Abuelito Is The Look


Because Cuban grandfathers are so hot right now, I guess? Maybe I shouldn't be in charge of improving my own

sex life


I've been on a shirt-buying rampage of late and this short-sleeve marble jacquard number from

Sidian, Ersatz, & Vanes

is one of my most favoritest acquisitions—picked up on sale at


for a quarter of the original price, #winning. I love the print, obvs, but also that pajama-y collar—it looks perfect left open so I can flaunt my charpet (chest carpet, duh), so graciously exposed as it is by one of

OAK's versatile tees

. The high-waisted pants were last seen


, the hat and pinky ring you saw


, and the bracelet is

Giles & Brother

. The frames are Warby Parker's Begley—do we like the round shape? It's been divisive...but I think I'm on board with it.

Photos McArthur Joseph