And finally, here’s a second round of awesome photos by awesome photographers you should know. The above three are what I’m calling, “obscure object portraits” by Clemens Fantur. The people in them seem to be a little bit invisible, I’d say…quite beautiful, no?

Here we have some realllly wicked fashion photography by Sasha Kurmaz (that first image links back to the set these are from). I just think these are so inspired…quirky and a little bit unhinged.

This little section I’m calling, “modern still lifes.” First up is a group of silver spray-painted fruits (#winning) by Jay Bing, then a pair of jeans and a skateboard and plant by Ada Hamza, whose work with shadows and negative space is really interesting.

And last, but not least, we have hot guys in nature. Brought to you, in order of appearance, by Jeff Luker, Carles Rodrigoand Harley Weir.

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