(Clockwise from top: suit + turtleneck c/o Alder New York; ph. John Kim // Clément Chabernaud in Balenciaga; ph. Tetsuhara Kubota, styling Eugene Tong for Details // The Sartorialist // Dapper Lou // Steve McQueen)
I don’t mean to toot my own taste horn, but I told you turtlenecks were going to be hot this season and—according to the moodboard I just made—they so totally are. Don’t just take my word for it—Glenn O’Brien agrees! (In an article from like, 2005, but whatever.) A more recent testament to their hotness would be Details’ editorial Ready To Wear, in which hottie-with-a-body Clément Chabernaud wears a Balenciaga turtleneck and makes dudes be like, “Where my manties at?” They’re on the floor, drenched in sensational f*cking style, that’s where they are.

What I’m trying to say is that turtlenecks are wicked sweet, even though you may think they’re kinda nerdy in a Steve Jobs way—or, worse: in a Steve Jobs as played by Ashton Kutcher sort of way. Maybe you think they’re stylistically on par with bellbottoms and polyester point-collared shirts, but I’ve got news for you: ok, 1) bellbottoms are amazing and 2) so are turtlenecks. Polyester shirts are literally the worst, so I can’t fault you there. Read my tips for wearing your turtleneck like a pro, after the jump!

Ph. McArthur Joseph // turtleneck American Apparel // sportcoat A.P.C. // pants Marc by Marc Jacobs // shoes Rachel Comey // pocket square vintage // reading Monocle