’s – I’m ready to toss my hat and celebrate our troops coming home, y’all! How do you layer in winter?

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