The twist is that my shirt’s halfway unbuttoned. That’s an Italian thing, right?

These are my new pants from American Apparel that I picked up for half off, thanks to a Groupon tweet from my cuz. I know some bloggers openly boycott AA thanks to all the scandalous reports of company wrongdoings and general CEO skeeziness, but they’re the only company I know of that makes pants in my waist size, so…oops. These pants are indeed so snugly high-waisted that I decided to forgo a belt, and I’m wearing sneakers. What derring-do! It should be noted that this was shot pre-haircut and that I’m not wearing a single item of women’s clothing here, either – this look is all man, from the Gant for Jeffrey oxford (the only fancy dress shirt I own) to the layers of Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta and YSL L’homme gracing my wrists. Roar!

blazer – Korean
sunnies – faux Wayfarers
sneaks – Seatech

photos Celeste Wright



I looove my new sweater, although this outfit makes me look a bit like the lovechild of Chloe Sevigny and Freddy Krueger. Dressed as John Lennon. Ironically. I was going more for “Erin Wasson’s imaginary band groupie,” but I’ll roll with the punches.
The sweater is 100% wool and the tag simply says, “handmade by Linda.” I couldn’t resist its oversized waffle-knit spell the other weekend when I stopped by Low, where co-owner Jessica and I decided it looks just Henrik Vibskov-y enough to work. I also picked up the pendant at Low – it’s an antique Ethiopian Christian symbol that looks just lovely against that dramatic swath of chest hair, no? (Details, people!)
Hat & Teesh – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – Banana Republic
Creepers – thrifted Bass
Sunnies – vintage Gianfranco Ferre
photos C.Z. Harlan 


Recently picked up these vintage Ferragamo cap-toe oxfords from Vintage Vixen. *Swoon*



You would never believe it, but I’m wearing ladypants today, not to mention a lady teesh! I’ve simply outdone myself. On top of that I’ve actually synergized my layering inspiration with my letterman’s jacket inspiration! Slowly but surely I’m connecting the dots, see? It’s all good.
This is my vintage letterman’s jacket I bought at Ike’s. It’s a little Louis Vuitton SS12, no? I wore it over the thrifted vest-thing I bought that I really think is just an old gas-station attendant’s shirt with the sleeves cut off (seen here and here). It’s so sexy. But I do love it layered! The pants, from Banana Republic, are my slim-cut cargos. Apparently the style was seen recently on one famous street style blog or another? It’s a great look, but I probably couldn’t afford the ones made for menfolk and so I keep wearing these. And my shoes, oh my shoes! I love these babies. They’re made by Goodyear, which I thought was just a tire company, but the more you know…I’ve been wearing them cuffed down like this since summer and now I think it’s so great I can’t stop. Instead of just uncuffing them for winter, I wear them with chunky socks, most often chunky tube socks. Mm, chunky tube, say it again. You can see the back of the letterman’s jacket below; apparently Jericho is on Long Island, according to a total stranger that asked me if I went there. No, I did not, I just love that it’s also Biblical. The Bible is so hot right now, you know?
And I almost forgot about my mini backpack! Yes, I have a mini backpack. Obviously my stern expression in these photos is thanks to it’s insufficient capacity to hold my angst and/or spite for The Man.


Hat – H&M
Vest – Ike’s
Teesh – Urban Outfitters
Jacket – Ike’s
Cargo Pants – Banana Republic
Shoes – Low Vintage
photos by the lovely Chelsea 


Remember a few months ago when I found that vintage dressing gown at Low and blogged all about how I’d be wearing it at my book party? And then didn’t because I thought I looked like Count Chocula? Well, I finally found a way to incorporate it into an ensemble without bringing to mind vampires that sell cereal! Layered underneath my tweedy sportcoat it looks like just a scarf, no? Which I suppose detracts a bit from the unbridled Hefner-esque awesomeness that is a vintage dressing gown you’ve had cut into a lightweight belted sweater-jacket, but such is life. It still adds enough drama (look at that collar!) to sustain the additional intensity of my jangly jungle-pirate necklace.

Then, of course, we have some feisty below the wrist action going on. Not only am I wearing my new House of Harlow art-deco tire print knuckle-duster AND my butter London blagger nail polish, I’ve bedecked my thumbnail with an iPod bling cross. Which is sort of gross, considering I put that bling on my iPod over a year ago, but each bead had just enough sticky residue left over that I could stabilize it on my nail and lay some topcoat down for the win. It wasn’t the world’s most artful process, nor its prettiest, but it worked! And the effect is just so budget Lacroix it works.

My beloved photographer Fareine is unable to contribute to *fruitpunch for the next couple of weeks thanks to school, of all things, so let’s send her endless kisses and hope she does exceedingly well so she can get back to the things in life that really matter.

Sportcoat – from China (just says, “St. Lauren”)

Dressing Gown – Garfinckle’s from Low Vintage

Necklace – Beijing 3.1 Shopping Mall

Shirt – American Apparel

Bag – Croquis 


Oo la, here I am with my bag in a parking lot, but all of the cars have gone so it seems a bit like I’ve wondered onto the set of a zombie movie. Sexy!
Hasn’t the weather been wonderful this week? I’m relishing light layers while it lasts. This sweater is a Fall staple – J.Crew cashmere cardigan in heather gray – an absolute must. Wait for them to go on sale and then pounce. The cords are my True Religions, eek, I know, so five years ago! It’s like a time portal post, but what can I say, I love them, regardless of the fact that Fergie rapped about them in ‘My Humps’. It’s ok. Plus, they’re some of the widest-leg pants I have and we know how I’m feeling about wide-leg pants right now. The bag I picked up in Florence. I don’t use it as much as I should because it doesn’t fit my laptop, but I do love it tucked under my arm.
My new Low Luv by Erin Wasson ring (the super chunky one) is phenomenal, but I got it stuck on my finger for three days and have a blister from taking it off. Lesson learned; knuckle-shaving appointment scheduled. (Joke!) Next to that I’ve got my Cheap Monday Hawk ring worn upside-down on my…what is that, my “top knuckle”? Well, there it is, that’s all I know. Hope you’re enjoying this warm weather spell~
pictures by le phenomenal Fareine Benz of Fahrenheit Photography.


photos, from left to right: Stylites, The Sartorialist, Pop Bop & Snap (x2), Brandon Acton-Bond, Joey Ma from Individuality.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about men without pants – but there’s a twist! They’re wearing skirts. And I’m not just talking about that recurring dream where I show up to the first day of high school wearing a pleated mini and everyone starts laughing and I look down and am like, “How did Cher Horowitz’s bottom half get on me?! Oh, but I love my shoes right now.” Nor is it some hypothetical alterna-reality where everyone wears a cross-cultural kimono-wrap-dress hybrid uniform, because I know that’s where your mind went next. My interest in the skirt was piqued a few seasons ago when Marc Jacobs closed a few shows in a kilt, but I wrote that off as something that worked because he’s Marc Jacobs. But as the pics above evidence, men are wearing skirts outside the exploratory realm of the high fashion runway and on personal and street style blogs alike. Is this the final frontier in breaking down gender boundaries?

What I most appreciate about the effect, especially as seen in its incarnations here, is its sincerity. There really isn’t anything in a man’s wardrobe a woman couldn’t pick out for herself, right? She’d be a tomboy or just edgy and there’d be nothing sensational about it. To think of a man walking into a woman’s closet and pulling out his “fave piece” to co-opt seems a bit preposterous. Part of this is the dynamic and complicated nature of the female wardrobe; part of it is obviously social stigma. He’d be a cross-dresser – not a label you’ll see playfully splashed across the pages of a GQ market section the way you might find “Tomboy Style” sitting proudly atop a selection of “ways to get the look” inside Elle. The reasons behind all this are handily explained in song form, thanks to Madonna.

Long story short, these guys are wearing skirts and it isn’t drag, nor do they look like cross-dressers. They’re post-modern men to whom wearing a skirt isn’t emasculating because maybe looking “like a woman”, like looking “like a man”, isn’t something to be ashamed of – nor is it something defined by an article of clothing. Will I be wearing a skirt anytime soon? I’m not a post-modern man yet, although I do think the look has potential. I just figure Katherine Hepburn wanted to wear pants for a reason. But hey, if Lady Gaga hasn’t technically started a revolution she’s at least indicated a movement of sorts in the fashion universe – pants are kind of optional, really. It’s 2011 – power to the pantsless! 


Jacket & Pants – Korean
T-shirt – Urban Outfitters
Belt – Ike’s Underground
Écharpe – Espace Kiliwatch
Shoes – Low Vintage


Apologies for the brief radio silence. I finally got the blog to a place where I don’t need to post every single day for more than just my mother to drop by, so I’m slowing down the publishing schedule to make content as awesome as possible. Not that it isn’t always simply captivating.
Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! That’s literally what you’re looking at here, thanks to my friend and impromptu photographer, Celeste. I tore apart my apartment last night trying to assemble something work-appropriate and chill-ready (most of my fall wardrobe is still stashed at home, le sadface) and came up with what’s as close to a suit as I’ll ever wear. And I swear I’m not that photoshopped…I just turned up the exposure on my camera so it would blow out all of my imperfections. Foresight!
I picked up this teesh last night at Urban Outfitters for $2.50 (like, for total seriousness!) and another one in heathered sage. It’s size XL, which brings me to point one I that want to make with this outfit: How to wear a t-shirt. My old formula: buy it tight, hope your nipples get hard at some point to draw attention to where your pecs should be. New formula: buy it oversized and drape the sh*t out of it. First, tuck a lower corner of the shirt into your waistband and artfully let it sag (I find it helps to twist one corner a little bit). Next, roll up the sleeves. Et voilà! XL is the new XS. (For further draping inspiration, Google image search Haider Ackermann.)
Point two I want to make: Mix black & brown! They’re both neutrals. They look great together. The end.
Also, I just got these pants back from my tailor and I love them – maybe point three is “embrace pleats.” Okay, goodbye for tonight, endless bisous~~