I’m a huge fan of Monocle magazine for the false sense of security reading its pages imparts, as if humanity is going to get its act together and solve some of the most pressing issues facing society today through well designed supermarkets and high-speed trains. I mean, it could happen, right? Anyway, it’s a tightly edited vision I do truly want to believe in, so I was happy to stumble upon this tour of the brand’s HQ in London, Midori House.

“There are about 100 people who are full-time Monocle staff, divided between the editorial and commercial teams,” editor Andrew Tuck told YCN. “We have staff from Hong Kong, South Korea, Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, and the US amongst various other places. It means that you have a huge amount of diverse talent and knowledge to tap into every day.”

“[Our office] is simple, well put together and quietly designed. We have great outdoor spaces where you can work or hold meetings in the summer and we have a communal kitchen and dining room that everyone uses. These things make the building very social. The office is just comfortable and that makes you very happy to linger when projects call for a few late-night sessions.”

I love that Monocle is such a diversified brand, dipping into all sorts of content production. So inspiring! You can read the rest of Tuck’s interview over at YCN.