Time for some makeover madness! I’ve synergized my orangespiration with my decorating-with-candles mania here, and crossed it with my overarching love for all things shiny to bring you this post. It all started with the sidetable, which I got on sale for $15 at Urban Outfitters. (It was originally $148!) It’s color was something akin to tapioca, which is just so not hot right now – crisis. I picked up a can of spraypaint at my local hardware store and set about revamping this little number in a delicious shade of tangerine, the Pantone “Color of the Year.” (View some more tangerine-spiration at Apartment Therapy.)

Considering the fact that I’ve not only done this before, but photodocumented the entire process, you would think I couldn’t screw up…so I even sort of surprised myself when I forgot to prime the thing. It is, in the words of Cher Horowitz, a Monet now – pretty from a distance, but a bit of a mess up close.

In other life lessons: this candle. I bought it because it’s just soooo cute, but then, you know what? I don’t think I love the way it smells so much and sometimes I think I can’t even smell it at all! Oh, well, I still like the look of it. In this post: flowers from Hedge, candle from O’Suzannah, Foo dog from the Consignment Shop on the downtown mall.
Click through for the “before” shot!